The Beatles & the Open Context Model of Learning


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Presentation given at the Learning Futures Online Festival 2010 by Fred Garnett

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The Beatles & the Open Context Model of Learning

  1. 1. Learner-Generated Contexts Group The Beatles & The Open Context Model of Learning Fred Garnett London Knowledge Lab The Learner Generated Context Group
  2. 2. Beatles & Open Context Model (1) Topics The Future Social Participation and Stories lastfridaymob Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group A Coincidence of Motivations leading to Agile Configurations Open Context Model of Learning Pedagogy, Andragogy, Heutagogy Continuum (PAH!) The Beatles and the Open Context Model of Learning Predicting the Future or Building the Future?
  3. 3. Beatles & Open Context Model (2) The Future I’ve been modelling the future since 1988 (NSU Model) Building the future requires transformation; qualitative change. The future is not “same as the past only more intense” The answer doesn’t lie in our tramline pedagogies; Key element is; the affordances of new technologies, their interactivity and the social participation they enable. We need to reconceptualise, not simply look for facts
  4. 4. Beatles & Open Context Model (3) Social Participation and Stories Social participation and education seem mutually exclusive Education relies on the certainties of subject disciplines, experts and traditional institutions We need a “fit for context” education for a participative Knowledge Economy, and socially inclusive society. But education rewards those that follow old methods; “A-level students on steriods”… Academics are not change agents but they could be My stories reflect the coercive forces at play in education and how I made sense of them. Our own learning is not a linear narrative, and our future wont be linear either
  5. 5. Beatles & Open Context Model (4) lastfridaymob Some of Learner-Generated Contexts were part of the DfES Cybrarian Technical Panel. We built a Facebook for learning in 2003; rejected by DfES Rejected because a) term social networking didn’t exist, b) no one in government knows anything about technology. BTW a YouTube was also invented in UK (CMA Showcase) Lastfridaymob a mix of social entrepreneurs, researchers, policy wonks and new media gurus, was formed in protest to identify criteria for approving Public ICT projects; Interactive, creative, participative. Q&A?
  6. 6. Beatles & Open Context Model (5) Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group Founded 2007 as a Research Group; Learning will be; Interactive, creative, participative Will take place in a post web 2.0 world Will be responsive to User-Generated Content Access and appropriate content will be available, needs to enable context-appropriate learning, so we need Learner-Generated Contexts; A Coincidence of Motivations leading to Agile Configurations
  7. 7. Beatles & Open Context Model (6) Open Context Model of Learning OCM written online collaboratively by the group Also known to us as obuchenie model (learning & teaching) Written for Open Learn Conference at OU to identify a pedagogy for Open Learning John Seeley Brown called it most exciting things in England OCM argues that learning is a combination of subject understanding, social collaborative processes and creativity We represent this in the PAH Continuum
  8. 8. Beatles & Open Context Model (7) Pedagogy, Andragogy, Heutagogy Continuum Knowledge Creation Process negotiation Subject Understanding Knowledge Production Context Epistemic Metacognitive Cognitive Cognition Level doctoral research adult education schools Education sector learner teacher/learner teacher Locus of Control Heutagogy Andragogy Pedagogy
  9. 9. Beatles & Open Context Model (8) PAH Continuum Cover Pedagogic, Andragogic & Heutagogic processes; *Subject understanding *Collaborative Learning Skills * Creatively playing with form; innovating new knowledge EVERYONE wants to Learn (perhaps not your way) Teach the history of technology innovation process? Ask learners to spot errors in wikipedia Build something (Craftsman/outlier 10,000 hours)
  10. 10. Beatles & Open Context Model (9) The Beatles & The Open Context Model of Learning Learning…With The Beatles; Key story is Glad All Over about an argument I had about who was best group and the charts were used as “proof” In the end I decided I had to determine what was of value. All You Need is Heutagogy? Wrong All We Need is Andragogy! Creativity comes out of collaboration…
  11. 11. Beatles & Open Context Model (10) The Past isn’t linear; the Future hasn’t been built Our own learning stories are narratives of disruption However we turn the past into predictable narrative arcs Yet we study the history of disruption, US War of Independence, English Civil War, 9/11 Is the future; One Laptop per Child or One per Village, embedded or distributed, augmented or virtual, man-made or natural, peaceful or terrorist, representative or participative? The Open Context Model might help you reconceptualise education and becoming more collaborative The future is an unknown narrative, free for us to write
  12. 12. Learner-Generated Contexts Group The Beatles & Open Context Model of Learning [email_address] http://fred6368. wordpress .com/ The Learner Generated Context Group