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A Bug in Your Ear: Patching the People Side


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This is about calling in and sharing community norms for free and open source software communities. Delivered at FOSDEM in the Community Devroom.

Published in: Software
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A Bug in Your Ear: Patching the People Side

  1. 1. A Bug in Your Ear: Patching the People Side FOSDEM February 3rd , 2018 @baconandcoconut
  2. 2. Open Source is all about the people
  3. 3. “young people only”
  4. 4. Disrespect for non-coders
  5. 5. All male panels
  6. 6. Wow, is it ever white in here!
  7. 7. Exclusionary language
  8. 8. “Negative experiences have real consequences for project health. 21% of people who experienced or witnessed a negative behavior said they stopped contributing to a project because of it, and 8% started working in private channels more often.”
  9. 9. Don’t “file a bug” when you should call the police
  10. 10. Method #1: Calling in
  11. 11. Calling in, effectively
  12. 12. Why you?
  13. 13. Perspective
  14. 14. When you do X, it looks like Y
  15. 15. If you’re not trying to do Y, try Z instead
  16. 16. A few caveats
  17. 17. Stick up for folks, but...
  18. 18. Do not speak “for others”
  19. 19. Options > Threats
  20. 20. Set a good example
  21. 21. Method #2: Communicating shared norms
  22. 22. Outside open source...
  23. 23. Sharing best practices
  24. 24. For individuals, and for groups
  25. 25. Respect the licenses
  26. 26. Respect the patent clauses
  27. 27. Get help for your lawyers
  28. 28. Pass along resources that you found helpful
  29. 29. Share your story
  30. 30. Becoming an entomologist
  31. 31. Picture Credits CC.BY: Leaf Bug by Despina Chryssopoulos, welcome by Dominique Garcon- Geoffroy, Empty toilet paper roll by m01229, Tea Party 3286 by regan76, Burning Brides by Modern Creature, Street-art on how to tie a tie, Reykjavik, Iceland by Forbes Johnson, Chopsticks for Cheeseballs by Jack Lawrence, Conspiring by John Loo, Curiouss Praying Mantis by George Pachantouris, dandelion seed head by waferboard, bug by Stanislav Trifonov, Marni birthday party 130609 by Martin Thomas, CC.BY.SA: Tragedy by Jonathan Nightingale, Ambush Bug by John Flannery, Occupy4Prisoners The Injustice System on Trial by Daniel Arauz, Me, firstgrade by Quinn Dombrowski, Sea Lions by Laika ac, Lady Bug by Ameli CC.BY.NC.SA: emacs vi notepad by hivemind Fair Use: Big Ass Spider Movie from, Chekhov Ceti Eel from Gene Rodenberry, Spiderman is owned by Marvel Comics, ICP at Desk, Wesley Ponders the Psyche Test from Gene Rodenberry Public Domain from Wikipedia: Dandelion by Sergey Kochkarev, First Computer Bug
  32. 32. Thanks! @baconandcoconut