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  1. 1. The Biz Quiz 25 February 2011Questions1. Which product has just been given protection by the European Union? ( )Arbroath smokies ( )Cornish pasties ( )Danish pastries ( )Cheddar cheese2. Which business is to make a total payout of £500m to 300,000 customers afteradmitting a promotional error? ( )Thomas Cook ( )Rentokil ( )Burger King ( )Halifax Bank3. Name the multinational that has agreed to buy Turkish firm Mey Icki for £1.3 billion ( )Diageo ( )Accenture ( )Avensys ( )Aviva4. Barclays paid £113m in corporation tax in 2009. What proportion of its global profit for2009 did that represent? ( )17.5% ( )8.9% ( )2.4% ( )21.1%5. Navigation systems maker TomTom has reported a sharp drop in profits. What is itblaming? ( )Navigation apps on smartphones ( )Production quality issues ( )A decline in the sale of new cars ( )A lost contract to supply
  2. 2. 6. The price of Brent crude has recent hit what price per barrel for the first time sinceSeptember 2008? ( )$25 ( )$110 ( )$2 ( )$507. How many members of the BoE Monetary Policy Committee voted for a rise in interestrates in Feb 2011? ( )Three ( )None ( )One ( )No-one knows - it is a secret meeting8. The CEO of Asda has suggested UK consumers are behaving as though they are in arecession. One example behaviour that he points to is that customers are... ( )Demanding more luxury cakes and ( )Buying more lottery scratch cardsbiscuits ( )Bulk-buying cleaning detergent ( )Filling their trolleys with organic fruit & veg9. Thai company SSI has agreed to spend £291m buying? ( )Tatas steel mill at Redcar ( )The Williams F1 team and factory ( )The media rights for the 2011 Royal ( )Juventus FC from President GadaffiWedding10. What has Apple Inc this week refused to reveal on the grounds that it would givecompetitors an "unfair advantage"? ( )The names of its suppliers in China ( )How much profit it makes on each app download ( )Leadership succession plans ( )The price of the new
  3. 3. Answers1 Cornish pasties2 Halifax Bank3 Diageo4 2.4%5 Navigation apps on smartphones6 $1107 Three8 Buying more lottery scratch cards9 Tatas steel mill at Redcar10 Leadership succession