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ASTD 2011 : What SD Worx learned


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Published in: Business, Technology
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ASTD 2011 : What SD Worx learned

  1. 1. SD Worx’s ASTD2011 RoadShow Learning and Leadership, what’s in it for you @KVerboomen @fredericw Juin 2011jeudi 4 août 11
  2. 2. Globalization is not a trendjeudi 4 août 11
  3. 3. Globalization is just therejeudi 4 août 11
  4. 4. Think Businessjeudi 4 août 11
  5. 5. Individual Strenght Attract a world class team Build a talent pipeline Reinforce your company’s brand Improve workforce flexibility & resilience Drive employee self-advocacy Engage & retain talentjeudi 4 août 11
  6. 6. Individual Streng!The best ways to build organization capability is to build thecrapabilities of the individuals that make up the organization.The best way to do that is to give individuals permission….Then to give them the applications to allow them to take action, tobuild their own capabilities and as they take action…Use their apps to advance their career success IMPORTANCE OF NEUROSCIENCE LEADERSHIPjeudi 4 août 11
  7. 7. Individual Streng! The “apps” for DevelopmentEvaluate changes affecting your careerChoose roles that interest you, fit values, build skillsBrand your reputation, and market it as an assetDevelop career options that energize and enrich youCreate actions that keep you satisfied and contributingFind the coaching moments Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace! This is about BUSINESS!jeudi 4 août 11
  8. 8. Individual Streng! Discover your Strengths (M. Buckingham) “Companies cannot afford to just fix employees’ weaknesses, because fixing weaknesses only helps prevent failure. It’s within the strengths that lie the true opportunities for growth and world-class performance.”jeudi 4 août 11
  9. 9. Individual Streng!jeudi 4 août 11
  10. 10. Individual Enga"ment It’s All About YOU – Not the coach, not the book you read or the programjeudi 4 août 11
  11. 11. Tell Stories, explain WHYThe message is personalizedIt evoked an emotional responseIt came from a trustworthy source or respected senderIt was conciseStorytelling is a multi-use tool of human connection.jeudi 4 août 11
  13. 13. Leadership Leader#i$jeudi 4 août 11
  14. 14. Leadershift 2020jeudi 4 août 11
  15. 15. Leadershift 2020 Collaborative mindset Talent Developer Digital Confident Global Citizen Anticipate and build futurejeudi 4 août 11
  16. 16. Leadershift Tru%jeudi 4 août 11
  17. 17. Leadershift Tru%jeudi 4 août 11
  18. 18. Leadershift Tru%jeudi 4 août 11
  19. 19. Give freedom, build accountabilityjeudi 4 août 11
  20. 20. Be a coach, a social architectjeudi 4 août 11
  21. 21. Connect the dots, connect people’s strenghtsjeudi 4 août 11
  22. 22. Learning Social Learning When I look back over the past few years, I see the evolution and the growth of a program, of an organization, and of a community. I see learning. I see dynamic interaction among experts in social and online media and those involved in the creation and conveyance of intelligence. It’s time to expand that conversation, to talk about innovation beyond tools – to talk about innovation as an art, as a behavior, and as a necessity for survival and progress. Growth and adaptation are part of a journey, and that cannot be successful if taken alone. And so we come together. Geoffrey Fowler Learning FROM and WITH others. It’s all about PARTICIPATION.jeudi 4 août 11
  23. 23. Learning Social Learning What’s not The new social learning is not just for knowledge workers. It’s not at odds with formal education. It’s not a replacement for training or employee development. It’s not synonymous with informal learning. It’s not a new interface for online search. It’s not the same as e-learning. It’s not constantly social in the same way a party is.jeudi 4 août 11
  24. 24. Learning Social Learning 3 Converging Workforce Trends Expanding opportunities for personal connection Emerging Expectations from shifting workforce demographics Generations Gender Consumer Outlook Increasing reach of customized technology Role Mashup Workgroup Mashup Content Mashup Management Mashupjeudi 4 août 11
  25. 25. Learning Social Learning Social Media tools are changing the way people work. Social Media tools facilitate learning. Social Media tools extend and expand your interactions with colleagues. Social Media means: Narrowcast Niche-cast Broadcast FOCUS on connecting with the people, and the tools will all make sense.jeudi 4 août 11
  26. 26. Learning Social Learning To learn is to optimize the quality of one’s networks. Learning is social. Most learning is collaborative. Other people are providing the context and the need, even if they are not in the room. Have and use the right tools (social media) Facilitate a culture where we get better and getting better. It’s not longer about just being a better competitor. It’s now being a stronger contributor and a savvier learner.jeudi 4 août 11
  27. 27. Learning Interactionjeudi 4 août 11
  28. 28. Learning Interactionjeudi 4 août 11
  29. 29. Learning Learning Transfer The New Finish Line DEFINE Business Outcomes DESIGN the Complete Experience DELIVER for Application DRIVE Learning Transfer /DEPLOY Performance Support DOCUMENT Resultsjeudi 4 août 11
  30. 30. Learning Learning Transfer The Outcomes Planning Wheel What business need(s) will be met? What will participants do differently and better? What or Who could confirm these changes? What are the specific criteria of success?jeudi 4 août 11
  31. 31. Facilitation M Learningjeudi 4 août 11
  32. 32. Facilitation M Learningjeudi 4 août 11
  33. 33. Facilitation M Learningjeudi 4 août 11
  34. 34. Facilitation M Learningjeudi 4 août 11
  35. 35. Facilitation M Learning1. Commencez doucement mais commencez!2. Identifiez un projet pilote ciblé, faite l’expérience3. Tenez compte de la plateforme et de l’impact sur le design4. Batissez des compétences et des aptitudes5. Engage IT6. Définissez des objectifs et évaluez les projets qui réussissent7. Have FUN!jeudi 4 août 11
  36. 36. Facilitation Web 3.0jeudi 4 août 11
  37. 37. Facilitation Web 3.0 Web 2.0 technologies have been shown to be effective tools for the learning function, yet many organizations are still grappling with how to leverage them. Web 3.0 technologies promise to make it easier to find and interact with the right content and subject matter experts, both of which are correlated to effective learning and market performance.jeudi 4 août 11
  38. 38. Facilitation Consume&sation Consumerization is a stable neologism that describes the trend for new information technology to emerge first in the consumer market and then spread into business organizationsjeudi 4 août 11
  39. 39. Facilitation Granula&tyjeudi 4 août 11
  40. 40. Facilitation Granula&tyjeudi 4 août 11
  41. 41. Facilitation Gamificationjeudi 4 août 11
  42. 42. Facilitation Gamificationjeudi 4 août 11
  43. 43. Facilitation Gamificationjeudi 4 août 11
  44. 44. jeudi 4 août 11
  45. 45. jeudi 4 août 11
  46. 46. jeudi 4 août 11
  47. 47. jeudi 4 août 11
  48. 48. jeudi 4 août 11
  49. 49. jeudi 4 août 11
  50. 50. jeudi 4 août 11