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Put the 5 in HTML


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Une présentation sur HTML5 que j'ai présenté à FOSSLC SC2011 - Software Developers' Haven

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Put the 5 in HTML

  1. 1. SC2011 - Software Developers Haven 2011-08-27Frédéric Harper – Microsoft Canada
  2. 2. • A quick overview• A focus on some new features• Law of two feets• And it will be all about…
  3. 3. 7 tracks with: 6 Agile sessions, 6 Software Architecture sessions, 6 Web Dev sessions and 28 more!
  4. 4. A. You know HTML5 and use it nowB. You know what is HTML5 and don’t use itC. You don’t know what I am talking about
  5. 5. • Web Standard• Next version of HTML4 (I know, I’m so brilliant)• Draft• New structure tags/elements/input types• A combinaison of HTML, CSS and Javascript
  6. 6. <div id=“header”> <div id=“nav”> “sidebar”><div id=“section”> <div id= <div id=“article”> <div id=“article”> <div id=“media”> <div id=“footer”>
  7. 7. <header> <nav><section> <aside> <article> <article> <figure> <footer>
  8. 8. <video src="video.mp4" id="videoTag"> <source src="video.webm" /> <a href=""> Sorry, your browser doesn’t support HTML5video tag </a> <!– Flash/Silverlight video here --></video>
  9. 9. Web Open Font Format
  10. 10. <link href="mobile.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screenand (max-width:480px)“ type="text/css" /><link href="netbook.css" rel="stylesheet“ media="screenand (min-width:481px) and (max-width: 1024px)“type="text/css" /><link href="laptop.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screenand (min-width:1025px)“ type="text/css" />
  11. 11. YES and NO
  12. 12. Try it
  13. 13. Read on it
  14. 14. Do coolproject
  15. 15. Have fun!
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Frederic HarperDeveloper Evangelist @ Microsoftfredh@microsoft.comhttp://webnotwar.cahttp://outofcomfortzone.net