The Craft of Teaching 2011


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This is a Timely Intervention by nefg on the Craft of Teaching as an Open Educational Resource, an OER. This looks at how we might apply the Learner-Generated Contexts Group PAH Continuum to our practice with examples from 5 great thinkers.
This the first in a series of monthly uploads. More at the nefg blog;

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  • Thanks Simon, glad you can use it, we designed it as an OER. ANy feedback appreciated
    The Greenwich image is taken from the website of the South Downs LEarning Centre who are referenced as part of Ian Cunningham's work.
    You can see the same kids in the Future of Learning vid;
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  • Thanks Simon, we couldn't find a credit for the image so if you have reference or link, we'd be glad to add it to the presentation. Hope all is well in Greenwich and to see you at the next ELESIG event.
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  • Great slides, Fred and Nigel...and very useful to inform our transformational initiative at Greenwich from which one of the group pics comes from, n'est pas
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  • Superb :)
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  • i would totally agree with that Nigel. Isn’t that just another mechanism of assessment and measurement not in line with the current times, ways of learning and engaging in learning? Audits based on numbers. and/or meant to standardise, frameworks for impersonal assessment, and the simple counting of outputs have never been a good way of measuring human experience. In short, I do not corroborate such ’values’, never did, and hopefully never will! ;-)
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The Craft of Teaching 2011

  1. the craft of teaching 2011 nefg
  2. The Craft of Teaching A timely intervention by nefg So, what do we mean by teaching ?
  3. Teaching is a profession and a craft that you have to master
  4. creating a learning process With learners and resources in context
  5. Our craft of teaching revolves around The PAH continuum
  6. The PAH continuum refreshes our thinking about Pedagogy Andragogy Heutagogy
  7. Pedagogy as the teacher in control in the school
  8. Where cognitive processes produce subject understanding
  9. Andragogy as teacher learner negotiation in the community
  10. Where reflection produces .. collaborative learning
  11. Heutagogy as self-directed creative learning
  12. Where context shaping.. produces new ideas
  13. P A H Teacher School Teacher/ Learner Learner Research Cognition Epistemic Cognition Meta-Cognition Adult
  14. In 2001 this means negotiating the purpose
  15. Enabling self-managed learning like Ian Cunningham …
  16. Supporting networked learning &… knowledge creation like Caroline Haythornthwaite …
  17. or ‘bridging learning contexts’ like Thomas Cochrane …
  18. for learning
  19. Resources ; Slideshare - The Craft of Teaching; opencontextmodelcraftteachingoutlinev4 Blog - Heutagogy & The Craft of Teaching; / Mike Wesch - TED video; DwyCAtyNYHw Ian Cunningham - South Downs Learning Centre; / Caroline Haythornthwaite - New Forms of Scholarship; lectures.html Thomas Cochrane - mlearning Prezi; / Sugata Mitra - TED Talk; sugata_mitra_the_child_driven_education.html A Timely Intervention by nefg More Information at http: // / nefg are Nigel Ecclesfield and Fred Garnett