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You can quote me on these!

  1. 1. “You Can Quote Me On These!”Most of these are my own, or modifications of ones Iʼve read or heard at one time. Atmy age, there is lots of information in my brain, and itʼs sometimes hard to sort it all out.Bottom line, itʼs good stuff that I think youʼll find helpful!_____The goal of all communication; verbal, written or visual, is the same. We want therecipient(s), as quickly as possible to - GET IT!They may not agree with everything we say.They may not agree with anything we say.However, unless the GET IT!, we canʼt have a meaningful discussion going forward._____To help the audience GET IT!, I need to: • Educate them. • They need to leave the room with more information on my subject than they had coming in. • Entertain them. • We like to be entertained! If Iʼm entertaining you, I have your attention. If I have your attention, the odds are increase that youʼll GET IT! • Explain my message. • I need to deliver a simple and clean presentation that is easy of them to understand. My words, props and slides should be simple and easily understood by the audience._____Connect to your audience Emotionally. Personal stories make that connection. Weall have them. The key it to be, ask they say in Yoga, ʻAlways present and in themoment.ʼ When those stories occur in real time, capture them and place them in thehard drive of your brain. Then, when you need a personal story to make a make, pullthat file out and use it!
  2. 2. _____Everything about your presentation must be in sync!Your words, slides, props, appearance, all elements of verbal and nonverbalcommunication must deliver the same message. If not, the audience is confused andwonʼt GET IT!_____Bullet points donʼt reinforce your message!They compete, confuse and complicate it.Use hi-quality images to help the audience GET IT! while you supply the text!_____Hereʼs information I urge you to Read, Understand and Use in your presentations.The Rule of Three.- Roy Peter Clark says,# “Use One for power. # Use Two for comparison, contrast.# Use Three for completeness, wholeness, roundness.# Use Four or more to list, inventory, compile, and expand.”_____The Law of Primacy and Recency as applied to Public Speaking means the audiencewill better remember the first and last things you say. This is why is imperative to havea Strong Opening and a Strong Closing._____NEVER tell an audience you are nervous or unprepared. It could become a self-fulfillingprophecy._____
  3. 3. A Smile is a universal form on nonverbal communication. I refer to a Smile as anonphysical hug. The analogy is this: When you give one - you usually get one rightback!_____Glossophobia is a word, not a terminal disease. It is the ʻFear of Pubic Speakingʼand it can be cured!_____Name Tags close the gap. They reach out and pull people in. Insist that your audiencehas them. They make Meeting & Greeting before the presentation easier. Having metyour audience before your presentation greatly lessens the ʻFear of Public Speaking.ʼ