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PÖL Digital Service Offerings


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PÖL facilitates transformation and increases the performance of individuals and companies through conferences, workshops, coaching, and trainings in innovation, leadership and strategy, based on lean & agile values and practices.

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PÖL Digital Service Offerings

  1. 1. FACILITATING INNOVATION, LEADERSHIP & STRATEGY The Agile Enterprise Enabled • Montréal •
  2. 2. @frederic_moreau 2 Agile facilitator and coach, I increase the performance of people and companies in a turbulent world through workshop, coaching, conference, and training in #innovation, #leadership and #strategy.
  3. 3. PRESSURES FROM THE ENVIRONMENT ARE PUSHING COMPANIES TO CONSTANTLY MOVE AND ADJUST 3 Volatility Changes are happening fast and are unpredictable Uncertainty The five-year strategic plan has gone through, it is impossible to know whether the 12-month plan will be viable Complexity The company is an open system where the interdependencies between players are numerous and complex Ambiguity The certainty of the result of large investments gives way to experimentation and rapid iteration End of cycles Business models change to more innovative, more open-ended models that offer more value to customers Selfhood Someone want to be recognized for what he/she is, and to exist in a group whose raison d'être and purpose he/she shares
  4. 4. TIME OF DIGITAL DARWINISM 4 • Technologies are changing consumer behaviors and expectations, forcing more and more companies to adapt • Business decision-makers face a paradox: technologies are part of the problem and part of the solution • Decision-makers focus their adaptation on technologies, while the phenomenon is more complex
  6. 6. AT THE ORIGIN OF THE SHOCKS THE EMERGENCE OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES 6 Technology introduction Disruptive technology introduction
  7. 7. SHOCKS CAN BE MEASURED ON 2 AXES 7 Intensity Propagation
  8. 8. A SHOCK WILL IMPACT 5 DOMAINS 8 Propagation Job done Activities of the business Social Economic Political Cultural Values & beliefs Intensity
  9. 9. Job done Activities of the business Social Economic Political Cultural Values & beliefs Intensity WHEN THE SHOCK WAVE STRIKES THE CULTURE IT SPREADS RAPIDLY IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION, SWEEPING IN ITS PATH ANYTHING THAT HAS NOT ADAPTED 9 Propagation
  10. 10. 10 Humans Strategy Process Technologies Tangible Intangible HUMANS ARE AT THE CENTER OF STAKES AND OPPORTUNITIES MORE THAN 50% OF TRANSFORMATION PROJECTS FAIL BECAUSE OF HUMANS Guidance in the transformation journey is necessary
  11. 11. 11 OUR MISSION PÖL facilitates transformation and increases the performance of individuals and companies through conferences, workshops, coaching, and trainings in innovation, leadership and strategy, based on lean & agile values and practices.
  12. 12. FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS AGILITY 12 Vision Collaboration Anticipation Fast Cost-effective Value creation driven Total satisfaction Iterations
  13. 13. 13 THE AGILE ENTERPRISE The Agile Enterprise is a group of persons who anticipate and dynamically adjust to the ongoing changes in the environment in order to reach a common goal for which the purpose is shared.
  14. 14. ORGANIZATIONAL AGILITY Execution Agility (Implementation) Capacity to deliver more value within projects and operations at a faster pace and the lowest possible cost Strategy Agility (Directions) Capacity to change directions and reallocate resources fast to seize the right opportunities Leadership Agility (Culture) Capacity to apply the right behaviors with the right mindset at the right time to be aligned with the demand of an ever- changing environment « The Agile Enterprise is a group of people who anticipate and dynamically adjust to the ongoing changes in the environment in order to reach a common goal for which the meaning is shared ». - J. Barrand, Author The Agile Enterprise, 2010 14
  15. 15. TOTAL HUMAN PERFORMANCE «In a world where decisions are increasingly taken by algorithms, there is an urgent need to grow human performance for mankind to remain master of its destiny». - F. Moreau, Agile Facilitator 2016 4 domains of human performance to master - based on the FACE model by agil’OA To Be Life skills & attitude To Do Knowledge & technical skills Act together Collective behaviors & mindset Context Understand & adjust to your ever-changing environment Be a lifelong student Be true to yourself Be an anthropologist Be a team player 15
  16. 16. MAIN POINTS OF IMPROVEMENT OF THE PERFORMANCE WE ARE DEALING WITH 16 Leadership • Unlock humans in operations or projects • Clarify / simplify roles and responsibilities • Align collaboration principles • Specify cooperation frameworks • Increase cohesion • Develop autonomy • Bring more organizational structure • Developing individual and collective trust Strategy • Contextualization / environment analysis • Alignment of vision • Quick-wins & quick-fix • Strengthening performance measures • Strategic backlog prioritization • Master planning • Planning and agile management of innovation projects • Budgetary alignment
  17. 17. 4 AREAS OF INTERVENTION 17 Strategy Leadership Innovation Our programs are scalable based on the stage of development of the client company and what it needs Agility starter
  18. 18. AGILITY STARTER PROGRAMS • Often the starting point of our mandates • Provides alignment with vision, priorities for improvement and modalities of cooperation • Easily identifies the underlying levers of business performance development • Can "save" a project or a team going through difficult times 18 Agility Starter for a Team Agility Starter for Executive Board Agile Project Management • Contextualization of the team • Strategic Alignment • Identification of "quick-wins" for cooperation • Assessment of individual development needs • Creating a collective action plan • Contextualization of the company • Strategic Alignment • Identification of "quick-wins" of management cooperation • Assessment of individual development needs • Creating a collective action plan • Facilitation of project teams in agile mode (Scrum or Kanban) • Supervision of the agile coach to optimize its interventions in the context specific to each company and each team
