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Building a personal brand in the developer community - Codementor Office Hours - 2015-01-29


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Do you think personal branding is not for you? Why should you care about your own brand? After all, it’s not like you are an actor or the lead singer for a rock band. In fact, it’s never been more important for you to think about yourself as a brand. Doing so will provide rocket fuel for your career as a developer. You’ll find better jobs or become the “go-to guy” in certain situations; you’ll become known for your expertise and leadership; people will seek your advice and point of view; you’ll get paid better to speak, write, or consult. As a developer, there are many tools you can use to scale, and this office hours will help you understand how to get visibility, make a real impact, and achieve your goal with a lot of time for Q&A. No need to be a marketing expert or a personal branding guru: be yourself, and get your dream job or get to the next level of your career.

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Building a personal brand in the developer community - Codementor Office Hours - 2015-01-29

  1. 1. Building  a  Personal  Brand   in  the  Developer  Community   Frédéric Harper @fharper Head of Developer Relations @ Mashape Codementor Office Hours – 2015-01-29 CreativeCommons:
  2. 2. Creative Commons: can you recognize this brand?
  3. 3. Creative Commons: and this one?
  4. 4. what
  5. 5. Creative Commons: the goal is the same
  6. 6. Paul Irish, Google Chrome advocate personal branding [Personal branding is] the art of consistently presenting, online and offline, the essence of how you stand out from the crowd.
  7. 7. CreativeCommons: it’s about you
  8. 8. Creative Commons: who you are
  9. 9. Creative Commons: who you wants to be
  10. 10. Creative Commons: how you wants to be seen
  11. 11. CreativeCommons: what you know
  12. 12. Creative Commons: what you are doing
  13. 13. Creative Commons: what you did
  14. 14. Creative Commons: your tribe
  15. 15. CreativeCommons: what you like
  16. 16. CreativeCommons: it‘s about everything that defines you
  17. 17. why
  18. 18. Creative Commons: is personal branding important?
  19. 19. Creative Commons: it’s critical
  20. 20. CreativeCommons: it‘s not about being that rock star
  21. 21. Creative Commons: it‘s for everyone
  22. 22. Copyright: a personal story
  23. 23. Creative Commons: you aren’t indispensable
  24. 24. Creative Commons: new opportunities ahead
  25. 25. Creative Commons: better paycheck
  26. 26. Creative Commons: recognition
  27. 27. CreativeCommons: you deserve to be successful
  28. 28. Creative Commons: my precious…
  29. 29. how
  30. 30. CreativeCommons: define your goal
  31. 31. Creative Commons: define your brand
  32. 32. Creative Commons: who are you
  33. 33. CreativeCommons: who do you want to be
  34. 34. CreativeCommons: be authentic
  35. 35. Creative Commons: how do you want people to define you
  36. 36. HOW
  37. 37. CreativeCommons: do epic shit
  38. 38. Creative Commons: do what you love
  39. 39. Creative Commons: make it art
  40. 40. CreativeCommons: make your own rules
  41. 41. Creative Commons: the secret ingredient
  42. 42. Creative Commons: get visibility
  43. 43. Creative Commons: if you aren’t on Google…
  44. 44. CreativeCommons: start a blog
  45. 45. Creative Commons: be on social media
  46. 46. Creative Commons: speak at conferences
  47. 47. Creative Commons: start an user group
  48. 48. Copyright: create something
  49. 49. help others
  50. 50. Creative Commons: write some doc or report bugs
  51. 51. show your design skills
  52. 52. Creative Commons: do a certification
  53. 53. Creative Commons: get industry recognition
  54. 54. Creative Commons: network, network, and network
  55. 55. when
  56. 56. CreativeCommons: now is too late
  57. 57. Creative Commons: you can start with your actual job
  58. 58. CreativeCommons: you are the expert
  59. 59. CreativeCommons: leave your mark on everything you do
  60. 60. Creative Commons: we scratched the surface
  61. 61. Frédéric Harper @fharper