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Writing and sharing press releases on social media platforms

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Writing and sharing press releases on social media platforms

  1. 1. Fred GarlinPressreleasecafe 9/17/2012
  2. 2. Writing And Sharing Press Releases On Social Media PlatformsDo you hate writing press releases, because most of them are dull and boring? They are filledwith company news and ludicrous acronyms. The worst part is that it leaks in advance if thenews is interesting even before its official announcement.It is hard to excite anyone with company news when you are announcing the change of guardsor inauguration of a store at a new location. Social media has strong foothold in the onlineworld, but its success depends on the users and network. Therefore, how can you draft a pressrelease writing service that integrates social interactivity too?Despite the changes in technology press release writing service remains one of the ways to getyour message across. But writing a press release for social media is not the same. In fact, theydo not replace the traditional ones, but complement them. This is because traditional PRinitiatives along with social activities and campaign work best.How to Write Press Release for Social Media Platforms?It does not matter whether you are writing press release for a traditional or social medium, itshould have an engaging content; otherwise, nobody will be interested to go through it. A socialmedia press release should contain everything that is necessary to share and discover a story. Itshould complement the original write-up, but it all depends upon the medium to share andbroadcast it.No doubt social media is an extension of web, because along with content it also voices outopinions. It basically focuses on how people socialize? Since the advancement of internet andsocial media, the traditional format of press release has become less effective.This is because users, journalist and press members crave for summarized portion of news. Thishas to be merged with social media and linked using multimedia to make it look authentic. Yourmessage is more likely to be shared, picked up and re-tweeted, if the press release is creativewith a catchy heading. It should generate enough curiosity among users.Amidst all these, keywords remain a vital part in press releases as it helps to get the messageacross. Social media press release writing service is basically written for three groups if peoplewhich are consumer, journalists and bloggers. Most importantly press releases services shouldmake some sense.
  3. 3. To some it might sound stupid to promote your website on a social media. It is a platformwhere you have also posted your personal pics so how does this make sense? Since there areno set of rules written you can.According to experts companies should post their press release in social media. But for this theyneed to identify their prospective customers. Spamming will never help therefore post yourpress release in relevant Facebook and LinkedIn pages in which you should be active. On yourTwitter page use related hash tags so get relevant links.Promotion of Press Release in Social Media Platforms Some people think social media to be bull horn. Make your post interactive by posing aquestion, sharing a joke, discussion or a thought provoking statement. Good link bait can be bysharing some statistics to keep the readers hooked on till the end.This way they can click on the link. You can add pictures or videos to keep the visitors on yourpage. Nowadays sharing multimedia expression of your press release writing service is far moreeffective than just a link or summary. There are millions that search for an information onlineand use social media platforms.Some companies do not think that any financial document should be shred on social arena butthis considered official and can send a wrong message as it has some confidential information.On the other hand if the company is B2C then it can release its promos on social forums so thatpeople know about it. In this way it can turn out to be effective. So what are your opinionsabout sharing press releases services in social arena.