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Relevance of video content on ecommerce sites

Videos always play a dominant role when doing business on the online space. It is the most
common human instinct to ditch the written content for the video describing about the
product or service.

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Relevance of video content on ecommerce sites

  1. 1. Fred 9/19/2012
  2. 2. Relevance Of Video Content On Ecommerce SitesVideos always play a dominant role when doing business on the online space. It is the mostcommon human instinct to ditch the written content for the video describing about theproduct or service. The former, for most of us folks lies down on a relatively boring side andthe latter always seems to be more exciting and pleasing to our neurons. It’s alsoscientifically proven that the human mind can grasp more quickly what one sees and listensas compared to plain reading.Henceforth is this article where I will discuss about certain types of videos that could beadded to your ecommerce website which can help you increase the sales. And you canalways consult any SEO company (for example to help you out with thecreation of good video content.Well, first of all, let’s get started with the benefits of Videocontent on ecommerce sites.Advantages of Video Content For ecommerce Sites  Videos are more likely to convert the potential customers into end buyers of the product/service  Videos give the visitors an impression of high quality service and expertise
  3. 3.  Videos coupled with the descriptive text can help in making your web pages unique. A crucial factor of the ecommerce sites is the use of images along with the respective descriptions provided by the merchants (manufacturers)  Videos are also ranked higher on the social media platform as compared to plain textShoppers can learn more about Product Areas through VideosVideos showing all the aspects of the product and helping the customers knowing aboutdifferent areas related to the product is good business practice. For example, a personbuying a Camcorder should be shown what all to look for in it to land up with the best buy.These videos will serve 2 important purpose – One, It will help the customers in narrowingdown their buying decisions (removing the extra clutter from their minds). Two, videoscontaining your own employees doing the talking will help in conveying their expertise to theviewers.You can include a video’s transcript in a search engine friendly tabular system. This will helpin improving the search results and gives the online shoppers an option for scanning thetranscript. A good Web design company can help you with the nitty-gritties of entire SEOprocess as well.
  4. 4. How Product Videos can increase salesProducing product videos definitely has some positive impact on the sales of theproduct/service. Here is how it does it for your company –  When your videos convey your helpfulness, expertise, etc. it helps shoppers to make suitable buying decisions which gives your site an edge over the other competitive sites competing in the same space  Product videos enhances your product pages, makes them more useful and unique. All it takes to get higher sales is the spectacular user experience and improved search results and videos help in achieving both.  Give product’s demonstration, details, key features, usage, installation process, quality standards, ways to assemble, etc.
  5. 5. Main types of Product Videos 1. Testimonial VideosTestimonial Videos aka ‘videos that represent the company overview’ play a vital role inconveying messages to the online shoppers that can make them comfortable with yourcompany and ultimately convince them to buy from you.For instance, a testimonial video can contain the following elements to woo the customers –  Showing the customers how will you install the services at their place (home or office)  Video showing the product being used practically  Showing them how can you help them selecting the right product and save some money  Companies history, culture and operational methods
  6. 6. 2. ‘Expert Advice’ & ‘How To’ VideosCreating the videos in which you show the practical application of your product i.e. how touse it, will definitely have a lasting impact on the potential customer. These video articlesare always search engine friendly as people often have the ‘how to’ queries relating to aproduct lined up.For say, a customer who needs to buy a Camcorder can most probably search for “how touse a camcorder”. Your video in the SERP can direct the customer to your websites whereyou are ready with lucrative offers regarding the same product or information abouteverything else you want to offer. Isn’t there a chance of conversion? Yes indeed. 3. Product Review VideosHelp the customers know about the good points of the products and tell him why he shouldbuy your product. There’s no harm in telling the shortfalls as well as it will only increase yourcredibility and customer’s faith in your company. These review videos often make thepotential buyer convert into an actual buyer.
  7. 7. 4. Spokesperson VideosGet your Brand ambassador (if you have any) do the talking about the effectiveness of theproduct.For example, if you are selling shoes, you might be sponsoring a famous sportsperson. Howabout the idea of developing a video around him/her? 5. Client/customer’s videosEven the random face form your customer base can sometimes do the job for you.Expensive celebrities are not a compulsion in this regard. The testimonial videos from theusers of your product can create a same effect as what a celebrity video would create.Ask your shoppers to submit the videos in which they shall share their personal experienceswith the product in case. Choose the best ones that are highlighting features like your greatcustomer care service, Delivery service, etc. and put them on your Ecommerce site to bewatched by the visitors.There is nothing better than the human touch. We as humans, more easily connect to otherhuman beings more than just plain text and images. The presence of blood and flesh alwaysdoes wonder for the sales of the product. 6. Product Videos from your Clients/ManufacturersJust in case you are not able to produce your own videos, ask for the help from variousmanufacturers who are reselling their products via your ecommerce website. They wouldobviously have more know-how of the concerned product and will help you with betterdescriptive videos.But there’s a catch here. The manufacturers’ videos will not be mentioning much about thevalue addition that your website is responsible for. Second, they will not be unique as well asthe manufacturer will provide the same to other resellers as well.There is great scope for the ecommerce websites on the online space to flourish and churnout good number customers for them. But there are no free lunches on offer. You need tobe different and unique in your content and USP in order to attract the potential customerstowards your site and ditch your competitors. Video content, I strongly believe can go a longway in this regard. Good luck folks.