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Simpel Sports International, SSI


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Simpel Sports is an internationally oriented television production company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company focuses on the development, production, distribution and sale of TV programs, formats and marketing con¬cepts. Its management consists one of the founding partners of international television production company Eyeworks. Simpel Sports is one of the few European production companies with specific knowledge of the world’s most popular card game, poker. Since its founding in 2005, the company has gained a lot of expertise in this field. This expertise ranges from live coverage of international poker tournaments such as the Master Classics of Poker, the Unibet Open, the Russian Poker Tour and the Russian Poker Series to entertainment shows such as Veronica Poker, Stars of Poker and Late Night Stars of Poker. A full list of productions is found in section 4 of this document. With offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Budapest, the company is flexible in many ways and able to achieve the highest level of service and production quality in short production periods. The Simpel Sports poker team consists of young talent, refined poker experts and several experienced, prize-winning creatives in the field of tv production. Our specialized staff in combination with use of our full service in-house (SD and HD) AVID video post production facilities, Simpel Sports can offer its clients the flexibility needed for these highly specialized kind of productions.

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Simpel Sports International, SSI

  1. 1. Simpel Sports BV • JOAN MUYSKENWEG 140-142 • 1099 CK AMSTERDAM T. +31 (0)20 5911 811 • F. +31 (0)20 5911 810 • WWW.SIMPELMEDIA.TV
  2. 2. 1. Introduction to Simpel Sports (Poker Producers) Page 3 2. The SSI Key Team Page 4 3. Production Outline Page 5 4. Visuals Page 8 5. Simpel Media Track Record Page 9 Page 2 Table of Contents Table of Contents
  3. 3. Page 3 Introduction to Simpel Sports SimpelSportsisaninternationallyorientedtelevision production companybased in Amsterdam,TheNetherlands. Thecompanyfocusesonthedevelopment,production,distribution and saleofTVprograms,formatsand marketingcon- cepts.Itsmanagementconsistsoneofthefoundingpartnersofinternational television production companyEyeworks. SimpelSportsisoneofthefewEuropeanproduction companieswith specificknowledgeoftheworld’smostpopular cardgame,poker.Sinceitsfoundingin2005,thecompanyhasgained alotofexpertisein thisfield.Thisexpertiseranges fromlivecoverageofinternationalpokertournamentssuch astheMaster ClassicsofPoker,theUnibetOpen,theRussian PokerTourandtheRussianPokerSeriestoentertainmentshowssuch asVeronicaPoker,StarsofPoker and LateNight StarsofPoker.Afulllistofproductionsisfoundinsection 4 ofthisdocument. WithofficesinAmsterdam,AntwerpandBudapest,thecompanyisflexiblein manywaysand ableto achievethehighest levelofserviceandproductionqualityinshortproduction periods. TheSimpelSportspokerteamconsistsofyoungtalent,refined poker expertsand several experienced, prize-winningcreativesinthefieldoftvproduction. Ourspecializedstaffincombinationwithuseofour full servicein-house(SDand HD)AVIDvideo postproduction facilities, SimpelSportscanofferitsclientstheflexibilityneeded for thesehighlyspecialized kind ofproductions. 1. Introduction to Simpel Sports (Poker Producers)
