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  • “New Project” – preset area 19147 – choose ‘Demographic and Income Profile’ – Run as PDF -
  • Go to Custom Search – Geography : 19147 – Update Business Type - Keyword : restaurants – UpdateExecutives – Executive Gender – Female – UpdateView ReportOpen report for Black and Brew
  • Search General Reference Center Gold for ‘Obesity Epidemic’. Limit to Full Text. Search within results for ‘legislation’. Show magazine, newspaper, and academic journal results. Show how to open a result and save or email it to yourself.
  • Search General Reference Center Gold for ‘Obesity Epidemic’. Limit to Full Text. Search within results for ‘legislation’. Show magazine, newspaper, and academic journal results. Show how to open a result and save or email it to yourself.
  • We contracted with the company in May 2010Started practice crawls and worked out bugsIn February 2012 we “went live” and added the link to the FLP databases pageCurrently 47 government agencies and local cultural institutions
  • Note that it shows one hit from each webpage“More Results” link at the bottom of each hitOn it how many times the text was captured and between which dates
  • Philadelphia Inquirer 1/1/1981 to CurrentPhiladelphia Daily News 1/1/78 to CurrentBoth are part of the NewsBank Database – links take you directly to the page rather than have to navigatePennsylvania Historical Newspapers174 full-text historical Pennsylvania newspapers from 1790-1922
  • More dynamic search box than using – and more years of coverageNote the “Add Row” button in the search box – allows to tailor your search betterMany options for search fields in the drop down boxes
  • Can view results by yearThe 1986 article title: “FDA SAYS SUGAR NO VILLAIN EXCEPT AS CAUSE OF CAVITIES”Can save or email articles
  • Already looked at Archive-ItCQ Researcher is similar to Opposing Viewpoints, but I feel it offers more on each topic.Going to look at Proquest Congressional UniverseNote small “I” in the circleWhen clicked – it gives you a snippet about the database, and indicates it’s availabilityProquest Congressional is available at Central, or from any FLP branch
  • Using the same search, found this report.Note additional reports on the right.Reports are occasionally updated – as indicated by the red “u”The pdf version of this report is a full 24 pages long and includes all of the segments listed on the left
  • To see what is going on at the Federal level in Congress, this is a very robust source of informationHave to come into the library to use it You can search by keyword or bill numberEasily find voting records for anyone since 1789
  • Shortened the search to “obesity” because the full search brought back no resultsNarrowed the search by looking at the “Bill Tracking”Click on the first result
  • Brings me to the CitationProvides a link to the full text of the billProvides a summary of all the action taken on the bill
  • Free Library Briefing

    1. 1. The Free Library at Your Fingertips orHow to Access Millions of Resources that CanHelp You Find Data, Conduct Policy Research, and Get All your Questions Answered October 11, 2012
    2. 2. The Free Library at Your FingertipsHow to Access Library Resources Our staff is trained to find answers to your questions and needs, whether in person or online.
    3. 3. Our Staff• Parkway Central alone has over 60 professionally trained librarians—all with Masters Degrees in Library Science.• We have decades of experience delivering reference services.• We have specialists in subjects from A to Z.
    4. 4. Connect with Us In Person Parkway Central 1901 Vine StreetThere are 54 branches citywide, including three larger regional libraries and the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
    5. 5. Connect with Us In Person Parkway Central 1901 Vine Street
    6. 6. Connect with Us Online
    7. 7. Connect with Us Online
    8. 8. Connect with Us OnlineTrained staff will reply to your email inquiries.
    9. 9. Connect with Us 24/7 Librarians across the state, throughout the US andoverseas are available to answer questions 24 hours a day. If your question is not Philadelphia-specific, you will be connected with an expert from around the globe.
    10. 10. Connect with Us 24/7
    11. 11. Connect with Us on Your CellTexting is great for asking quick, simple questions that can be answered in short responses.Add the Free Library to your address book right now!
    12. 12. Text Us• Start a new text message to 66746• Type askfree• Now save 66746 to your contacts as askfree
    13. 13. More Treasures Revealed• Podcasts: Subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed to hear great author events.• Digital Collections: We have over 20,000 digitized images.
