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Aggregate Then Curate


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Talk given to Pararchive Conference Leeds March 2015 on the the Participatory Curation model Aggregate then Curate and what we learnt about digital story telling using social media in the MOSI-ALONG Ambient Learning City Project

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Aggregate Then Curate

  1. 1. Aggregate then Curate #Pararchive Leeds University 2015 Fred Garnett Drew Whitworth
  2. 2. Participatory Curation a model for integrating curation and the story-telling of communities “MOSI-ALONG; personal narratives about economic history in Manchester during a recession using #socialmedia” @fredgarnett @drewwhitworth1 Pararchive Conference Leeds University March 27 2015 #pararchive
  3. 3. Participatory Curation Topics Learner-Generated Contexts Group Ambient Learning Cities Emergent Learning Model MOSI-ALONG project Partnership Building in Manchester Everything is a Metaphor Digital Cabinets of Curiosity Aggregate then Curate Aggregate then Curate; full paper
  4. 4. Participatory Curation Learner-Generated Contexts Group Came together in 2006 to develop post-Web 2.0 models of learning Created Open Context Model of Learning 2007; a multi-context open pedagogy to help design learning in new contexts like cities… Ambient Learning Manchester; can #socialmedia transform contexts so learning can take place everywhere? Open Context Model of Learning
  5. 5. Participatory Curation What is a Learner-Generated Context? ”A Coincidence of Motivations leading to Agile Configurations” Or new open Partnerships leading to new social Processes…
  6. 6. Participatory Curation What is an Ambient Learning City? A new layer of the City, not a property An affordance of new, social media Enabling post-institutional emergence Supporting context-responsive learning An open, adjacent platform that may allow transformation to the network society BUT Ambient Learning City was designed to test multi-context learning so Mosi-Along Social Cities of Tomorrow
  7. 7. Participatory Curation Mosi-Along in Manchester Partnership linking Manchester University, MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry), Community Centres (ArcSpace, MadLab), Community Learning (LSEN, Libraries) Social Media (People’s Voice Media) Social Groups (Salford History Group) Cultural Spaces (Cornerhouse) for… Digital Storytelling about economic histories creating possible futures
  8. 8. Participatory Curation Learner-Generated Context Research Group interested in; ”Problematising the context space & inventing new solutions” Creating Development Frameworks
  9. 9. Participatory Curation #MosiAlong project Manchester The project rethought cultural relationships between community & institution with; Participative curatorial strategies using Social objects (Nina Simon); “Social objects (owned by participants) are transactional, facilitating exchanges among those who encounter them” enabling an “object-centred sociality” (Engestrom) Allowing redefinition of storytelling tropes The Participatory Museum
  10. 10. Participatory Curation New metaphors / new relationships The Participatory Curation problem is; Cultural participation prescribed by experts Promoting expertise-centred hierarchies We needed new metaphors as well as A cultural object-centred sociality We needed to learn anew how to design for city-centric emergent processes, Using *new* metaphors such as… Everything is a Metaphor
  11. 11. Participatory Curation Digital / Cabinets of Curiosities
  12. 12. Participatory Curation Why Digital Cabinets of Curiosities? 1. Cabinets of Curiosities predate Museums 2. Then; New Artefacts! New collections! Promoting New futures! A mystical fascination 3. Now; museums curate & codify traditional collections. Promoting old histories :-( Let’s build Digital Cabinets of Curiosities Rewrite our narrative relationships with cultural objects that we own and choose to share… 1835 Museums Act 1870 Education Act
  13. 13. Participatory Curation New Metaphors New Narratives; Examples in Social Media Festival 9/2011 1. Films about Digital Cabinets of Curiosities 2. Manchester Ship Canal Artefacts on Facebook 3. A realtime History of Manchester in 100 Objects (Google Doc celebrating Manchester positively during riotous times) More on MOSI-ALONG Blog
  14. 14. Participatory Curation "The very act of telling your story possesses power The end result is that... we become courageous” Do Stories – Bobbett Buster
  15. 15. Digital Cabinets of Curiosity 1 Julia’s personal Cabinet of Curiosities
  16. 16. Digital Cabinets of Curiosity 2 Daniel’s computer games Cabinet of Curiosities
  17. 17. Digital Cabinets of Curiosity 3 A (riotous) history of Manchester in 100 objects
  18. 18. Digital Cabinets of Curiosity 4 Betty’s Bits n Bobs Cabinet of Curiosities
  19. 19. Participatory Curation Using inclusive #socialmedia processes designed to capture emergent behaviour such as Aggregate then Curate A social media participation model derived from object-centred sociality Enabling public narratives based on Users aggregation of their own objects… Curated around personal narratives Capturing city histories to share… Aggregate then Curate
  20. 20. Aggregate then Curate; Emergence Integrating the Physical & the Digital with Social Media
  21. 21. Aggregate then Curate; Final version As applied to Mosi-Along, ascribing roles, responsibilities & values
  22. 22. Aggregate then Curate; Final version This is the point at which learning pathways are embedded: a point of tension between the informal and formal Analysis of critical issues in moving informal interest-driven activities into formal structured processes
  23. 23. Participatory Curation Mosi-Along Project learnt that; Learning can be context-responsive BUT you have to create new processes for new contexts Culture is based on old narrative histories Social media allow new narratives People relate through networks/communities, Cities are built on institutional public spaces We need networks that allow personal stories to be re-written in new digital public spaces
  24. 24. Participatory Curation a model for integrating curation and the story-telling of communities; We developed; New social, media partnerships New context-responsive metaphors New social media training New processes for capturing participation Understood How to apply andragogy & heutagogy The need for a Digital Public Space The utility of Social Scrapbooking
  25. 25. Participatory Curation a model for integrating curation and the story-telling of communities But, as Terry Gilliam says in Brazil; “Information Retrieval is Expensive”
  26. 26. Ambient Learning City; Resources Links Aggregate then Curate Research Paper Mosi-along Blog Emergent Learning Model Participatory Museum; Social Objects RunCoCo Community Collections Aggregate then Curate Digital Cabinets of Curiosities Social scrapbooking; Bibblio &
  27. 27. Aggregate then Curate Contact;
  28. 28. Ambient Learning City; Networks Smart Cities / Networked Society / Participative Democracy So these require us to ask new questions of; existing institutions, social relations & the power structures of democracy & knowledge We need to put context back into knowledge Cities have multiple ambient contexts which can both allow & support new answers; If we design for appropriation by our citizens
  29. 29. Participatory Curation Emergent Learning Model; A new underpinning model of smart learning Post-Bologna process for i2020 integrating; Informal; self-organising smart mobs Non-formal; content-curation as learning Formal; post-hoc accreditation OR Smart Mobs + Everything is Miscellaneous = Here Comes Everybody Emergent Learning Model