  4. 4. Page 4 The SSI Key Team Jurriaan Hillen CEO StartedhiscareerwithJoopvandenEndeTVproductions(Endemol).In 2001hebecameco-founder ofEyeworks(Reinout Oerlemans)andgainedresponsibilityfortheinternational deploymentand salesoftheNational IQtest(ELGRANTEST, A3tv).In2005hefoundedSimpelMediaandSSItogether with Martijn Bruyns,among others.Jurriaan hascommitted himselftopoker(andgambling)fromtheveryearlydaysofthecompanyand hasbeen responsiblefor thecreation and productionsofallpokerproductionswithinSSI. Martijn Bruyns MartijnstartedhiscareerwithEyeworks,followedbyhisco-foundation ofSimpel Mediaand Simpel SportsInternational togetherwithJurriaanHillenandothersin2005.Martijn istheCreativeDirector ofthecompanyand hasbeen chiefeditor ofallSSIproductions. The rest of the crew TheSSI(andSimpelMedia)staffhasextensiveandhighlyspecialized experiencein poker productions.Thisteamwas responsibleforproductionsinmanydifferentcountriesand thereforehastheexperiencein working with amultilingual productioncrewthatisallsetforproducingmanylanguages.SSIhasaproven trackrecord ofgambling productions all overEurope. 2. The SSI Key Team
  5. 5. Page 5 Production Outline Ourproductionprotocolhasanadvancedrecordingmethod.Itusesan HDOutsideBroadcasting Van (OBV)for fastsetup onlocation.IthasFullHDtechnologycombinedwithan LSM.ByX-fileencoding all video directon aHard DiskDrive(HDD), wesavealotoftimeinpostproductionandlotsofexpensivetapes. Keyelementsofeveryshow: - Qualityhandsthattellastoryfromthebeginning to theend ofeach show - Introducethecharacters:providing storytelling/character building to theshow. - TVgraphicsthatreachthehigheststandardsofpoker production. - Asenseofthestudio.Discussion/audio atthetableor in studio isalwaysleading combinedwiththecommentary - Creativeuseofplayers’interviewsthroughouttheshow. - Pokerportrayedasasport,agameofskill. STILA Graphics SimpelMediahasproducedit’sownpokereditorsystemcalled STILA.Each situation during ahand isadded to the databaseduringtherecordingperiod.Severaloutcomesand graphicscan begenerated with thedatabaseduring the postproductionprocess. - Pokerdatabase - Keepingtrackoftheplayershands& during recordings& efficientduring post production. - Enablingthecreationofbetterstorylinesbetween players:creating heroes/thepeople’sfavorites. - Generatinggraphicsofallstatistics. - Personalizedplayerbiographies - Postproductiontimewillbeshorter 2. Production Outline
  6. 6. Page 6 Production Outline Cinevideo Group Broadcasting facilities Since2005SimpelMediaiscooperatingonmanyproductionswith Cinevideo Group,partoftheworld’slargestoutside broadcastingfacilitatingcompanytheEuroMediaGroup. FordetailedinformationwerefertoUnitedCinevideogroup facts& figures. Shooting - Key production crew SimpelMediahasamultilingualproduction crew.Theteamconsistsofpeoplethatare experiencedinmakinghighqualitypoker showsfor television.Theteamcovered poker productions suchasLateNightStarsofPoker,UnibetOpen,Master ClassicsofPoker,Russian Poker Tour andmanymore. - Central position in Europe SimpelMediaisbasedinAmsterdamand hasseveral outletstroughoutEurope.Theseareeasily accessibleandtransportfacilities arefirstclass. - Top quality production facilities SimpelMediamakesuseoftopqualityfilm& television facilitiesthataretaylor madefor poker productions.Studiosarebrandnew and workwith thenewestequipment.
  7. 7. Page 7 Production Outline Post production in Amsterdam • In-house post production systems SimpelMediahasitsownin-housepostproduction facilities.Weguaranteeahigh qualitypost productionperiod. • Remote viewing during post production Eachavidsystemworkswitharemoteviewing system.Itispossiblefor theclientto seethe progressoftheproductionsandtalkto thecrew atanytime.In thiswaytheproduction team inAmsterdamcanhavefullaccessto theproduction processwithouthaving to travel to the productioncompany.
