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Ad Age Keynote


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

Ad Age Keynote

  1. Earning Your Media
  2. Global Ad Spend
  3. It’s All Up And To The Right
  4. Global Stock Markets
  5. You Can’t Defy Gravity For Long
  6. It’s Time To Start Earning Your Media In Addition To Buying It
  7. Paid vs Earned Media - David Armano
  8. Story Time
  9. KogiBBQ
  10. Men With Cramps
  11. The Jonas Brothers “ Nabbr has delivered more than 28 million video views in two months for the Jonas Brothers and helped their first single, ‘Mandy,’ reach No. 4 on MTV’s TRL with virtually no radio airplay.”
  12. Monk-E-Mail
  13. The Monk-E-Mail Pitch <ul><li>2 spots on the Superbowl are $4 Million plus shooting the TV commercial is a million (Total $5MM) which gets you 10 Million people exposed, but not engaged, for 30 or 60 seconds. The Viral/ Social costs $250K in creative and execution fees and gets 30 million users actually interacting for 8 minutes. </li></ul>
  14. Whopper Sacrifice
  15. A Typical Television Ad Campaign
  16. A Typical Earned Media Campaign
  17. So How Do VCs Work With Agencies?
  18. Venture Capital Funds Startups
  19. Agencies Advise Marketers, Develop Creative, Buy Media
  20. How VCs Can Help
  21. Fund New Kinds Of Agencies To Work With And Possibly Buy
  22. Fund New Kinds of Ad Networks To Buy Media From
  23. Fund Earned Media Platforms To Run Earned Media Campaigns On
  24. Fund Analytics, Measurement, and Reporting
  25. Five “Wild Ass Guesses”
  26. Questions?