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Hosea teeth- 12 July 2012


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Hosea's courses taken on July 12

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Hosea teeth- 12 July 2012

  1. 1. I love my teeth
  2. 2. Tooth Tour• The part of the tooth you can see, which is not covered by the gum is called the crown• The crown of each tool is covered with enamel (say: ih-nam-ul)
  3. 3. • If your were able to peel away the enamel, you would find dentin.• Dentin protects innermost part of tooth called pulp
  4. 4. • Pulp has the nerve endings to send messages to the brain, such as (“That ice cream is too cold”)• Pulp contains blood vessels to feed the tooth
  5. 5. • Cementum (say: sih-men-tum) makes up the root of the tooth which is anchored to the jawbone
  6. 6. Tooth Types• Incisors (say: in-sy- zurs) – 4 top, 4 bottom – Cutting & chopping food• Canine (say: kay- nine) – 2 top, 2 bottom – Tearing food
  7. 7. • Premolars (say: pree- mo-lurs) – 4 top, 4 bottom – Crushing and grinding food• Molars (say: mo-lurs) – 6 top, 6 bottom – It works closely with tongue to help you swallow food
  8. 8. Cavity• It is a hole that can grow bigger and deeper over time• Blame Plaque !! It cause tooth decay. Plague is a thin, sticky layer that coats your teeth and contains bacteria
  9. 9. Taking care my teeth nowBrushing Teeth Flossing Teeth
  10. 10. After taking care of my teeth, I can…..