  8. 8. 3. Visuals Page 8 Visuals
  9. 9. 4. Simpel Sports Track Record RUSSIAN POKER SERIES 2010 (KIEV, RIGA, SHARM-EL-SHEIK, KIEV) Episodes9/duration45minutes The Russian Poker Series is a poker tournament series that is broadcasted in Russia and the Ukraine. The registration per event consists of three episodes of 45 minutes each, that focuses on the final table of the Main Event. However there is special attention for the course of every tournament that is reflected in the Series Leader board. There is special attention for hand and tournament analysis. The programs are delivered turnkey for the Russian and Ukrainian audiences, so completely dubbed with graphics in Russian. EUROPEAN CITY POKER TOUR BARCELONA (2010) Broadcaster:differentbroadcastersaroundEurope/episodes6/duration45minutes One, 50 minute, live registration of the ECPT 2010 in Barcelona. Full ENG coverage of the whole event, including storyline telling of the Main Event. Extra emphasis was put on the Barcelona experience of the players, by real life shooting in hotel rooms, during late night parties and beach side dinners. DE POKERKAMPIOEN VAN NEDERLAND (2008 & 2009 & 2010) In 2008, Simpel Sports organised a nationwide freeroll, with live coverage of the final 4 days. This freeroll was named `Dutch Poker Champ’. Over six weeks, players could qualify for the finals by playing weekly tournaments in their local bar or, if the bars were full, they could qualify online through the second chance competition. During this second chance competition, 150.000 unique players tried to qualify. In 2009, the second event hosted 16.000 players throughout bars in the Netherlands, of which 520 competed in the finals that were covered live. The success of `Dutch Poker Champ’ continued in 2010. Even more play- ers entered the event, that resulted in 15 television shows. In total, more than 200.000 players competed. Click here to see a Dutch Poker Champ episode LIVE TOURNAMENT COVERAGE Page 9 Simpel Sports Track Record
  10. 10. DE POKERKAMPIOEN VAN VLAANDEREN (2010) After the immense success of `Dutch Poker Champ’, in 2010 a successful little brother was launched in Flanders as ‘the Pokerkampioen van Vlaanderen’. In total, the first event of this size in Flanders hosted 25.000 Flemish players, of which 500 competed in the finals that were covered live. UNIBETOPENAlGARVE/LONDON(2009) Broadcaster:differentbroadcastersaroundEurope/episodes6/duration45minutes The Unibet Open is an international poker tournament organized in different countries across Europe. Although the main focus is still an exciting poker tournament, Unibet also wants to make sure every player has a lot of fun outside the poker arena. The best hotels, the biggest parties and different fun side-events are all part of the experience. Simpel Sports did the television recordings of the Unibet tournaments in Portugal and London, but also took care of the registration of the experiences of the players. All the episodes proof that playing poker is definitely fun. RUSSIAN POKER TOUR MOSCOW/ST. PETERSBURG (2009) Broadcaster:MegasportRussiaandSTBUkraine/episodes4/duration45minutes The Russian Poker Tour 2009 is an international poker tournament that took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Simpel Sports made a two-episode registration of each tournament Page 10 Simpel Sports Track Record
  11. 11. MASTER CLASSICS OF POKER (2006 & 2007) BroadcasterRTL7/episodes5/duration50minutes In 2006, Simpel Sports covered its first live event, the four-day Main Event of the Master Classics of Poker in Amsterdam, the oldest international poker event in Europe. A strong list of requirements was set for Simpel Sports by the broadcaster and the client. The hardest of these was the delivery of a 60 minute, daily television show within 24 hours of the last hand being played the day before. In 2007 Simpel Sports succeeded in delivering four 60 minute television shows covering this event live. The special feature of these 4 shows was the complete coverage of the entire event, with players being followed throughout the tournament. CLUBULDEPOKER(2010) BroadcasterPrimaTV/episodes8/duration45minutes 8 Romanian Celebrities join each other in a quest to become the first gold member of the poker club of Bucharest (clubul de poker). They are submitted to serious poker challenges, lessons and ranking games during their stay in the poker club. In the end only one of them can stay. In episode 4 two celebrities are eliminated. They are replaced by two online qualifiers. They play two eighthanded semifinals after which three players are elminated. The remaining five players are joined by one superqualifier for the sixhanded final. LORDSOFPOKER(2009) Lords of Poker is an elite society, formed by 45 of the most prominent Dutch poker players. Successful businessmen, famous athletes, celebrities and the best professional poker players have joined forces to create this extraordi- nary alliance. The exclusive meetings between these Lords are accessible for promising young players. Through massive online freerolls on several poker websites, upcoming talents qualify for the first LOP selection round. Only those with the highest skill level and a strong personality will become new members of the LOP society. These players receive a seat at the poker table in the Lords of Poker Mansion. Here they test their poker abilities against the very best of our country. At the end of the series, one player will emerge victorious. This undisputed champion will represent the Lords in the world’s most prestigious poker tournaments. Click here to see a Lords Of Poker episode POKER FORMATS POKER INFOTAINMENT Page 11 Simpel Sports Track Record
