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Confoo - 2013-02-28 - HTML5 & Windows 8, friends with benefits


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What would you say if I told you that you can use your actual HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to create an amazing Windows 8 application? That all the lovely features that you like so much about HTML5, can be used to create your next masterpiece? That you can use the magical JavaScript libraries you use everyday to get in the game more quickly? Be honest, you would say that I'm crazy... Maybe, or maybe not, only the attendees to this session will know!

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Confoo - 2013-02-28 - HTML5 & Windows 8, friends with benefits

  1. 1. Content love
  2. 2. demo
  3. 3. Feature Local context Web context Windows Run-time Yes No Windows Library for Yes No Javascript External script references No Yes Cross-domain XHR Yes No requests Automatic filtering for Yes No script injection on DOMThere are ways to communicate across contexts, ways to give websites access to some web standardsfeatures and ways to skip automatic filtering within a function.
  4. 4. demo
  5. 5. DatePicker SettingsFlyoutListview SemanticZoom Semantic Zoom Menu Flipview Flyout RatingSlide does not include all WinJS controls (App Bar, Tooltip, ViewBox, ToggleSwitch, HTMLControl, etc.)
  6. 6. demo
  7. 7. demo
  8. 8. demo
  9. 9. MetroPress Free Open Source HTML5 Windows 8 template for WordpressSelf-hosted Windows 8 Easy to use & secret sauce & included Made by IdeaNotion
  10. 10. Ready to create the next app phenomenon?
  11. 11. Rewards examples – more on
  12. 12. Points structure