    14. 14. The Free Library at Your Fingertips Electronic Resources100+ databases at the click of a mouse
    15. 15. Featured ResourcesWhat if you could…• Create a demographic report to show age, gender, race, home ownership rate, or economic information? Access Business Decision from the database link on our home page!
    16. 16. Featured ResourcesWhat if you could…• Create a list of all restaurants in the city or a given zip code? All the manufacturers? All the businesses with over 50 employees? All the new businesses started in the past 6 months? Access ReferenceUSA from the database link on our home page!
    17. 17. Featured ResourcesWhat if you could…• Quickly synthesize complex and controversial topics by bringing together news, opinion, multimedia, and analysis in one easy search? Access Opposing Viewpoints in Context from the database link on our home page!
    18. 18. By Patrick Basham: CatoInstitute, DemocracyInstitute By Lenny Berstein, fitness columnist Washington Post By Dominic Lawson, journalist, the Independent and the Sunday Times
    19. 19. Featured ResourcesWhat if you could…• Delve more deeply into your research? Access General Reference Center Gold from the database link on our home page!
    20. 20. legislation
    21. 21. The Free Library at Your Fingertips Map CollectionLooking back to move forward
    22. 22. 1921
    23. 23. 1931
    24. 24. 1888
    25. 25. 1917
    26. 26. 2006
    27. 27. 1894 1910 More sinking homes?
    28. 28. 1889
    29. 29. 2005
    30. 30. 1950
    31. 31. The Free Library at Your Fingertips THE FOUNDATION CENTER Strengthens the social sector by advancingknowledge about philanthropy in the U.S. and around the world.
    32. 32. REGIONAL FOUNDATION CENTER• Created in the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Social Science & History Department in 1974.• One of 450 Foundation Center Cooperating Collections in the U.S.• Designated as a “Super Center,” RFC is the largest Cooperating Collection in Pennsylvania.
    33. 33. MISSION OF THE REGIONAL FOUNDATION CENTERInforms the nonprofit community and the general public through their services, their staff, and their resources.
    34. 34. FREE SERVICES• Research assistance by professional librarians• Free database searches on foundations and their grants• Training Tuesday events – free access• 7-Day Loan books
    35. 35. RFC PRINT RESOURCES30 Subscriptions to Serial Publications: Chronicle of Philanthropy, Nonprofit Times, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Nonprofit World, Grass Roots Fundraising Journal, Successful Fundraising, Trusts & Estates800 Reference Books • 600 available for in-library research use. • 200 copies of high-demand, 7-Day Loan titles
    36. 36. GRANTS/FUNDRAISING DATABASES• Foundation Directory Online, Professional• Grants to Individuals Online• GrantSelect• GuideStar Premium• Pennsylvania Foundations Online• Philanthropy In/Sight• WealthEngine
    37. 37. FOUNDATION DIRECTORY ONLINEProvides access to 80,000 grantmakers and over half a million grants. Results: 19; Grantmaker County: Philadelphia; Fields of Interest: youth, services; Geographic Focus: Pennsylvania
    38. 38. PHILANTHROPY IN/SIGHTAn interactive mapping tool combining data on grantmakers andtheir grants with Google maps to reveal patterns of giving andfunding relationships.Subjects: Children/youth; Grant Years: 2012; Grantmakers: 17;Recipients: 64; Grants: 76
    39. 39. PENNSYLVANIA FOUNDATIONS ONLINEZip: 19103; Major Interest Codes: 12 (Child & Family Welfare) and13 (Youth); Assets from: $1 to $199,000
    40. 40. RFC INFORUMThe Inforum is RFC’s electronic newsletter alerting patrons to trainings, resources, and notable social sector news.
    41. 41. The Free Library at Your FingertipsGovernment PublicationsResearching “obesity and sugary drinks”
    42. 42. Archive It • Started in May 2010 • • + 47 other sites • Crawl every two months
    43. 43. Newspaper Databases
    44. 44. Summing Up• City Government and Cultural Institutions – Archive-It• Local and State Issues – Newspaper Databases• Background on Issues – CQ Researcher• Federal – ProQuest Congressional (available at any FLP branch)
    45. 45. The Free Library at Your FingertipsThank you for joining us! Q&A