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France #1 in the world when it comes to playing games on TV/Console

71.5% of all 29.8 million gamers in France play on a TV/Console, the highest percentage in the world. The UK (70.7%) and Spain (70.3%) are not far behind. When looking at the global game revenues France is ranked 7th in the world and 3rd in Europe – following Germany #1 and UK #2 at a respectable distance. As in most of the countries, social/casual games have the highest number of players (23.8 M), followed by TV/Console (21.3 M) and downloaded PC/Mac games (16.6 M).

When it comes to cross-screen gaming, 21.2% of all French gamers are playing across all four screens. The Computer Screen is still the most popular screen with 90.4% of French gamers playing on it. The Entertainment Screen is relatively popular with 71.5% of all gamers playing here. France has one of the highest percentages of gamers in Europe that play on the floating screen (tablet and/or handheld console) with 39.2%. Only in Spain 48.2% and Italy 42.6% does the floating screen have a higher share of all players playing on it.

The position of France in the monthly mobile game revenue rankings is pretty consistent across the different AppStores: #7 Google Play, #8 iPhone and #9 iPad. Until recently, France was ranked 6th in the Google Play Store – however, up and comer Taiwan pushed France down to position number 7. In all three AppStores Candy Crush Saga is the number 1 grossing game. In-app purchases are relatively popular in France with 94% of the game revenues in the iOS AppStore coming from this business model.

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