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Summary of Co-creating Open Scholarship


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Lovely one page summary graphic of our paper & presentation on Co-creating Open Scholarship produced by Sue Beckingham. Uploaded here for convenience

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Summary of Co-creating Open Scholarship

  1. 1. Towards a Framework for the Co-creation of Open Scholarship Open Type of Discovery Integration Application Teaching ScholarshipScholarship Aid society and Participating in the Aggregate new forms of Promote Teaching as a Enable the use professions in addressing perpetual beta of knowledge through the reflective and dialogic Purpose co-creation of research knowledge across problems through serving practice promoting knowledge creation disciplines. community and public through the co-creation agendas learning needs and purposes of learning Preparing Advancing learning comprehensive Engaging and Performing creative Mentoring colleagues theory through literature reviews and collaborating in peer work in education collaboratively contextual research undertaking data networks and practice mining analysis Producing Open Collaborating in the Serving industry or Engaging in activity to Identifying useful Education Resources design and delivery of government as an develop, disrupt or join domains for research (OER) & Content courses & learning external consultant up established fields Creation Tools programmes Measures of performance Brokering new learning Enable Epistemic Publishing Enable generative Assuming leadership processes & Cognition to be a part collaboratively in network effects to roles in professional Developing Open of evolving subject peer- edited fora occur organizations Students frameworks Dynamically Empowering learners, Designing and Creating infrastructure supporting new through co-creation to implementing for future learning and infrastructures for become future responsive research learning scholars assessment systems Working with community groups and on public engagement strategies The future is digital the future is networked @FredGarnett and @nigele1 #ALTC2011 Visual adapted by @suebecks from: Use network effect to for-cocreating-open-scholarship transform practice