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TSIA Technology Services World 2016 Presentation Modern Services Marketing and Thought Leadership

Modern Services Marketing: Navigating a World of Outcomes-Based Solutions and Digital Transformation with Thought Leadership and More
The world of services marketing is undergoing unprecedented transformation. Trends such as digital transformation and innovations including cloud, social media, and big data and analytics have redefined the landscape of marketing. The modern marketer must combine both art and science to meet the constantly changing needs of the services market. In this session we’ll examine the characteristics of a successful modern services marketer, look at technology as a key enabler to transformation and innovation, and address best practices for thought leadership, storytelling, and skills for modern marketing.

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TSIA Technology Services World 2016 Presentation Modern Services Marketing and Thought Leadership

  1. 1. FRED ISBELL SENIOR DIRECTOR & HEAD OF THOUGHT LEADERSHIP MARKETING SAP DIGITAL BUSINESS SERVICES MARKETING Modern Services Marketing: Navigating a World of Outcomes-Based Solutions and Digital Transformation with Thought Leadership & More
  2. 2. Modern Services Marketing: Navigating a World of Outcomes-Based Solutions and Digital Transformation with Thought Leadership and More  The world of services marketing is undergoing unprecedented transformation. Trends such as Digital Transformation and Innovations including Cloud, Social Media and Big Data and Analytics have redefined the landscape of marketing.  The Modern Marketer must combine both art and science to meet the constantly changing needs of the services market.  In this session we’ll examine the characteristics of a successful Modern Services Marketer, look at technology as a key enabler to Transformation and Innovation, and address best practices for Thought Leadership and storytelling and skills for Modern Marketing.
  3. 3. Agenda  Modern Marketing  Innovation Adoption 101  Thought Leadership  Digital Transformation  Navigating Innovation & Marketing Technologies  Resources, Information and Q&A
  4. 4. The Era of the “Modern Marketer”
  5. 5. Modern Marketing is Happening NOW Source: Scott Brinker @chiefmartec Marketing must provide the “glue” binding different parts of the company around the brand promise – and embrace five key responsibilities:  Represent the voice of the market  Synchronize the customer experience across all channels  Be the brand steward  Capitalize on insights  Be an integrator and force multiplier across the company Source: SAP Customer Engagement & Commerce (CEC)
  6. 6. Modern Marketing Insights & Key Requirements Marketing’s Shifting Priorities Fundamental Changes in Marketing Key Drivers  Buyer Behavior: More prospect interaction is occurring online, shortening the actual time for sales engagement; the need for a digital relationship has never been more urgent  Marketing Measurement: The global economic crisis forced marketing to become more measurable, integrated, and accountable Source: SiriusDecisions Source: ITSMA Source: ITSMA Marketing must Align with SalesBuyers Journey & Resource Optimization
  7. 7. Key Elements of “Modern Marketing” Source: SiriusDecisions
  8. 8. The “New” Buyer’s Journey Unites and Aligns Sales and Marketing How this is different:  No implicit hand-offs between sales and marketing  Majority of exploration done on-line before talking to a sales rep  Introduces new content requirements – importance of mobile-ready content  Departure from traditional “Marketing funnel” Source: IDC Source: Kapost 2016
  9. 9. The “Secret Sauce” Understanding Buyers Personas Defining buyer personas helps drive customer-centric innovation and go-to-market strategy Understand both New and Understood Buyer Personas and develop insights that drive and inform other activities, including messaging development, campaign design, content strategy and defining market requirements for product/solutions innovation Source: SiriusDecisions
  10. 10. 10 Tips for Digital Marketing Success & Modern Marketing  Think “big issues” when deciding where to focus  Identify and build out your buyer personas  Leverage social to find ideal prospects and accelerate list growth  Look for new ways to collect data that will enhance your marketing  Invest the time to map out your customer journey  Think multichannel personalization  Craft content that does more than just ask contacts to buy  Double down on improving mobile app engagement  Incorporate more video into your marketing mix  Add value to your transactional emails Silverpop's "10 Tips for Digital Marketing Success in 2016“:
  11. 11. Innovation Adoption 101
  12. 12. Business & Market Context: The Pace of Change is Accelerating 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Pace of Change (%) Q: Has the pace of change increased for your organization? No, Not at All Yes, I Think So Absolutely 33% 61% 6% Source: Incite Marketing Customer Study, 2015
