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Heutagogy & Healthcare (Draft)


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The Curated Conversation on Heutagogy, Meaning Making and Healthcare Information (currently a draft) for World Heutagogy Day #wHday17 September 26th 2017

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Heutagogy & Healthcare (Draft)

  1. 1. Heutagogy, Meaning Making & Healthcare WORKING DRAFT for World Heutagogy Day 2017 #wHday17 The Monastery Manchester
  2. 2. Heutagogy, Meaning Making & Healthcare World Heutagogy Day 2017 #wHday17 The Monastery Manchester
  3. 3. Heutagogy, Meaning Making & Healthcare A Curated Conversation on Healthcare Information
  4. 4. Curated Conversation 2017 Question We wish people to be more actively engaged in their own healthcare. In what ways can we help people make greater meaning from healthcare information for their own wellbeing? David Dickinson – Unlike Minds
  5. 5. People
  6. 6. To help people we must understand their need information flows in our modern society. People's Health information must be easily accessible to ensure people get quality of life outcomes for their health. ​ Health education and understanding at an early age will support people making an informed choice about their health. Gareth Presche – #WHIS
  7. 7. Well-Being and Meaning… Enabling individuals and groups to make sense of their current situations, to recognise barriers to health and well-being. To identify personal and collaborative actions helping to create communities where health and well-being emerge from mutuality as the result of the intertwining of the crafts of learning and teaching. Nigel Ecclesfield – LGC
  8. 8. What is 'healthcare' - physical and mental health? Given we are in a context that includes people's views and attitudes, what they say and do, should healthcare include how we treat each other? What comes out of our hearts and minds impacts on everything and everybody Philippe Granger Rushey Green Time Bank
  9. 9. Contexts
  10. 10. Healthcare guidance is frequently isolated from other factors influencing Sense of Coherence and the meaning-making necessary for wellbeing. If we are serious about people taking ownership of their healthcare journeys, we should recognise the necessity to integrate relevant healthcare information into the whole-life contexts they manage David Dickinson – Unlike Minds
  11. 11. The meanings we make from the information around us shapes how we engage with the world. How we interpret healthcare information aligns with how we've been educated. Do we accept, interpret, negotiate, ignore or utilise usefully such information? First we shape our contexts then our contexts shape us Fred Garnett - LKL
  12. 12. Meaning
  13. 13. *Existing healthcare information is but a fraction of what is relevant to meaning and wellbeing in people's lives * Belonging and relationships are central to people's wellbeing * What information relates to meaning, and to bringing us together? * How can technology focus on that? Simon Grant - WHIS
  14. 14. Health literacy is a continuum, impacted by many factors such as; educational level, language skills, access, and outdated school health curricula. These factors present formidable challenges to health information utilization. To help people derive greater meaning from health information we must meet people where they are along this continuum. Ruth E. Perry M.D. USA
  15. 15. Process
  16. 16. Changing health care behaviour is complex. Just telling people to change doesn’t counter habituation, dopamine rewards, cognitive bias, secondary gain and myriad other internal psychological forces. Many methods used in health education are didactic, a simple solution that is limited. We need heutagogical methods to effectively change behaviour to enable learning. Stewart Hase – Australia
  17. 17. In an age where information is plentiful and knowledge is attainable our role in healthcare is to empower individuals to use their innate wisdom to; Access, process and utilise healthcare resources that reflect their individual needs and motivations, and have meaning within the context of their view of the world Linda Vernon – Blackpool
  18. 18. In an epoch dominated by information overload, commercial content presented as scientific information and health knowledge a preserve of trained professionals People must be encouraged to use search and selection of information, critical thinking and problem solving to get the knowledge needed to ensure their good health and wellbeing . Lucia Filmon – Romania
  19. 19. World Heutagogy Day 2017
  20. 20. Resources
  21. 21. World Heutagogy Day 2017 Resources What is Heutagogy? From Andragogy to Heutagogy Heutagogy Community of Practice Blog Heutagogy & Lifelong Learning PAH Continuum Bibblio Heutagogical Practices (academic paper) Creativity in Learning (workshop resource) World Heutagogy Day 2017 #myheutagogy Facebook Group World Heutagogy Day 2017 blog World Heutagogy Day 2017 Twitter #wHday17
  22. 22. Heutagogy, Meaning Making & Healthcare Work in Progress update Contributions from; David Dickinson, Fred Garnett; Unlike Minds Ruth Perry, Simon Grant, Gareth Preshke & Linda Vernon; World Health Innovation Summit Philippe Granger; Rushey Green TimeBank Nigel Ecclesfield; LGC Stewart Hase Australia Lucia Filmon; Romania
  23. 23. Heutagogy, Meaning Making & Healthcare Work in Progress until September 26th More on; Heutagogy World Health Innovation Summit What is World Heutagogy Day? Facebook Group Blog