FREDERICO VALÉRIO ANTUNES                                                  DURÃO DE OLIVEIRA                              ...
Marketing food, editorial and media planning. Cinematography and Lighting, Workshopfor Film and Video Making, Atelier Adve...
Workshop in "Espaço Fama" and "Agency Lisbon Modeling", the level of model andActor.2009 - Internship in Portuguese Footba...
concept and creative strategy, advertising spot in 35 mm, the radio "Lusofonia” for theUniversity.Editing and Sound Design...
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Cv frederico durão_de_oliveira


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Cv frederico durão_de_oliveira

  1. 1. FREDERICO VALÉRIO ANTUNES DURÃO DE OLIVEIRA (+351) 91 262 94 90 (+351) 21 755 06 34 oliveira.fredy@gmail.comBorn4th December 1986NationalityPortugueseDriving licenseCategory BGraduatedSince 2010 to 2012, Master (2d cycle) in Sciences of Communication, Marketing andAdvertising, with a specialization in Marketing in Universidade Lusófona de Humanidadese Tecnologias, Lisboa - Portugal. Final Grade: 15 / 20. Dissertation with the theme:How does the introduction of digital reading influences consumers attitudes towardsconsumption of such content on paper?2005 to 2009 graduation (1st cycle) in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication,with a specialization in Filmmaking and television in Universidade Lusófona deHumanidades e Tecnologias. Final Grade: 12 / 20.2002 to 2005 professional course of Audiovisual in Escola Profissional de ComunicaçãoProfissional. Final Grade: 13 / 20. Evidence of professional competence, videoclip. FinalGrade: 14 / 20.FormationCamera and Video Operations, History and Theory of Photography, Film Theory andHistory, Language and Narrative in Film and Video, Design, Sound Design Workshop,Editing and post production for Film, Video and Multimedia Animation, LaboratoryTechniques and Practice Photography, Screenwriting Workshop, Actors Direction, MarketResearch, Methodology Research, Marketing, Economics and Society, Consumer Behavior,Marketing Plan, Operational Marketing, Strategic Marketing Management. Seminars: 1
  2. 2. Marketing food, editorial and media planning. Cinematography and Lighting, Workshopfor Film and Video Making, Atelier Advertising and Marketing, Post Production andMultimedia Composition.I speakPortuguese: ExcellentEnglish: BasicsFrench: BasicsSpanish: BasicsSome basic knowledgeMicrosoft Office, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, Dremweaver,Adrenaline and Avid Express Pro, Final Cut, Pro Tools, Edius, After Effects, Combustion,and SPSS .I likeReading, Travelling, Photographing, Theatre, Moving, Recording. Guitar and Surf playing.Dialoguing and communicating, understanding, observing and improving. Regarding thecoordination and management of people, projects and budgets. I have some facility to leada team, organize all kinds of tasks and events as well as the production and its realization.At home, I particularly like to organize and make lists of all kinds of work that is offeredme.I amProactive, determined and competent. Knowledge and skills in Cinema and Audiovisual inany kind relating to this area, such as Image, Camera Operation, Lighting, Machinery,Manufacturing, Production, Post-Production and Marketing. I live well with my co-workersand we had group activities. I speak well with people, and I am flexible and able to performany task. I see the challenge of working as a good thing, being able to function and work inany team.ProfessionalSince 2013 – Workshop in Coworking Avila Business Center – “Pinterest for business”,Lisboa - Portugal.2012 - Contact Center in Segéstion, through the company Kelly Services.2010 - Editing and Image Capture in the group “Cofina” at the level of Audiovisual, peopleand media.Paid Traineeship in Producing "Tapete Voador Audiovisuais", at the level of Camera,assembly, post-production of image, performing work at the level of game, documentaries,events, videos, Advertisements, institutional Videos, among others.English Course in Cambridge School – level 4. 2
  3. 3. Workshop in "Espaço Fama" and "Agency Lisbon Modeling", the level of model andActor.2009 - Internship in Portuguese Football Federation, where I have done work at the levelof audiovisual.A Marketing Realization work Y - Last man, both at the level of marketing strategy andwith financial support.A documentary Achievement of research on "Figuração em Portugal" on life of extras andthe respective agency: “Valente Produções.”A short film realization - "Quando o Anjo e o Diabo colaboram", being assistant lighting,with the file of art and production to the chair of production.Observation and documentary research: “Revista Cais” and “A outra Face da Lua”.A short film Realization in HD - "Romeo and Juliet", being as the second assistant todirector, and it is the best film of University Lusófona in Academic Year 2008/2009. Wewon the award for the best film. I had invitations to the various festivals such as the EstorilFilm Festival, Fnac, and Awards ZON of the best films.A project defense on scene analysis of a short film held in HD which was adapted from thefilm "Takken". An argument realization related to theater.2008 - A videoclip realization related to "hip-hop" called "Realities", with the elaborationof teaser, dossier of production, work in post-production as multicam, image editing andchroma key.A project realization to fund chroma. It was done the mattepainting and filmed theexterior: “100 Cogumelos”.An actors direction with coordination and direction of the same. A scene realization withthe director, in TVI novel.A post-production realization of a short final, "Praxe Acidentada".A realization work of digital photography and I published a test on Duane Michals: where Itry to express various feelings, through the general theme, "Music", with differentinstruments and different scenes. Exposure in cinema London in “Over&Out” throughUniversidade Lusófona de Humanidade e Tecnologias.Contact Center: Optimus Campaign.An advertising realization spot, in HD (Ipod), to the chair of Photography Direction andLuminoctenia with a film realization in 35 mm for the University.Development of a project to the chair of Advertising and Marketing Atelier on radioonline. They were presented the respective, manual of standards, communication plan, 3
  4. 4. concept and creative strategy, advertising spot in 35 mm, the radio "Lusofonia” for theUniversity.Editing and Sound Design, of a few cartoons in Pro tools.Realization the short film: “A Luta por um Sonho".2007 - Edition of a short movie: "Fatal". A story creation in 3 minutes.A short film realization based on classified in a newspaper. The aim was to create acoherent history with a good narrative.Creation of a Company Producing "Search Film Production" - standards manual.A short realization - to create an imaginary space creating a character and insert with thehistory of the film "Litlle Miss Sunshine".Work on analog photography. Exercise on diaphragm and exposure time. Photographs indigital on the theme "The Nature of love is such that transforms man in what he loves".2006 – Stopmotion project (Rotoscopy) in Combustion. An advertising spot in 3D studioMax.A films realization "Agora ou Nunca".Completion of a prototype of low fidelity (interactive game).2005 –A short film - "A Mala".Internship in “Instituto Superior de Serviço Social de Lisboa” with a promotional video -18 values.Editing a short film in “Escola Professional de Comunicação e Imagem” to Sport Lisboa eBenfica.A Trailler edition and completion of some pictograms videos about imaginary journey.Recording and editing 2 tracks of audio, and videoclip with the “Simplus" Band (Evidenceof professional competence). Performing a manual report with company rules and film thewhole process, from a screenplay synopsis and technical literature.)2004 - Multidisciplinary Project on Photojournalism (documentary).A documentary participation on Dinosaurs exposure, in Expo 98.2003 – Photography Project on Assistant and image operator at the team of audiovisual,which produced the " Décimas Primeiras Jornadas da Comunicação e Criatividade ". 4