TRUST: designing social glue. #SXSW2013


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Some thoughts on trust points, trust enablers and the role of story and narrative to allow a community to create digital trust through a more personal UX. Presented at "Why trust is the new social glue" #sxsw interactive session March, 2013.

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  • Fred, thanks for posting these slides from the NewsiT session. Invaluable. A lot of great feedback still coming from the #socialglue meetup. Melinda
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  • You can’t make an informed decision without context. Context yields trust in your decision.
  • TRUST: designing social glue. #SXSW2013

    1. TRUST designing social glue Fred McClimans #sxsw2013CORPORATE NARRATIVES 1
    2. TRUST has always been social glue we have a million years of identifying trust pointsTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 2
    3. TRUST points are our markers trust points tell our story and guide us in what we doTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 3
    4. Is this possible? Could he expand welfare AND be true to his personal brand - and your expectations? strong narratives trump unexpected messagesTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 4
    5. DISTANCE obscures trust points Your freaky Your freaky uncle. uncle online. physical and logicalTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 5
    6. RISK influences trust points high vs low risk good vs bad outcomesTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 6
    7. EXPERIENCE evolves trust See this… …believe that leads into new experiences, evolves what is possibleTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 7
    8. STORY helps us trust, if it’s… • Transparent and honest • Baked into UX sandbox • Lets interactions create trust everything is part of your story, your narrativeTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 8
    9. TRUST Enablers • Context and Perspective • Predictability and Reliability • Proactivity, Engagement and Transparency • For users AND software enablers foster the creation of trustTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 9
    10. CONTEXT frames it PERSPECTIVE makes it unique enablers help us interpret and use informationTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 10
    11. PREDICTABILITY what next RELIABILITY consistency of next enablers shape TЯUST – action vs contentTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 11
    12. PROACTIVITY ENGAGEMENT enablers define our actionsTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 12
    13. TRUST via story • Leverage trust enablers • Create peer trust within stakeholders • Trust can convey (our trust in friends trumps our distrust in Facebook) a sandbox must include / encourage storiesTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 13
    14. TRUST summary • Trust points validate information • Trust points are context-sensitive • Trust points are easily disrupted • Trust enablers are sandbox rules • Stories & enablers develop trust that transcends platform & time leverage story to design long-term trustTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 14
    15. TRUST deconstruction exercisesCORPORATE NARRATIVES 15
    16. #1 – FARS or farce?TRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 16
    17. #1 - context is a lens… it’s required for trustENGINEERING TRUST: The new social glue. #sxsw 2013 17
    18. TRUST? #2 why is one believable (plausible) while the other is not?TRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 18
    19. LEEEEEROY… #3 - yes, there is a leroy jenkins in each pictureTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 19
    20. JENKINS #3 – two of the real leroy jenkinsTRUST: Designing Social Glue #sxsw 2013 20