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Lost Records Collection Presentation


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Lost Records Collection Presentation

  1. 1. Finding What Was Lost The Lost Records Localities Digital Collection at the Library of Virginia
  2. 2. Finding What Was Lost Numerous Virginia localities, most of them in the eastern part of the state, suffered tremendous losses of their early records because of intense military activity (predominantly during the Civil War.)
  3. 3. Finding What Was Lost Over 20 localities sent their records to Richmond for “safekeeping” during the Civil War
  4. 4. Finding What Was Lost Courthouse fires Records damaged more by water to put fire out
  5. 5. King William County Courthouse fire
  6. 6. Finding What Was Lost Unfavorable storage conditions that leave records susceptible to water damage, pests, and mold
  7. 7. Finding What Was Lost Natural disasters Vandalism Theft Negligence
  8. 8. Finding What Was Lost Considerable loss vs Catastrophic Loss Considerable Loss - locality experienced a substantial loss of its loose records but the majority of volumes (order books, deed books, will books, etc.) continue to exist.
  9. 9. Finding What Was Lost Catastrophic Loss locality experienced a massive loss of its loose records and volumes (order books, deed books, will books, etc.)
  10. 10. Finding What Was Lost Lost Records Localities Digital Project - Background
  11. 11. Finding What Was Lost
  12. 12. Finding What Was Lost
  13. 13. ONLINE RESOURCES AVAILABLE AT LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA Virginia Heritage Project – Finding Aids: Out of the Box Blog: Chancery Records Index: Legislative Petition Database: Virginia Memory: