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WRB Germany june 27_franckfort_brochure update


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WrB Germany returns to Frankfurt for its second edition once again amidst a regulatory environment highlighted by high uncertainty and subject to unexpected changes affecting every gaming stakeholder. We welcome you to the leading German business development and regulatory platform to meet and network with the key figures guiding the regulatory changes in all 16 German States. Hear all sides to this complex story and find out what the future holds for Europe’s most lucrative jurisdiction following the shift of Schleswig-Holstein to the majority holding Interstate Treaty on Gambling and the current wave of industry discontent against the licensing procedures in Hesse.

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WRB Germany june 27_franckfort_brochure update

  1. 1. Resolving Germany: assessing the stability of thefederal licensing regime and clarifying how to establishyour presence for long term investment in Europe’s mostprofitable and complex market27 June 2013WrBGermanyFor more information and to register your place visit** The game is up?Das Spielist aus?**Frankfurt
  2. 2. ProgrammeResolvingGermany:assessingthestabilityofthefederallicensingregimeandclarifyinghowtoestablishyourpresenceforlongterminvestmentinEurope’smostprofitableandcomplexmarketWrB Germany returns to Frankfurt for its second edition on 27th June to track the challenges broughtabout by the Interstate Treaty on Gambling and explore the difficulties faced by the industry in operatingin a now unified German context. With Schleswig-Holstein joining the other 15 Länder, the uncertainty ofhow licensed Schleswig-Holstein operators will function on the German market remains and questionssurrounding the coherence and long-term durability of the Interstate Treaty on Gambling are still unanswered.Join the decision-makers, regulatory authorities and leading operators and suppliers in Frankfurt to findout what the German regulatory future will look like and whether the Interstate Treaty on Gambling willbe upheld against the mounting pressure from the EU institutions and the industry.WelcomeYour partner in gambling regulatorychange across the world08:00 Registration09:00 Chairman’s Opening Address• Providing a concise overview of the German context and recentdevelopments• Understanding the local gambling sector and how the current regulatoryframework is affecting the different gaming sectors in Germany• Clarifying the problems with merging the Schleswig-Holstein regime with theInterstate Treaty on Gambling (ITG) and suggesting solutions for the futureWulf Hambach, Founding Partner, Hambach & HambachPlacing the German regulations in the wider Europeanregulatory context and examining the stability of thefederal Interstate Treaty on Gambling09:10 Keynote opening address: the central Germanregulatory authority (Das Glücksspielkollegium) and itsfunctions in enforcing and upholding the Interstate Treatyon GamblingThomas Gössl, President, Das Glücksspielkollegium09:30 Presentation: Creatingaharmonised,consistentandstableregulatoryframeworkforonlinegaminginall16GermanLänderinlightoftheEUCommissionactionplanProf. Rudolf Streinz, Chair of Public and European Law, University Munich09:50 Keynote panel: Enforcing the Interstate Treatyon Gambling regime and assessing the consequences ofSchleswig-Holstein joining the federal legal regime• Assessing whether the Schleswig-Holstein model has been completelywritten off in Germany• Explaining the difficulties in reconciling the Schleswig-Holstein Treaty with theInterstate Treaty on Gambling• Explaining the federal Interstate Treaty on Gambling licensing process andhow the decisions on the 20 licences will be made• Assessing the need for the renewal of political debate on the gamblingregulatory changes if the Interstate Treaty on Gambling is challenged by theEuropean Court of Justice• Finding out what the wave of legal challenges from unsuccessful InterstateTreaty on Gambling applicants will mean for the stability of the federal Treaty• Understanding the consequences for operators following the reconciliation ofthe two regulatory regimes – operating in an uncertain legal environment• Awaiting the ruling of the European Court of Justice and understanding whatthis means for the Interstate Treaty on Gambling in the future• Keeping the EU Commission action plan in mind – setting a timelinefor action on the infringement cases and review of the German regulatoryframework• The effectiveness of the current tax regime – deciding whether it willeffectively eliminate the illegal offerings and help enforce the Interstate TreatyregimeThomas Gössl, President, Das Glücksspielkollegium (the central Germanregulatory authority)Wolfgang Kubicki, Chairman of the FDP parliamentary group inSchleswig-Holstein & Member of the Executive Committee FDPHans-Jörn Arp, Parliamentary manager, CDU group in the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament10:40 Morning refreshments and networkingUnravelling a complicated licensing context: operating withan Interstate Treaty licence and/or a Schleswig-Holsteinlicence/s11:10 Presentation: Evaluating the taxation model underthe Interstate Treaty on Gambling and assessing thepotential to operate profitably in GermanyJoachim Englisch, Professor of Tax Law and Public Law, ManagingDirector of the Institute for Tax Law, Muenster UniversityModerator: Norman Albers, Managing Director, German BookmakersAssociation11:40 Ensuring technical compliance in a complex legalenvironment• Product requirements – deploying your products under the new licensingsystem – take into account the requirements which should be fulfilled underthe Interstate Treaty on Gambling• Understanding what operators will need to do to comply with both Schleswig-Holstein and E-15 requirements• Understanding the data centre, player management and reportingrequirementsMathias Dahms, CEO, mybetAlex Iliopoulos, Senior Technical Compliance Engineer, GLIGregory Kuhlmey, Head of Online Gaming, DictaoRoger Parkes, Founding Partner, Gambling Integrity ServicesModerator: Pieter Remmers, Director, Assissa Consulting12:25 Cross-bordermarketing:understandinghowtolegallyadvertiseinthedifferentGermanLänderandstrengtheningthepartnershipswithsportsunions• Understanding the German sports industry and the opportunities for signingsponsorships agreements with sports clubs• Knowing how to make the most of the marketing opportunities in each Land andunderstanding the differences in advertising regulations of each LandTotally Gaming
  3. 3. Your partner in gambling regulatorychange across the worldFor full speaker list and more information go to include:• Deciding on the feasibility of applying for and awaiting regulatory approval foreach advertising campaign• Understanding the criteria for the permission of an advertising campaign –content, distribution channels, warnings and safety, addiction potential• Cross border advertising with a Schleswig-Holstein licence – make sure youknow the limitations to your advertising campaigns beyond Schleswig-HolsteinThomas Deissenberger, Spokesman, Working Group of the Associationof Commercial Broadcasters and Media (VPRT) & CEO, Constantin SportMarketingGernot Tripcke, General Manager, German Ice Hockey LeagueMichael Rotert, CEO, Association of the German Internet Industry (ECO)& Vice-President of EuroISPAProf. Tilman Becker, Director, Gambling Research CenterUniversity of HohenheimModerator:PhilippKlotz,MemberoftheManagementBoard,SPONSORs13:10 Networking lunch break14:10 Combating fraud, money laundering and assessingthe payment methods available• Understanding the changes to the German act on money laundering andwhat that spells for operators and suppliers alike• Ensuring you remain compliant with the stricter player identification practices,risk assessment procedures, internal security measures and adequatetransparency of payments• The new obligations operators face: understanding what steps an operatorneeds to take in order to remain in tune with the new AML requirementsDavid Norman, Head of Integrity & AML/MLRO, BetfairProf. Schneider, Professor of Economics, Johannes Kepler UniversityLinz AustriaSpeaker tba, WirecardEnvisioning how to create a level playing field andeffectively enforce the federal regulatory framework toensure customer protection and satisfaction14:55 Legal analysis: understanding the German andEuropean case-law and on-going court proceedings – hasa stable regulatory framework been created?• Analysing the German Federal Court of Justice decision to refer questionsto the European Court of Justice in January 2013 – understanding theconsequences which could arise following the ruling by the court• Assessing the prospects for the future from a legal point of view – explainingthe current case-law considered by the local German courts• Dealing with the legal remnants and implications of the Schleswig-Holsteinlegal model• Understanding whether a stable and enforceable regulatory framework canbe created prior to knowing the European Court of Justice responseAnnette Marberth-Kubicki, Specialist in Criminal LawMarkus Ruttig, Partner, CBH RechtsanwälteRonald Reichert, Partner, RedekerModerator: Wulf Hambach, Founding Partner, Hambach & Hambach15:40 Afternoon refreshments and networking16:10 The German land-based industry: assessing thefuture of the private and state casinos in light of theInterstate Treaty on Gambling• Integrating land-based and online operations to stay ahead of the game andintegrate across multiple channels• Assessing the new regulatory context and what opportunities for workingwith the i-Gaming operators exist• Raising the key challenges and difficulties faced by the casino industry inGermany under the new regulatory context• Ensuring responsible gaming under the Interstate Treaty regulations in theSpielhallen and casinosFranz Wolhfahrt, CEO, NovomaticRobert Hess, CEO, SchmidtgruppeDirk Quermann, CEO, Merkur Interactive GmbHNorman Albers, Managing Director, German Bookmakers Association16:50 Deciding whether the Interstate Treaty on Gamblinghas created a viable commercial model for operatorsseeking to remain on the German market• A unified approach to iGaming in all 16 Länder – explaining the key challengesfrom an operator’s perspective• The cap on licences – why exactly 20 and what happens to operators whofulfilled the licensing requirements but are number 21?• Discussing the consequences for operators of Schleswig Holstein joining theInterstate Treaty on Gambling• The prohibition of online casino and poker games – how does the curtailing ofthese products affect the operator?• Deciding whether a sustainable commercial model been formed taking intoaccount the wagering limit, tax imposed and the limitations on advertising• The likelihood of eliminating all illegal offers from the German market – willlegal operators be effectively protected by the regulatory framework?• Assessing whether there is enough clarity on how an operator with aSchleswig-Holstein licence/s can operate without trespassing the InterstateTreaty on Gambling regulationsMichael Burkert, CEO and Spokesman of the Deutscher Lotto- undTotoblockWolfram Kessler, General Counsel, TipicoWerner Becher, CEO, InterwettenMathias Dahms, CEO, mybetModerator: Friedrich Stickler, President, European Lotteries17:40 Closing remarks and end of WrB GermanyWolfram KesslerGeneral CounselTipicoWerner BecherCEOInterwettenMathias DahmsCEOmybetMichael BurkertCEO and SpokesmanDeutscher Lotto-und TotoblockDavid NormanHead of Integrity &AML/MLROBetfairThomasDeissenbergerCEOConstantin SportMarketingTotally Gaming
  4. 4. Register online and easiest way to book)Call our WrB delegatesales team on+44 (0)20 7384 8113Send an email toshane.mortimer@clarionevents.com3 ways to register3Sponsor WrB Germany to:Build and enhance your image as the most trusted, first choice solution provider and problem-solver of the commercialchallenges experienced by the global iGaming brandsPosition yourself in front of the gaming industry’s upper management decision-makers and carve your space on the Germanmarket by offering them your advice and solutionsShowcase your thought leadership and cement your industry-leading expertise paving the way for the operators to formthe serious local and international partnerships they need in their efforts to capture the German marketContact us to find out how we can help you achieve your objectives in Germany:Donna Oliver: +44 (0)20 7384 8107 • donna.oliver@clarionevents.comCheryl Cheong: +44 (0)20 7384 8108 • cheryl.cheong@clarionevents.com21All prices are per delegate Standard rate(expires 14/06/13)Late/onsite rate(expires 27/06/13)WrB Netherlands delegate rate €799 €899VAT is payable on all bookings in accordance with the tax law in Germany at 19%For more information about the WrB series please visitwww.wrbriefing.comWrB Series Supporting Sponsor:Lead Legal Sponsor of WrB Germany: Lead sponsor of WrB Germany:Language Services provided by WrB Germany Supporting Sponsor27 June 2013WrBGermanyFrankfurt