Three types of logistics services 6


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When there is a need to transport heavy goods then people will automatically go in search of a trucking company. There are many trucking company present around the world. But everyone will need the best company for their work. So you can search for a company on the internet or get reference from your friends.

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Three types of logistics services 6

  1. 1. Three Types Of Logistics ServicesWhen you start a new company, transporting your goods is as important as you manufacturethem. At that time you will have to find the best way to transport all your goods to variouslocations at any time when required. Mostly people think that shipping is a simple process thatcould be done easily, but it is not so. It is said to be the toughest part of the company’s dailyprocess. It involves many tasks such as choosing the right transportation company, quoting theright amount and thus this also draws the bottom line to show the company’s profit. When youset in to choose the best trucking companies Canada or Logistics Company you will come across3 types of logistics solutions, they are in house logistics, third party logistics (3PL), and TMSlogistics software. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of all the three types of logisticsprocess.In House Logistics  The advantage of In House Logistics is that you can have a professional logistics team with you in your company to help you to do the best and safest transportation to your goods.  The In House Logistics also has a great disadvantage. In this type the company is made to spend a large amount on the professionals helping in the logistics. The experienced professionals earn around $80,000-$90,000 to give the logistics support to the company.Third Party Logistics  The greatest advantage in the third party logistics is that the entire shipping and transportation process is controlled by the 3PL service provider. They take the entire management in transporting the goods from the starting point to the destination point including the shipping, air freight and the ware house arrangements.  The biggest disadvantage that the clients face with the 3PL service providers are the high expenses they are made to spend on the transportation and lack of communication with the service providers.TMS Logistics Software  The TMS logistics software is the best and the most economic method of logistics services. This is a user friendly software that will help you to do your own logistics service and in this type you will not need to get the assistance from any expert to handle it. If you want to handle your own logistics service then getting the logistics software would be the best choice.  The disadvantage in the logistics software is that it requires the company to make its transportation decision based on the software they use. The companies will mostly not like to take their decisions based on any software.
  2. 2. These are the three types of Logistics services. It is up to the company to take the best decision toselect the right service for their company. For more information or education about truckingcompanies in Alberta or flat deck shipping, heavy hauling, freight trucking, heavy equipmenthauling or over sized or over-dimensional hauling needs, just contact the Loadstar Transportationexperts at 877-851-1539 or visit the blog at