  13. 13. Innovation Adoption 101: The Model & Segmentation Innovation Adoption:  A model that classifies adopters of innovations based on their level of readiness to accept new ideas  Innovative adoption characteristics are assigned to groups -- all innovations go through a predictable process before becoming widely adopted.  The groups consist of early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards Source: Source: Rogers, G. Moore, MIT Sloan/CAP Gemini “Crossing the chasm” Early adopters achieve: +9% revenue creation +26% impact to profitability, +12% market valuation
  14. 14. Innovation Adoption 101 Time to Innovation Adoption Source: Rogers, Moore, McKinsey, Wikipedia • Inflection point (curve begins to slow) = point of “critical mass” • Key -- get there quickly, whether users or product volume, etc. • Failure to “cross the chasm” (Geoffrey Moore) or reach critical mass = doomed to a smaller, sub-optimal market and much smaller market share Source: “No ordinary disruption”, McKinsey, May 2015 The “Need for Speed” has never been greater
  15. 15. The Hype Cycle: Riding the “roller coaster” of innovation • The hype cycle is a branded graphical presentation developed and used by American information technology (IT) research and advisory firm Gartner for representing the maturity, adoption and social application of specific technologies. • The hype cycle provides a graphical and conceptual presentation of the maturity emerging technologies through five phases Source:
  16. 16. Develop a Framework for Investment & Prioritization  Companies often struggle with allocating innovation investments across new and existing offerings  The SiriusDecisions Innovation Strategy Framework helps organizations allocate investments to achieve desired growth objectives while managing risk  The framework contains four investment approaches: core innovation, new market extension, existing market expansion and breakthrough innovation  The number of opportunities that can be pursued exceeds the available resources – hence organizations need to make customer- driven investments in the areas that will produce the most growth. Source: SiriusDecisions
  17. 17. Thought Leadership
  18. 18. The Importance of Story Telling to Modern Marketing  Good storytelling helps cut though the clutter and overload of information  Storytelling is classic “showing” rather than “telling” and has a personal element to it that is linked to the persona of the target audience  You tell the audience the story you want them to hear – not relying upon them to piece together the elements of the story  You build a narrative told by you in a coherent and compelling narrative  Use the “Pixar format” – a setup, a challenge and a resolution Pixar’s Andrew Stanton TED Talk on Storytelling: Story Telling Infographic: nurture-touch-4/infographic
  19. 19. Thought Leadership Two-Minute Drill Thought Leadership Sits at the Pinnacle of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy Source: Forrester 2013 “Thought leadership is not a one man show .. it is a virtual team and not a formal organizational structure” Thought leadership takes a team of the best minds in the organization (and beyond) Source: Sirius Decisions Develop a Thought Leadership Platform Source: Forrester SAP Programs Model IDC Buyers Journey Forrester CustomerLife Cycle Thought Leadership is great storytelling delivered across the buyers journey and customer lifecycle w/ focus early on and mostly in a digital and/or off-lineformat  Definition: A thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded  Timing: Tied to the awareness and consideration phase of the Buyer’s Journey and (sometimes) pre-demand generation and always before purchase phase  Format: Usually Before a prospect or customer engages a sales person, and often digital in format Thought Leadership maturity varies from organization to organization and is dynamic and consistently evolving; SAP is on the upper-end of Thought Leadership maturity in our industry along with IBM, CISCO, and others ITSMA Thought Leadership Maturity Model “The purpose and process of thought leadership is widely misunderstood and misapplied,causing mixed results” -- SiriusDecisions
  20. 20. SAP Customer Success: The Digitalist  SAP platform for Thought Leadership and Executive Research  BLOG contributions from internal and external thought leaders  Executive Quarterly tablet magazine  Executive Research including white papers, infographics and more  All shared & promoted through social media marketing  2M+ page views YTD, 900K Executive Research Executive Quarterly Tablet Thought Leadership BLOGS Social Media Sharing
  21. 21. Digital Transformation
  22. 22. Why Do We Need to Respond to New Technology and Innovations? Bill McDermott SAP CEO May 2015 "Innovation has created a digital economy and digitization is affecting all businesses and all industries. So how do you make this transition to digital? Simple. Every business in here today is in a state of transformation”.