  12. 12. POKER UNCOVERED (2008) BroadcasterTien/episodes12/duration25minutes Some of the most memorable moments in international poker history are being analysed and discussed by the people that know most about them: the players themselves. Who are these players, why did they take certain decisions and what made these moments so special? In twelve thematic episodes, the viewer gets treated to the biggest bluffs, most painful bad beats, most unbelievable hands and other extraordinary poker moments in history. VERONICA POKER (2006) BroadcasterVeronica/episodes8/duration45minutes Six celebrities learn how to play poker like the pro’s, by two of Holland’s most well known professionals, Marcel Luske and Noah Boeken. In a beautiful countryside mansion, they follow an extensive course, showing them the ropes of poker. Every episode they show how much they have learned from their training, as they battle each other in the ranking games. During these games they can earn extra chips for the grand final. The winner of this exciting game of poker gets to go to Las Vegas to play a multimillion dollar tournament MORE THAN JUST A GAME (2010) BroadcasterRTL5(Netherlands)/episodes16/duration50minutes In More Than Just a Game, the most famous poker players from the Netherlands are being followed in an exciting real life program. Fatima Moreira de Melo, Marcel Luske, Lex Veldhuis, Thierry van den Berg, Pieter de Korver and Noah Boeken travel the world to participate in the biggest and most prestigious poker tournaments. In sixteen episodes, the viewer gets a realistic insight in the way Team Pokerstars members live their “normal” life in the Netherlands. But next to this, we join them during their stay at the various international poker tournaments, their losses, moments of glory and sometimes even during complex semi political issues they have to face. POKER ENTERTAINMENT Page 12 Simpel Sports Track Record
  13. 13. LATENIGHTSTARSOFPOKER(2009) BroadcasterRTL7(Netherlands)andJIM(Belgium)/episodes21/duration55minutes ‘Late Night Stars of poker’: a late night poker entertainment program, that combines true poker table action with interesting background information and entertainment. The main ingredient of every episode of ‘Late Night Stars of Poker’ is the battle between two professional poker players, two celebrities and two home viewers, that have qualified for the game through a freeroll internet poker tournament. Click here to see a Late Night Stars of Poker episode. Click here to see a Late Night Stars of Poker episode STARS OF POKER (2008) BroadcasterDSF,Italia1,RTL7/episodes8/duration45minutes RENTVRussiaandSTVUkraine/episodes150/duration45minutes Stars of Poker’ is an international poker format, in which 9 poker pro’s sit down at the table in a great studio ambiance, ready for a tough game of poker. Simpel Sports has produced several variants of the format. German Stars of Poker (DSF, Germany), with Germany’s best players. Dutch vs German Stars of Poker (DSF, Germany), Holland-Germany, always a special game. Italian Stars of Poker (Italia 1, Italy), with poker players and celebrities such as Alberto Tomba. Dutch Stars of Poker (DSF, Germany; RTL 7, Netherlands), with Holland’s most famous players. Click here to see an Italian Stars of Poker episode NEXT STAR OF POKER (2008) BroadcasterRTL7/episodes7/duration50minutes RTL ‘Next Star of Poker’ gives thousands of internet qualifiers at home the chance to proof their poker skills once and for all at the television table. A select group of 36 of the best players at home qualify for the show. Each episode shows the thrilling match between 6 contestants. The winners of these 6 matches get a place at the table during the final. Who will cope best with the tension and win the title ‘Next Star of Poker’? Page 13 Simpel Sports Track Record
  14. 14. CELEBRITYPOKER(2007) Broadcaster Tien / episodes 8 / duration 45 minutes In ‘Celebrity Poker’, 25 Dutch celebrities battle each other for the title ‘Best Famous Poker Player of Holland’. In a beautiful studio setting they take a seat at the poker table. After seven rounds, the best player will prevail and wins the Celebrity Poker Bracelet. He also gets to show the professional poker world what he’s capable of, as he travels to the city where poker dreams can come true: Las Vegas, to participate in the WPT $25.000 event. POKER KINGS NL (2006) BroadcasterTien/episodes8/duration25minutes Holland’s two most famous poker players are being followed during their quest for poker chips. Marcel Luske and Noah Boeken travel the world to participate in the biggest and most prestigious poker tournaments. In 8 episodes we see the way they live their luxurious life, filled with expensive hotels, flashy casinos and exclusive night clubs, starting in Monte Carlo for the European Poker Tour and ending there a year later. We see their best moments, their most painful losses and get to taste what the life of a poker pro is all about Page 14 Simpel Sports Track Record