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The Fear of Public Speaking - The WHAT IFS?


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Then there are the "WHAT IFS?" that give many
the Fear of Public Speaking.

WHAT IF?. . .

I'm not perfect.
I've must be perfect, right?

The audience doesn't like me?

The last speaker was really, really good and compared to them I Stink!

The Biggest WHAT IF? many people have is: (Watch and Read!)

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The Fear of Public Speaking - The WHAT IFS?

  1. 1. The Fear of Public Speaking The What Ifs?
  2. 2. What If? I’m Not Perfect? I Must Be Perfect, Right?
  3. 3. What If? The Audience Doesn’t Like Me?
  4. 4. The Last Speaker was Really, Really Good, and Compared to Them I Stink! WHAT If?
  5. 5. The BIGGEST What If? Many People Have Is What Topic Could I Talk About that Would Interest Anyone?
  6. 6. EVERYONE Has Something of Value to Speak About!
  7. 7. The Problem: You’re Too Close toYourself.
  8. 8. Sometimes Your Knowledge Base is so WIDE and DEEP. . .
  9. 9. You Don’t ‘KnowWhatYou Know’!
  10. 10. YOU Have Knowledge and Experiences People Would Love to Know About, and Would BenefitThem!
  11. 11. You Have a Story, Don’tYou? Photo Credit: martinak15
  12. 12. Who Cares? What did you learn? So What? Answer These Questions About Your Story. What will you do different next time?
  13. 13. “I Have Nothing to Talk About”
  14. 14. “I Have Nothing to Talk About” Nonsense!
  15. 15. YOUR Audience is Waiting!
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