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1.4: Combine the Personal, Interpersonal and Impersonal for Better Business Results (Success in 3D)


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Conscious Business Online Course Week 1, Lesson 2: I - We - It
There are three goals that people pursue
One is: “Task”
We want to achieve results that are objective, that occur in the real world
The second type of result is “Relationship”
We want to connect with other people, we want to have good dialogues, good relationships with them
And the third is about “The self”
We want to feel good, we want to experience ourselves in integrity, be at peace, have peace of mind
These three areas constitute potential gaps

When we want to create a future result that is not going to ensue without our effort
We are compelled to take action
That’s mostly what people focus in business

So naturally, we want to produce certain outcome
Businesses want to produce certain outcomes
And that’s what people normally focus on

However the outcomes are based on relationships
Business occurs and exists because people work together
It’s very rare that you can get any result without collaborating with other people
These could be people in your own team, people in your own organization
But beyond that there are no boundaries to the collaboration space
You can work with customers, you work with vendors, you work with all sorts of people

Regardless of whether they are part of your organization or not
And one of the greatest assets of human consciousness is that it allows us to coordinate action for a common purpose
So, the task objective is rarely accomplished without a relationship infrastructure
Without the relationship support
And therefore, beyond just our natural desire to get along and be in good terms with other people
It’s very important to also consider these relationships as a business investment
As a way to get things done and many times it’s a counterproductive effort
To focus so much on the result that you burn the relationships in the attempt to produce the result
So, in Conscious Business, we don’t see this as a possible trade-off
You either get the result strengthening relationships or something is not going well
But beyond that, the ultimate foundation of human happiness
The ultimate source of well-being is you being at peace with yourself
You have to honor your values, you have to live your life in a way that you see fit
If you trade-off your own values and your own self-awareness and self-esteem for the sake of building relationships
If you give up yourself in order to be liked by others
Well, you’re not going to like yourself and then you’re not going to be liked by others either
And if you’re not able to connect with others, you’re not going to accomplish the goal
So, you could think of this like as an iceberg

Where the “I” dimension is at the bottom, the self, the identity
Where the “We” dimension, that is the relationships, is in the middle
And where the “It” dimension is at the top

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