  23. 23. Digital Transformation – a Definition Source: PAC
  24. 24. Digital Transformation: The common issues we hear
  25. 25. SAP Digital Business Framework
  26. 26. Navigating Innovation & Marketing Technologies
  27. 27. My Innovation Journey & Navigation IBM 3270 Terminal c.1982 Compaq “Portable” c. 1983 Tech Stack c.2016 Desktop, Laptop & iPAQ PDA c. 1998
  28. 28. IDC Perspective Adoption of 3rd Platform Technologies Enterprises are using 3rd platform technologies to create value and competitive advantage through new offerings, new business models, and new relationships Source: IDC
  29. 29. Cloud Abundance of cost- effective computational power and storage Social Connected business and social networks Big Data Real-time analytics for behavioral and predictive insights More than 60% of CEOs expect 15-50% of their earnings growth in the next 5 years to come from technology-enabled business innovations. – McKinsey study, 2013 ” “ Innovation Technologies Will Drive Digital Transformation Internet of Things (IoT) Machine to Machine communications and sensor-based Data
  30. 30. SAP Customer Success: McLaren
  31. 31. SAP Customer Success MIT • Migration to Suite on HANA in the HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) builds foundation for • Real-time access to transactional data • HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) • SAP Fiori • SAP S/4 • Enable a flexible staffing model to rapidly gain access to specialized technical skills and quickly respond to community needs • Enable staff to focus on MIT-specific, differentiated needs • Disaster Recovery (DR) availability outside of Boston metro area • Improved performance
  32. 32. SAP Customer Success Statistics on  Real-time Statistics w/ SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC):  powered by SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, SAP analytics and data visualization  Goal: increase fan engagement & deepen loyalty  Includes new design, introduction of enhanced statistics & visualization capabilities  Playoff prediction tool/bracket challenge  Strong results: • 98 years worth of NHL statistics • 25% increase in new visitors since the new stats section was launched • 45% increase in time and engagement on site NHL Customer Testimonial Video
  33. 33. Smart metering for a North American leader in energy distribution Honda R&D -- Connected cars & using sensors and IoT for a sense-and- respond paradigm to increase efficiency SAP Customer Success Internet of Things (IoT) Air as a service Engine testing in real-time linking testing applications to SAP analytics Business & IT Outcomes
  34. 34. Navigating the Marketing Technology Landscape Focus your Learning & Development upon:  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Marketing Automation  Marketing Dashboards  Digital Media  Big Data and Analytics  Data Visualization  Predictive Analytics Source: Scott Brinker @chiefmartec and Lumascape  The number of marketing solutions doubled year over year (YoY) -- 3,874 marketing technology solutions  ~3,500 unique vendors  Up from ~350 in 2012
  35. 35. SAP is a long-time trusted leader in transforming businesses More at
  36. 36. Resources & More Information   SAP Community Network (SCN):  SAP Digitalist:  SAP Digital Business Services on And of course TSIA:
  37. 37. Contact Information Fred Isbell Senior Director, SAP Service & Support Marketing Twitter: Fmisbell Facebook: Fred M Isbell Linked In: /fred-isbell-903827
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