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Beyond Beginnings


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Published in: Education
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Beyond Beginnings

  1. 1. BEYOND BEGINNINGS Katie Quick Derby
  2. 2. Beyond the Census •Other Federal Schedules •State/Territory Census •Foreign Census
  3. 3. Other Federal Schedules •Mortality •Agriculture •Industry/Manufactures •Social Statistics •Supplemental/Defective •Veteran •Slave
  4. 4. Non-Federal US Census •Colonial •State/ Territory •County/Town •Look them up on FamilySearch Research Wiki
  5. 5. Foreign Census •Look on Research Wiki or Research Guide •UK Census available on FamilySearch, •Library of Congress
  6. 6. Beyond Land Records •Survey Systems •BLM Records •Sanford Fire Maps
  7. 7. Survey Systems •Metes and Bounds •Government Land Survey •Lot and Block
  8. 8. BLM Records • •Patent Records •Bounty Lands •Homesteads
  9. 9. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps •Details of houses and neighborhoods •Track changes over time
  10. 10. Beyond Wills •Testate/Intestate Records •Guardianship •Inventories
  11. 11. Testate/Intestate Records •Testate: With a valid will •Intestate: Without a valid will •Records created as part of court proceedings
  12. 12. Guardianship Records •Legal arrangements for minors
  13. 13. Inventories •Lists of Personal and Real Estate •Helps Determine Social Status •Clues to Family Relationships •Heirlooms •Unknown Land or Bounty Certificates
  14. 14. Beyond FamilySearch •World GenWeb •US GenWeb •National Archives •National Archives (UK)
  15. 15. Beyond Ancestry •World Vital Records: $7.50 - $16.25/ month •The Origins Network: $9/ 72 hours, $85/year •Newspaper Archives: $5.99/month •Fold 3: $50/year
  16. 16. Beyond Genealogy 101 •Degrees •Certificates •Courses •Conferences •Accreditation/Certification
  17. 17. Degrees •BYU Center for Family History and Genealogy •BA or minor
  18. 18. Certificates •BYU •Stamford University: Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research (IGHR) •Boston University •St. Michael’s University (Toronto) •NGS Homes Study Graded Course
  19. 19. Courses •BYU •NGS non-graded •Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy •Family Tree University
  20. 20. Conferences •National Genealogy Conference •State and local Conferences •Family History Expos •RootsTech •BYU conferences
  21. 21. Accreditation/Certification •International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGEN) •Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG)