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INDRA USA Dec 2013

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INDRA USA Dec 2013

  1. 1. Indra USA SAP Capabilities Presentation Dec 2013
  2. 2. INDRA INTRODUCTION  The goal of this document is to present: A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY – Indra Corporate Presentation – Indra global presence – SAP relationship – Options to explore opportunities for SAP LATAM 2
  3. 3. AGENDA 01 Overview 02 History 03 SAP Relationship 04 Skills in ERP & Skills outside ERP  Skills in Core ERP  Skills Outside ERP (Mobility, Cloud, Hana & etc.)  Functional  Technical  AMS & Remote support in South America 08 SAP References A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY 05 Delivery Model 06 Indra Presence in the Americas 07 Offshore / Nearshore capabilities 3
  4. 4. INDRA OVERVIEW  Multinational IT Company: One of the main SI’s in Europe and LATAM 2nd largest publicly traded European IT Company  3,000 M€ in sales (2012)  ~50% international markets  40,000+ professionals 83% graduated and high qualification More than 40 nationalities  118 countries  550 M€ invested in R+D+i in three years Cooperation with more than 150 universities and research centers Offer Distribuition Business Model Offer Market Consulting Solutions Solutions 73% Energy & Industry Own Solutions Third part solutions System Integration and development Financial Services Public Adm. & Healthcare Network Europe 43% Telecom & Media Americas 40% Others 17% Services AM Outsourcing Transportation & Traffic BPO Other A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Services 27% Defense & Security 4
  5. 5. INDRA WHO WE ARE The premier technology company in Spain and a leading multinational in Europe and in the Americas 40,000 professionals 118 countries Own solutions and technology Differential business model based on Innovation A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Revenues: M3,000€ 5
  6. 6. AMBITION determination culture of commitment Talent OPEN Own solutions ACTIONABLE STRATEGY Entrepreneurial organization A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY clear goals 6
  7. 7. INDRA HISTORY Incorporation of Indra as it is know today. Indra’s IPO in the Madrid Stock Exchange. Acquisition of Azertia and Soluziona. Acquisition of Politec. Global company with references in 5 continents. Exceeded all quarterly financial targets since its IPO. A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY 1921 1993 1999 2006 2011 Incorporation of the first company that later become Indra. 7
  8. 8. INDRA LEADERSHIP AND … More than 1,200 air traffic facilities management in 90 countries Information systems supporting More than 3,400 240+ million mobile phone users km of land and maritime border monitored 150,000 electronic prescriptions managed daily with Indra systems utility companies around the world use Indra solutions More than 300 elections for over 2 billion voters More than 100 cities around the world entrust the management, safety and development of their public transport networks to Indra Indra manages more than 70% of airlines revenues in Latam A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY More than 140 8
  9. 9. INDRA OPEN AND INNOVATIVE ORGANIZATION Main business partners Knowledge Institutions Business Partners Universities Professionals Providers Society Awards and certifications Research centers A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY CLIENTS 9
  10. 10. SAP Partnership SAP in INDRA SAP Relationship End-to-End Proposal: Global Delivery Centralized Management  In 2011, Indra signed the SAP Global Partnership agreement (group of highly skilled global service providers made up of less than 30 organizations around the world) ENERGY TRANSPORT  Regional customer satisfaction Awards (Brazil) 2011  Esperansap Awards 2011 Bundling TMS – Tourism IS-OIL Education (based on SLcM) Hana (In Memory) TRM -Taxes Products running on SAP SAP Industry Solutions IS-PS – IFMIS Mobility (Sybase) These strategic initiatives are combined with other classical opportunities (ERP / HCM / AM)  SAP’s “Go To Market” partner for localization services for SAP/Crossgate E-Invoicing solutions for LATAM  Bundling” – Joint Strategy “end-toend” offer through the integration of SAP products and Indra. Industries: Health, Energy and Transport  Indra's Own Products under SAP Technology: – SIGEFI (Finance Management SYSTEM-HANA) – Mobile Solutions under Sybase technology A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY HEALTH  SAP’s “Go To Market” partner for LATAM localization and SAP GRC NFe solution- on-premise SAP solution for Brazil E-Invoice 10 10
  11. 11. INDRA IN BRAZIL STRONG PARTNERSHIP WITH SAP  Part of the Partner Workforce Council  Classified as Global Partner for the SAP Consulting Partner Program  Recognized in 2012 in the SAP Award of Excellence 2011:  Top Rating in Customer Satisfaction Survey  Largest investor in the Esperansap Program The first Application Management Services SAP-Certified Provider in Latin America  SAP Business Objects Partner  Sybase Partner  Recognized in 2010 in the SAP Award of Excellence 2009 as the Best SAP Services Partner  Recognized in 2009 in the SAP Award of Excellence 2008 as the Largest Investor in Training A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY  11
  12. 12. INDRA’S CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE … WITH STRONG AREAS OF EXPERTISE… BA (Business Analitycs) Analytics Platform: Descriptive & Predictive Analytical Solutions Business Data Representation Business Solutions ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) INTEGRATED OFFERING Business Management Facility Management Sustainability solutions HCM (Human Capital Management) Payroll & personnel adm. Organization management Health & Safety Compensation & Benefits Workforce planning Shifts scheduling Learning Management Talent Management (performances, career & succession plans, …) CRM (Costumer Relationship Managment) SPECIALISATION AND PRODUCTIVITY Customer 360º Marketing & Campaigns Multichannel, IR and mobility Social Netwoirking Contact Center and IVR/VRU Workforce management Recording solutions Automation services ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Lifecycle Content Mgmt Transactional Content Mgmt eCommerce Enterprise n.0 Web Content Mgmt User & Costumer Experience Mobility Geospatial Emerging Technologies ARCHITECTURE (Architectures & IT Consultancy IT Governance Testing Cloud Solutions Real time Architechture… Platforms) A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION 12
  13. 13. INDRA’S CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE … AND WIDE COVERAGE OF PRODUCTS… BA (Business Analytics) SAP BI (BW/BO) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) INTEGRATED OFFERING SAP ERP ECC SAP Industry Solutions IS-Oil &Gas, IS-Public Sector TRM, SLcM, IS-U. HCM (Human Capital Management) SAP HCM, EHS / ORM / Sustainability, SuccessFactors CRM (Costumer Relationship Management) SAP CRM SPECIALISATION AND PRODUCTIVITY ECM (Enterprise Content Management) SAP Mobile Applications ARCHITECTURE A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION Database and Technology (HANA) 13
  14. 14. INDRA’S CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE … AND OTHER PRODUCTS. BA (Business Analitycs) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) INTEGRATED OFFERING HCM (Human Capital Management) CRM (Costumer Relationship Managment) SPECIALISATION AND PRODUCTIVITY ECM (Enterprise Content Management) ARCHITECTURE (Architectures & Platforms) A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION 14
  15. 15. INDRA’S CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE Strategic Offer - HANA SAP HANA is a preset appliance compiled for a specific hardware of our partners (HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Cisco, DELL) which allows analyzing real time information, with a high performance, in large volumes HANA application scenarios are: m/p • • • Data Warehouse: SAP BW on HANA RealTime accelerators on SAP modules/products Application development platform Current strategy approach • • • Indra has reached a Coselling Agreement with SAP Spain, as a result of which some joint actions outsourced to client are being undertaken, focused on this phase in the SAP BW scenario. Agreements have been signed with IBM and Fujitsu to generate joint proposals. Indra has available in the CAAT IBM machines with SAP HANA installed to perform demos and POC. Licenses have been sold to Abarrotera del Duero (Merza Group) in Mexico to migrate to BW on HANA. Next steps • • • • To close pilot projects and projects with stakeholders Extension of the co-selling agreement on an international level Targeting to the utilities and transport sector. Development of specific applications for the business. Conceptualization of the range of services of SAP HANA as SaaS in Spain Indra is: Referral Partner in SAP HANATM On-going opportunities A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY c/p 15
  16. 16. INDRA’S CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE Strategic Offer - Cloud The centre of Excellence for Architecture offers their Cloud Solution portfolio through their Cloud Expert Centre. •Cloud Assessment •OpTImiza (Cloud Thermometre) Solutions for Transformation to Cloud •Private Cloud Infrastructure •Migration of applications to Cloud •iDynamics: Indra’s Cloud reference Architecture •Indra’s G© PaaS platform (Previously from gnúbila) SaaS & Marketplaces •Indra’s SaaS Solutions for SME •Marketplace solutions through Indra Cloud Broker A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Cloud Consulting 16
  17. 17. INDRA’S CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE Strategic Offer - Mobility Professionals in Spain Expert consultants in design methodologies of Mobility solutions. > 10 Years of experience From WAP 1.0 to HTML5 Technical experts in the development and implementation of mobility solutions in native platforms and open standards. Solutions for clients like ENCE, Mapfre Assistance, Renfe, Madrid City Council, Vodafone, BBVA, City of Energy, etc. Full offering Integral Solutions Differential solutions designed by the best market practices. Functional specialization for vertical sectors Technological mastery of all platforms (IOS, Android, Symbian, HTML5, Windows Phone). Alliances with SAP, Apple, Google, Nokia, Microsoft, Motorola… A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY > 80 17
  18. 18. INDRA’S CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE Strategic Offer - Sustainability “YES to innovation: this commitment to Innovation is the way to the companies economic sustainability, which must be linked to social and environmental sustainability, the performance triple level of any organization,...” Javier Monzón Chairman of Indra Global approach with technological base on three dimensions Environmental Dimension • Sustainable building Environmental management systems • Management of emissions and footprint calculation Control and measurement systems • Human capital development • Energy and climate change Technology • Inclusion • Relationship with the community • Emission management • Lifecycle and recycling • Occupational Health and Safety • Responsibility on products/services • Water management • Technological accessibility • Diversity Management Systems • Healthcare • Work ethic Economic Dimension Technology • Corporate Government • Risk control • Participation and listening systems • Dialogue with stakeholders/transparency Indra implements SAP sustainability portfolio (SuPM, ORM, EHS, EC) • CR report and management • Business Excellence Management Systems • Quality of products/ services • GRC systems (Governance, risk and compliance) • Security and safety A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Technology Social Dimension 18
  19. 19. INDRA GLOBAL PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY MODEL 75 Centers of Excellence and Software Labs in 45 cities Highest standards of quality management and environment UNE-EN ISO 9001 PECAL 2210 UNE-EN 9100 Melhores práticas ITIL CMMi 3 - 5 UNE-ISO IEC 20000-1 UNE-EN 166002 UNE-EN ISO 14001 Regl. Europeo 761/2001 (EMAS) A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY UNE-ISO IEC 27001 19
  20. 20. INDRA IN SAP Resources and international presence Europe 46,6% 50% Indra & SAP are developing a new global service model, based on Indra’s knowledge and resources deployed in factories around the world. Advantages of this model are: • • • Reduction of “Time to market” due to resource availability around the world in different time zones (Europe-Latam) Cost optimization Re-use of best practices and experiences Czech Republic Slovakia Spain Portugal Mexico Guatemala El Salvador Costa Rica Colombia Brazil Chile Argentinean Panama 3.4% The Philippines Morocco Kenya Zambia A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY More than 2,500 consultants and technicians around the world New Global Service Model Rest Latam 20
  21. 21. SAP in INDRA Global Vision  The business model that Indra has regarding SAP, is based on the following pillars: – Close relationship Indra-SAP. Relationship that has strengthened over the years (greater recognition) and has evolved into implementation of joint strategies. – Global Delivery Model. Our global delivery model ensures a quality and efficient service. – Centralized Management. Indra manages its accounts in a global way, keeping an overall view of the customer in order to meet their expectations.          Service Catalog: From Strategic Consultancy until Outsourcing All kind of projects coverage Different development centers worldwide, operating virtually as a single center. Main development centers: Argentina, Spain and Brazil More than 2500 SAP expert consultants Average annual increase of 20% over the past 3 years First position in the matrix of SAP partners Iberia Very close relationship SAP-Indra: SAP Global Partner Indra is seen as a key partner for strong SAP planned expansion in LATAM and emerging markets worldwide Direct contact with SAP in all regions, at the executive level End-to-End Value Proposition: Global Delivery Centralized Management    Single Account Manager worldwide Different geography work centers, and centralized management and accountability Global view of the account: Identification of specific needs A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY SAP Partnership 21 21
  22. 22. SAP Partnership SAP in INDRA Delivery Model End-to-End Proposal: Global Delivery Centralized Management Global production and delivery model:  Best Practices [75 development centers + 40 cities SW Labs 24x7]  Global Project Experience GLOBAL MANAGEMENT OFFICE  Management  Analysis Local TEAM  Design  Development Indra Software Factory  Optimal sourcing destination based on various criteria  Balancing local team vs. Software Labs, according to service and required expertise  Analysis of customer geographic needs  Roles and location service analyses: Best delivery model through SAP expert global network Ongoing Projects > 520 projects Ireland > 30 Countries USA Iberia Honduras Argelia Rep.Domini. Guatemala Costa Rica El Salvador Venezuela Panamá Germany Czech Republic Ucrania Italy Bangladesh México Colombia Perú Uganda Kenia Brasil Bolivia Chile Bahrein Uruguay Argentina Zambia Philippines A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY > 2,600 SAP Consultants 22 22
  23. 23. SAP Partnership SAP in INDRA Centralized Management End-to-End Proposal: Global Delivery Centralized Management The global account manager has end to end responsibility for the services. All local SAP capabilities and local SAP centers, report to him in order to follow customer global strategy. Alignment Customer Strategy  Address from the local definition to the global roll out  Strengthen our capabilities, taking into account client needs: SF, Platform, operations Business Knowledge Technology Knowledge Global Management Capabilities  Processes Standardization, tools and service specifications  Global Management Service Offering Near Shore/ Off shore Services Near Shore/Off Shore Resources Management Globalization  Activity Overview  Mixed teams: Global coordination, local execution Products / Services Collaboration Account Management Factories Knowledge transfer • Transferring local capacities • Extend global capabilities • Increase the level of service A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Local Services 23 23
  24. 24. SAP in INDRA Project lifecycle We use ASAP Methodology and Project Management best practices Strategic Planning Global Mgmt Project Management Change Management Diagnosis and Audit Strategy and Planning Analysis and Design Training Realization (Parametrization, Prototype, Test) Implementation Training Architecture and Integration Support and Maintenance Data Migration Post Implementation Support AM A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Impllementation / Upgrades Systems Implementations 24
  25. 25. PMO AT INDRA Project Management Methodology and standards PM culture Corporate Project Management Informations Systems Corporate Project Management Office 3,000+ project managers working with clear directions, missio ns, strategies, met hodologies and a set of common tools and procedures to develop their job A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY INDRA Project Management Basis 25
  26. 26. PMO AT INDRA INDRA Project Management Credentials Indra PMP Certificates in LATAM BRASIL 54 COLOMBIA 11 4 PERU 1 ARGENTINA 1 URUGUAY 5 VENEZUELA 1 … and 480 worldwide Indra selected as an outstanding organization in project management by the Project Management Institute (PM Network, Oct 2007) A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY MEXICO 26
  27. 27. SAP in INDRA Global delivery model Offshore, Near Shore & development centers Mexico Colombia Panama Brasil Slovakia Philipines Spain Moldavia Argentina Salamanca Badajoz Gijón Madrid Lérida Valencia Ciudad Real Málaga A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY La Coruña 27 27
  28. 28. INDRA ROLL-OUT EXPERIENCES GLOBAL SAP BACKGROUND Indra undertook rollouts in ERP USA & LATAM Project in order to implement a Process Model consisting of: o o o Ecosystem Processes. Logistics Processes and General Services. Uniform SAP System covering all USA & Latinoamerican Fixed and Mobile companies.  To better implement more efficient work processes. Logistics Processes  To reduce systems management and maintenance costs. SAP Module Goals  To be in line with the regionalization strategy fostered by Telefónica. Basic Core ERP LATAM  To take advantage of synergies resulting from convergence into a uniform ERP. Benefit Mobile Business Line Companies Fixed Business Line Companies  To provide the Countries with a cohesive corporate work environment.  To promote the development of a Back-Office systems knowledge network at the Group level.  Homogenize System and Process Areas aligned across all Companies for Grupo Telefónica. A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Ecosystem Processes  To work in a common corporate environment in the USA & Latinoamerican Group.
  29. 29. INDRA ROLL-OUT OPTIONS INDRA option approach for Rollouts Indra SAP Implementation Phases Scope Analysis Inicio del proceso 1 Phase I  North American implementation of FICO, Procure to Pay and BI/BOBJ 2 Definición de objetivos estratégicos a largo plazo 3 Análisis de la situación de partida 4 Análisis de oportunidades a futuro Definición de acciones estratégicas 1 5 Aprobación de acciones estratégicas 2 6 Elaboración del plan estratégico Processes 7 Comunicación del plan estratégico Administración y Finanzas Plan estratégico (Microsoft Word) Intranet 8 Seguimiento mensual de objetivos 3 Fin del proceso Phase II  N.A. implementation of Order to Cash functions and Service Management Organization DM DWH Herr. Gestión de Maestros Phase III  LATAM Roll-out (will include full scope from N.A. Phase I and II) DM DM Herramienta ETL Herr. Normaliz. Revisión Systems Herr. Mantenimiento BD PreExplot. Repostorio Central BD Other Considerations MEXICO GUATEMALA COSTA RICA COLOMBIA VENEZUELA PERU CHILE BRASIL ARGENTINA  LATAM is primarily a Sales and Distribution organization  Manufacturing in Brazil is NOT in scope for the LATAM roll-out engagement  Client has already provided an initial draft of the LATAM requirements and BBP preparation  Client is currently performing initial data conversion testing for LATAM and Master Data elements  Client intends to start the LATAM roll-out with a business partner that has strong geographic presence and localization expertise within the next 4-5 months  Client is looking for recommendations on how to best roll-out LATAM  Potential refresh and validation of Clients initial draft of the LATAM requirements and BBP A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY LATAM roll-out main countries 29
  30. 30. SAP in INDRA Indra proven delivery model Managing Costs, Risk & Accelerating • • and • Reduce cost Focus on core business Reduce vulnerability to staff changes • • Impact balance sheet • Improved cost effectiveness • Spreading of initial investment cost Technology refresh/change • Predictability Access to skills when needed • • Free up cash for investment • Avoid IT capital investments (non-core) Client INTIMACY Client Feedback Service Delivery Technical requirement Business requirement • Accelerate speed to market • Enable business focus transformation • Access to new skill set • Mergers and acquisitions • Focus on core business • Improved quality of service • Flexibility OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE SERVICE DELIVERY – LOCAL HUB Client Accelerate and Manage Risk ONSITE SERVICE TEAM RELEASE CORE MANAGER TEAM BUSINESS ANALYST TECH ARCHITECT SERVICE DELIVERY – LOCAL HUB Local delivery centers Near-shore delivery centers Offshore delivery centers Aligned onsite / offsite blend Aligned local / nearshore / offshore blend A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Manage Cost 30
  31. 31. CAPACITY AND CAPABILITIES SAP Professionals > 2,500 SAP professionals split over all geographic areas... HCM Others (*) 180 124 78 230 Italy 34 14 2 20 Central Europe 15 7 2 36 5 2 1 2 Brazil 278 224 82 216 Argentina+Chile 169 66 13 81 Mexico 12 21 5 38 Rest of Latam 32 20 3 6 Philippines 8 2 4 16 234 166 73 177 Software Labs (*) Database & Technology, Analytics, Mobility, CRM, A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY AMERICAS Logistic Africa APJ Financials Iberia EMEA REGION 31
  32. 32. SAP in INDRA STRONG PRESENCE IN LATAM 1,500+ Consultants in LATAM MEXICO CARIBBEAN, CENTRAL AMERICA, COLOMBIA, ECUADOR AND VENEZUELA 120 MEXICO 55 PANAMA • Colombia • Costa Rica • Ecuador • El Salvador VENEZUELA • Guatemala COSTA RICA • Honduras • Panamá COLOMBIA • República Dominicana BRAZIL 1,009 SOUTHERN CONE PERU 480 BRASIL • Argentina • Bolivia CHILE • Chile URUGUAY • Paraguay • Perú • Uruguay ARGENTINA A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY • Venezuela 32
  33. 33. INDRA IN SAP ACTIVITY IN LATAM  Andean Region (Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela)       Brazil       Deep knowledge of business processes for the Public Sector More than 1.000 SAP specialized resources Pioneers on SAP localization with local fiscal requirements Projects in Public Sector, Industry, Telecom and Utilities, Finances Big Projects in MAPFRE, VIVO, Itaipava, BNDES, Banco do Brasil, AES, etc. Focus in 2011: Energy and Utilities, Industry, Telecom Operators. South Region (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay)      Main and oldest SAP integrator in the region More than 450 SAP specialized resources SAP solutions Integrator leader in Industry. Focus in 2011: Public Sector ,Energy and Utilities, Banking, Industry, Transport. Broad experience in SAP implementation for global customers (Prisa Group, Gas Natural, Endesa, Telefonica) México  Deep knowledge of business processes for several markets: Retail, Public Sector, Banking, Media.  More than 100 SAP specialized resources  Big number of SAP Retail implementations  Deep Knowledge of ERP and Netweaver base components  Experience in upgrade projects, global roll-outs and maintenance services.  Focus in 2011: Public Sector ,Energy and Utilities, Industry. A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY  Big experience in big data migrations to SAP technology More than 50 SAP specialized resources Deep knowledge of business processes in Utilities, Banking. And Telecom Operators. Broad experience in SAP implementation for global customers (Prisa Group, Gas Natural, Endesa, Telefonica)  Focus in 2011: Public Sector, Energy and Utilities, Banking, Health, Telecom Operators. 33
  34. 34. INDRA IN BRAZIL STRONG IN BRAZIL One of major IT players in Brazil High levels of excellence 40 years in the market Brasília Belo Horizonte Rio de Janeiro São Paulo Barueri Campinas Curitiba Goiânia Salvador Fortaleza ... Offices in Brazilian main cities Impressive list of clients A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY More than 6.000 professionais 34
  35. 35. INDRA IN BRAZIL SAP CONSULTANTS IN INDRA BRAZIL Experience Senior Semi-Senior Junior TOTAL MM Basis PP ISU SD CO-PA FM+CA FI BW PS/IM SRM PM QM HR CRM BO ABAP 34 27 17 4 22 22 5 33 4 19 3 4 1 32 1 14 59 23 18 12 4 21 15 7 45 2 12 2 2 51 44 29 6 49 38 10 63 3 32 2 3 1 39 1 35 66 108 89 58 14 92 75 22 141 9 63 7 9 2 94 3 65 158 TOTAL 23 1 16 33 1,009 A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Module 35
  36. 36. INDRA Reference REIMPLANTACIÓN GESTIÓN INTEGRAL SAP AFS 3.0 A SAP AFS 6.0 Perfil de la empresa: “CAMPER, comienza su actividad en 1975 como fabricante de zapatos de marca. En 1992 se inicia la expansión internacional de la marca con la apertura de filiales en los principales centros de moda europea. Actualmente tiene tiendas abiertas en los 5 continentes. “La rápida evolución del sector del calzado debida a la internacionalización ha obligado a la empresas a externalizar sus procesos de fabricación así como a extender sus redes comerciales a todo el mundo, esta evolución hace necesario que las empresas del sector inviertan en sus Sistemas de información ya que están cambiando radicalmente las necesidades de información del negocio. En este sentido Camper sigue apostando por la plataforma SAP como herramienta fundamental y de base de su negocio tanto en las áreas de fabricación como de Retail. Desde Marzo de INDRAha Objeto del Servicio: Reimplantación del sistema de gestión integral de las operaciones de Camper actualmente en la solución vertical SAP AFS 3.0 a la nueva versión SAP AFS 6.0 estandarizando procesos e incorporando funcionalidades. Área de Gestión Módulos FI CO Finanzas, Controling Compras, Ventas G. Almacenes estado analizando y prototipando los procesos a implantar en la nueva plataforma, con el objetivo de estandarizar los procesos aprovechando las nuevas funcionalidades que aporta la nueva versión SAP AFS 6.0  Actualmente en fase de implantación y preparación del arranque (Enero 2008). MM SD WM Recursos Humanos HR 2007 Fases Alcance:   SAP AFS 6.0 Duración del contrato: 15 meses. Equipo de trabajo: 8 consultores. Gestión proyecto 2007 2008 A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY 
  37. 37. INDRA other references Cases of success in Similar Projects  Implementation of SAP R/3 for the area of administration and provisioning.  With an expressive participation in the market of beers in Argentina, as well as in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia, and a minor participation in Chile, this project has lasted over a period of around 14 months for the implementation in all of their international locations. In total, eight implementations have been carried out, including the division of mineral aqua in the Argentinean division of beverages.  Quilmes is the producer of top quality Beer. A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY WAVE of ROLL OUTS in 5 countries of LATIN AMERICA
  38. 38. OTHER REFERENCES  Other Cases of success in projects in Latin America Consultancy and Implementation: SAP R/3 Detail of the Project ROLLOUT TO 12 COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Pirelli - a company which produces and distributes Cables and Tires – has selected Indra for the development of the model in common for Italy and for the roll outs in 12 countries in which the multinational is present. The projects include practically the totality of the Modules of SAP 38
  39. 39. OTHER REFERENCES FEMSA Our model of services to Coca Cola FEMSA has the following features • Expert knowledge and follow up in the implementation of the Beverage solution of SAP • Vast experience in SAP and in the business processes of Coca Cola FEMSA • We have accompanied Coca Cola FEMSA with SAP consultancy in their new acquisitions with rapid times of implementation • More than 120 consultants work in the different disciplines of SAP within the different territories of operation • We have developed efficient methodologies of work that offer accelerated times of implementation and lower costs • The solution of Finances and Operation Planning of Coca Cola FEMSA is one the most advanced in LATAM MEXICO NIGARAGUA GUATEMALA VENEZUELA PANAMA • BR •We have built together one of the largest Solutions of Commercial Business AS IL Intelligence with which SAP relies on a global level COSTA RICA COLOMBIA ARGENTINA We have created one of the most highly developed solutions of financial planning in Mexico The projects of SAP technology are constantly reviewed and audited directly by SAP Germany A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY • Presence with consultancy in all the offices in which Coca Cola FEMSA is present 39
  40. 40. OTHER REFERENCES  Other Cases of success in projects within Latin America Consultancy and Implementation: SAP R/3 Detail of the Project A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY The Basf Group has selected Indra for the implementation of the R/3 software in their Latin American branches. The implementation has started in Brazil and, later on, were followed by implementations of the roll out type for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela 40
  41. 41. OTHER REFERENCES Cases of success in Similar Projects  The implementation involved the Economic – Financial and Logistics Areas (in a total of seven Modules of SAP) - at the same time, in Chile and Peru, with a simultaneous entry in production, and later on in Paraguay.  The standardization of the processes produced an important result in the maintenance and an improvement in the integrity of the information of the group. Peru Paraguay Chile A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY ROLL OUT in 3 countries of LATIN AMERICA 41
  42. 42. OTHER REFERENCES ENI Roll Out of SAP corporate model. DATES Project dates Project Duration: 48 months date: February 2012 Approximated Contract Value (without taxes) Ca. US $ 2,300,000 Roll outs to Europe, Central Asia and USA. ENI is one of the most important energy groups with relevant international activity. Roll Out of corporate systems (Financials and Supply Chain Procurement and Logistics) for Italy, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Angola, USA (Houston). This company has decided to develop a corporate strategy for the international branches. SAP is the technology that supports business processes of the company and will play an important role for the final success of this strategy. Indra has been selected to take part in the Roll Out of SAP corporate model. Scope of Services provided by Indra Project Management (with Change Management including Training, Quality Assurance); Analysis of local statutory and legal requirements; Realization (parameterization, customization, development, testing), preparation, Go-Live and Post-Implementation Support. SAP ERP Modules FI, CO, JVA, PS, MM, PM A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Scope of the project 42
  43. 43. OTHER REFERENCES  Other Cases of success in projects in Latin America Consultancy and Implementation: SAP R/3 Detail of the Project A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY • BASF Brazil • Implementation of the Modules FI, AA, TR, CO, MM, SD, PP, QM, HR, PS, IM, and WF of the SAP R/3 in 10 countries of Latin America, all of them in the same environment located in New Jersey (USA). Post production support in the Modules FI, MM, SD, PP, and WF of the SAP R/3. Implementation of the Module PM in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. • Implementation of the BW to support the CRM. 43
  44. 44. OTHER REFERENCES Cases of success in Similar Projects ROLL-OUT WAVE of SAP in THEIR BRANCHES of LATIN AMERICA  2001 – Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala  Implementation of the Modules FI, CO, SD, MM, and AM. The models of the company ENTEL and ENTEL CALL CENTER are taken in consideration  2002 – Peru - Venezuela  Implementation of the Modules FI, CO, SD, MM, and AM.  Implementation of the Module RMCA. A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY  1998 – Miami (USA)  Implementation of the Modules FI, TR, CO, MM for the company AMERICATEL of ENTEL. The same models of ENTEL are used. 44
  45. 45. OTHER REFERENCES Our experience in Projects in Brazil Case Study: Cooper Industries. SAP ECC 6.0 Roll out to Brazil and AMS Profile of the entity Cooper Industries is a company incorporated and headquartered in Ireland but with its chief operational offices at Houston, Texas.[1]. It produces transformers, tools and electrical equipment in general. It employs 29,000 staff around the world and had revenues in 2007 of $5.9 billion dollars. It is one of the oldest large companies in United States having been founded in 1833.. Service Object  Key Factor  Cooper Industries had decided to roll out Roll out of the global template used on more than 50 different countries on a single instance. “Indra Politec experience on Brazilian localization and SAP project on Brazil. Fully Bilingual resources.”  FI  PP  FI-GL  CO  MM  SD  AP-AR  ABAP  SD  NF-e Reach   Agreement duration : 1 years  Functional reach : Functional Design, Technical Design, Programming and Tests Estimated workload :. 1,968 journeys for the project; 360 journeys by semester for AMS global template to Brazilian Subsidiaries  Three business units were considered: Bussmann, Crouse Hinds, and Power Systems  Project started on Feb, 2012  After go live an AMS contract take place A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY  45
  46. 46. OTHER REFERENCES Our experience in Projects in Brazil Case Study: Cameron. SAP Roll out to Jacarei Plant and AMS Profile of the entity  Cameron International Corporation is a Fortune 500 company and a global provider of pressure control, processing, flow control and compression systems as well as project management and aftermarket services for the oil and gas and process industries. It employs approximately 20,000 people and is headquartered in Park Towers South, Houston, Texas.[1] In 2006 Cooper Cameron was officially renamed "Cameron.. Service Object  • Cameron had decided to roll out Brazilian Roll out of Brazilian existent template to the plant in Jacarei. template to Jacarei: 2 plants • Organizational structure rationalization was needed, as the actual implementation does not follow SAP recommendation  MM  PP  SD “Indra Politec experience on Brazilian localization and SAP project on Brazil.”  GL  CO  AP – AR NF-e   AA  ABAP Reach   Agreement duration : 3 months  Functional reach : Functional Design, Technical Design, Programming and Tests Estimated workload :. 320 journeys for the project; AMS 480 journeys by semester • Project started on April, 2012 • AMS contract take place since 2009 A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Key Factor 46
  47. 47. OTHER REFERENCES Our experience in Projects in Brazil Case Study: Tyson Foods. SAP ECC 6.0 Implementation and Roll out Profile of the entity Tyson Foods is a American multinational corporation based in Springdale, Arkansas, that operates in the food industry. The company is the world's second largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork, and annually exports the largest percentage of beef out of the United States. With 2005 sales of US$26 billion, Tyson Foods is the largest meat producer in the world, and according to Forbes one of the 100 largest companies in the United States. Service Object  Key Factor  Tyson Foods had bought three chicken Sap implementation and roll out to two additional sites. Indra Politec was in charge of global project management activities coordinating 4 different other Companies “Indra Politec experience on Brazilian localization and SAP project on Brazil. Fully Bilingual resources.”  FI  PP  FI-GL  CO  MM  SD  AP-AR  ABAP  SD  NF-e producer companies in Brazil  Global template based on Catch Weigh industry solution does not support material ledger (legal requirement in Brazil)  SAP US had indicated Indra Politec US to manage the project after 4 missing go live dates  Stand alone implementation happened between March and Oct, Reach   Agreement duration : 1,5 years  Project Coordination Estimated workload :. 400 journeys for the project; had  Roll out to two new sites had happened between Jan, and May,  Indra Politec was contracted to global project management and coordenation. A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY  47
  48. 48. OTHER REFERENCES Cases of success in Similar Projects Profile of the company: This is one of the main telecommunication companies in the world with presence in 25 countries, around 252 million accesses of clients and 250,000 employees. Model of systems Positioning for a converging model with 3 objective systems: ERP Latin America, ERP Spain and ERP O2. Creation of a common model in phases, Financial and Logistics, with a gradual Roll Out currently in Execution Strategy of evolution   In Spain there are different SAP environments (TELESAP, CORPOSAP, etc) and no SAP to cover the processes of the different companies (businesses of the group). In Latin America there is the same situation of heterogeneity in the systems, some are SAP (have appeared by extension from Spain to work in an independent fashion) and others are not SAP, but they are different from each other, and there is not an homogeneous model of management. Integration of all the systems in TELESAP aligned with the single brand strategy of the group in Spain; still maintains a few companies in CORPOSAP and the convergence of land lines and mobiles has not been produced in the level of systems. Currently in process of migration, TELESAP to the version ECC 6.0  Creation of the single model ERP LATAM on SAP ECC 5.0, and using SolMan for the extension of the model.      2006: definition and construction of the model Eco Fin (Land line + Mobile) 2007: definition and construction of the model of Logistics (Land line + Mobile) Roll Out of the single model. From the year 2006 until the present 2007 – Constitution of the centralized model of corrective and evolution maintenance. Within the evolution maintenance of which el ERP Latin America has migrated 1 month ago to the ECC 6.0 version O2 : Implementation project of Eco Fin Latin America as a corporate model Scope of the project    Núcleo Básico 17 companies of mobile and lines in Latin America. Indicators:  30,000 users: 20,000 in Spain and 10,000 in Latin America.  A total of 25,000 developments  Integrations to more than 75 systems which generate more than 1,000 flows of integration Modules:  Economic - financial in the modules of AP, AR, GL, TR, CFM, AA, PS, CO, PA, TM, IM, and FM  Logistical (in the modules of MM, PM, SD, LE, WM, and QM.  Reporting – WF and BW A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY  Starting situation 48
  49. 49. REFERENCIAS ESPAÑA INTEGRACIÓN DEL SISTEMA DE GESTIÓN SAP A TRAVÉS DE SAP PI 7.0 (I) Perfil de la empresa: Cobega es una empresa dedicada a la producción de bebidas gaseosas tal y como describe su nombre Compañía de Bebidas Gaseosas. Se dedica tanto a la creación del líquido como de los recipientes en sus fábricas, así como la posterior distribución de las bebidas en los puntos de venta. Objeto del Servicio: Reimplantación del sistema de Gestión de SAP. El objetivo es integrar a través de SAP PI 7.0 el nuevo sistema SAP 6.0 con el resto de aplicaciones ya existentes en Cobega. Sistemas implicados: Sistema Escenario de Integración BASIS Integración entre SAP y BASIS donde se gestiona el negocio y que en un futuro migrará a SAP ETIQUETADORA LIMS Q-PLANT C2F Alcance: Integración entre SAP y las etiquetadora de la línea de producción Integración entre SAP y LIMS que se encarga de los controles de calidad Integración entre SAP y Q-PLANT donde se descargan los maestros Integración entre SAP y C2F donde se guardan las ventas diarias Duración del proyecto: 2 años. Finalizada 1º parte A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Ámbito: Proyecto de
  50. 50. REFERENCIAS ESPAÑA IMPLANTACIÓN DE LA SOLUCIÓN DE MYSAP CRM Perfil de la empresa: Objeto del Servicio: Diseño e implantación de la solución de mySAP CRM para los procesos de Televenta y Telecobro de Unipapel, totalmente integrada con la aplicación corporativa SAP R/3.  El objetivo del proyecto ha sido mejorar la interacción con el cliente tanto en el escenario de venta telefónica como la de la gestión del cobro, según el nivel de reclamación del cliente.  Para ello se ha realizado la Implantación de:  mysap CRM 3.1 (CRM Online y CIC),  para los escenarios de Televenta (Integración con SD y HR)  Telecobro (Integración con FI). Beneficios obtenidos  Optimización de los procesos de atención al cliente.  Mejora del servicio al cliente.  Aumento de la capacidad comercial.  Actualmente se encuentra validado en el entorno de Integración, a expensas del arranque del resto de módulos de SAP R/3. A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Unipapel  Empresa líder en producción y distribución de sobres, bolsas, material escolar, material de archivo y material de oficina.
  51. 51. REFERENCIAS ESPAÑA REIMPLANTACIÓN DE SAP 4.6C A ECC 6.0 Perfil de la empresa: “La elevada competencia del sector de las bebidas así como el importante impacto de las nuevas tecnologías está cambiando radicalmente las necesidades de Sistemas de Información en las empresas del sector. En este sentido Cobega ha apostado por un proyecto de Reimplantación de SAP que abarque sus cuatro áreas geográficas teniendo en cuenta la problemática particular de cada una de ellas, pero sin perder de vista la homogeneización de procesos que dará lugar a un Modelo de Procesos Común para todas ellas, llevando a cabo los siguientes proyectos: BackOffice, Front-Office y Business Inteligence (BW) durante los próximos dos años” Cobega es la embotelladora de Coca-Cola más grande de España con una del 26,4% y desarrolla su actividad en Cataluña, Aragón, Baleares y Canarias. Objeto del Servicio:   Reimplantación del sistema de gestión integral de las operaciones de desde la versión actual 4.6C a la plataforma SAP ECC 6.0 incluyendo el área comercial y BI. Área de gestión Finanzas, Controling Operaciones, Compras Ventas, expediciones Reporting y Presup. Módulos Desde el mes de junio de 2007, Indra ha trabajado en estrecha colaboración con BegaNet en la definición del proyecto de evolución de sistemas de Cobega, participando en al elaboración del Plan Director a 3 años  Actualmente en fase inicial de reimplantación de los proyectos Back-Office y Front-Office. FI CO MM PP WM LE SD 2008 Fases BW SEM Bacl-Office Front- Office Alcance:   BW Duración del contrato: 24 meses. Carga de trabajo estimada: 55.000 horas. Gestión proyecto 2007 2009 A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY 
  52. 52. OTHER REFERENCES SAP REFERENCES Public Administration Media and Energy Industry – – – – – – – – – – – Red Eléctrica de España Gas Natural Endesa CEPSA REPSOL Iberdrola Canal de Isabel II Electricida de Madeira Grupo PRISA El Mundo, Grupo Unedisa Eolia – – – – – – – – – – – Rest of Europe – – – – – – – – – – – – – RWE ČEZ Teplárna Strakonice Teplárna Písek Teplárna Tábor AES Ukraine Enel Eni – SigmaTau – Acea Argentina, Bolivia, y Paraguay – Telefónica – CTI – Repsol – Total Gas, – Total Austral – Telefónica – FASA , Cencosud – D&S Tresmontes Luchetti – Agrosuper – Pemex – Coca-Cola FEMSA – Grupo ARCA, Grupo Control – Grupo EMICO, FAMSA Trafic and Transport – Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes – Loma Negra – Peugeot, Daimler, Crysler Chile, Perú, Uruguay Finanze & Insurance México O2 TIM Telecom Italia Italtel Postel – Infonavi Cobega, CuatreCasas Hoteles Meliá Hoteles Hesperia Cervejas da Madeira Técnicas Reunidas ABB, Eatout , Metrovacesa Unipapel, Grupo VIPS FASA, Renault Valeo, Holcim (Hisalba) ThyssenKrupp Cobega Colombia – Fidubogotá – Fidufosiga República Dominicana – VERIZON – Cervecerías Nacionales – CAP CANA – TELGUA (América Móvil) – Industria Licorera de Guatemala – ELINDE (Transporte y generación eléctrica) Guatemala Venezuela – Gobierno Central – Ministerio de Hacienda – Telefónica – EXCELSIOR GAMMA – COCA COLA FEMSA – Caixa Geral Depósitos – MAPFRE – Mutua Universal – FEDA – ISBAN – AENA – Metro de Madrid – Amadeus – Vueling – Cintra – Abi – Aeroporti di Roma – Caja Compensación Los Heroes – Bavaria A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY – Telefónica de España – TME – Telyco – Auna – Vodafone – F. Telecom – Amena – Retevisión – ONO España and Portugal – Guardia Civil – Ministerio de Medio Ambiente – Gobierno de Canarias – ICEX – ICO – Comunidad de Madrid – Xunta de Galicia Telecom 52
  53. 53. OTHER REFERENCES BRAZIL SAP REFERENCES Brazil Telecom – Incra – Telefonica – Policia Federal – VIVO – Unesco – Claro – TIM – Anatel – SKY Energy & Media – BR / Petrobras – GBD – ENEL – AES Eletropaulo – CELG – Cemig – Chesf – Comgás – Copasa – CPFL – CTEEP – Elektro – Eletrobrás – Eletronorte – Eletronuclear – Energias do Brasil – Itaipu – Light – Sabesp – Saneago Industry & Consumer – FEMSA Coca-Cola y Cerveja – General Motors – CEMIG, BASF – Vale – Votorantim – BASF – Bayer – Bluestar Silicone – Bombril – Chemson – Cosinox Eletrodomésticos – Embraer – Fujifilm – Gol Transportes Aéreos – ICL – Intermédica Sistemas de Saúde – Johnson & Johnson – Latecoère do Brasil – Lojas Riachuelo – Louis Dreyfus Commodities – Magneto Automotive Brasil – Natura – Pão de Açúcar – Perdigão – Rigesa – Schincariol – Sodexo – Suzano Papel e Celulose – Valeo Sistemas Automotivos – Votorantim – Whirpool – Wittel Comunicações – Yara Brasil Fertilizantes – Zilor – Itaipava Financial & Insurance – BNDES – Altec Brasil – Banco do Brasil – Banco do Estado de Sergipe – BANESE – Banco HSBC – Banco IBI – Banco Itaú – BANCOOB – Caixa Econômica Federal – Caixa Seguros – Grupo Santander/Banespa – Nossa Caixa – Produban Automotive – Volkswagen – Pirelli – Peugeot – GM – Daimler Chrysler A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Government 53
  54. 54. OTHER REFERENCES Cases of success in Similar Projects Implementation of SAP in Dubai Profile of the company: Purpose of the service:  Implementation of the SAP System of management, version 4.7, in their headquarters in Dubai, while carrying on with the creation of a mixed model between the management performed in Spain and the roll out model, so as to achieve a final system that is highly exportable to other headquarters in different countries. The characteristic adaptations for the functionalities and business needs of TKE UAE have been performed – as well as the realization of improvements in the existing processes. Area of management Modules Sales and Distribution SD Acquisitions and Management of Materials MM Management of Projects Scope:  duration of the contract: 5 months  Start and finish dates: 08/12/2008 - 08/05/2009  Work team: 8-9 consultants Financial and analytical management PS FI-CO 54 Implementation SAP ThyssenKrupp Elevator UAE  Currently, the company is immersed in a plan of international expansion.  THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR UAE: Their activities are centered in a wide range of products and in the post-sale servicing of elevators, escalators or platforms. The parent company THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR SEAME is the business unit for the management of TKE companies for the South of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, with activities of design and manufacturing of the elements commercialized by TKE UAE. A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY  The main purpose of ThyssenKrupp Elevator is to keep on growing strategically, while having the innovation and the quality as identity features, so as to ensure a long lasting relationship with their clients.
  55. 55. We are present in the same industries as does SAP Aerospace & Defense • Manufacturing Automotive • Oil & Gas Banking & Finance Consumer Products CPG Energy • Power & Water • Pharma Life Science Food & Beverage • Professional Services Healthcare • Public Sector High Tech • Retail Hospitality Insurance • Telecom & Media Industry (Industrial & Machinery) • Transport & Traffic Logistics Service Providers • Utilities A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY             55
  56. 56. 800 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1270 Miami, FL 33131 USA T +1 (682) 841-7681 A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPANY Alfredo “Fred” Jimenez III Indra USA 56