  19. 19. LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS • The goal is to grow managerial skills as well as the autonomy of the team • Our programs cover internal leadership that activates each person's internal triggers, as well as external leadership, which focuses on improving people’s capacity to cooperate, anticipate, and innovate together 19 External Agile Leadership Coaching Internal Agile Leadership Coaching • Initial personal coaching following the Agility Starter workshop • Identification of internal levers to activate or grow • Assessment of personal development needs • Personal coaching - tailor-made programs according to individual needs • Follow-up of the collective actions defined during the Agility Starter workshop • Evaluation of the development needs of the team • Integration of the agile leadership model in the organization and management practice of teams • Team coaching - tailor-made programs according to the needs of the team
  20. 20. STRATEGY PROGRAMS • The goal is to strengthen the position of the company in its market • Allows to define and refine the business model and the strategy of an enterprise according to its stage of development and its needs • Facilitates or complements ad hoc actions requiring specialized expertise 20 Navigator Strategy Agile Strategy Master Plan Ad-hoc programs • Strategic alignment workshop addressing 4 pillars (vision, forces, hindrances, direction) • Identification of market opportunities • Production of a strategic agenda • Strategic alignment workshop for the 4 key areas of a strategy including 40 components (business model, market analysis, strategy, performance plan) • Production of a strategic actions backlog • Formulation of a master plan based on the elements resulting from the agile strategy • Production of a communication document for employees and the market • Marketing • Sales • Data analysis and dashboards • Project planning • Project management
  21. 21. INNOVATION PROGRAMS • The goal is to ensure the best chance of success for your innovation initiatives • Programs are based on the lean and agile techniques of incubation and acceleration of silicon valley 21 Customer development Business Modeling Validation Propulsion • Search for the market problem and the solution opportunity • Definition of the first characteristics of the product / service • Design thinking workshop • Business model workshop to produce business assumptions and hypothesis to validate, using the Business Model canvas framework • MVP Prototyping • Traction measurement • MVP finalization • Product deployment and launch plan • Performance Measurement • Refocusing and iterations following results
  22. 22. 2016 CASE STUDIES •National Bank of Canada Agility starter for a group of 19 vice-presidents on a strategic project aimed at changing the mode of cooperation in the company. Strategic alignment, team alignement, definition of the next action. •BDC - Business Development Bank Facilitation program to design of a new service offering for its 35,000 clients. Support in defining a program to achieve the goal, facilitating workshop meetings and aligning the vision, facilitating and contributing to the activities strategic planing and leadership transformation. •Emergensys Agility Starter workshop with the delivery department of the company. Individual and collective coaching to transform the leadership of the company as well as collaboration methods to accelerate and improve client delivery •Canada Council for the Arts ( project) Facilitation for the definition of the strategic plan and the business plan of a new media art distribution platform, agility starter workshop of the management team, support in the recruitment of a first operational team 22
  24. 24. THE 1/10TH BUSINESS SCOPING PRINCIPLE SCALE DOWN TO SCALE UP Return on investment and value creation are at the core of our mandates. In order to ensure the best return on investment, we design our programs according to the 1/10th principle. It’s a 3-step process. - We identify your opportunity and we measure it before launching a pilot program on 1/10th of this total opportunity - We measure the results and learn lessons to improve the next iteration - We renew the optimized program on a second 10th of your opportunity.We reiterate this process until you get your best ROI 24 Seizable Opportunity 1/10th of the opportunity 1/10th as an investissement
  25. 25. PRODUCE YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY IN LESS THAN 3 HOURS WITH THE CRYSTAL DYNAMIC METHODOLOGY This unique approach provides a fast and reliable way to define, diagnose or align the strategy of a company or a project. Originally designed with technology start-up entrepreneurs, this methodology is now used in different industries in North America, Europe, and India. It includes the production of 4 canvas to obtain an holistic view of your company and its priority action plan: - Business model footprint - Analysis of the market environment - Agile strategies - Financial Performance Plan 25
  26. 26. TURNING LEADERSHIP STYLE INTO AGILE USING THE AGILE PROFILE® FRAMEWORK AN AGIL’OA METHODOLOGY We believe that in a turbulent economic environment the future belongs to the most agile organizations and leaders. The Agile profile® tool and methodology makes it possible to measure, analyze and increase the level of agility of a group of collaborators.The objective is to increase the performance of the company by aligning the behaviors of managers and the company's culture with the demand of its environment. The model suggests that a leader must apply three main behaviors in the current economic environment: - Anticipate: anticipate changes, plan, make scenarios, and anticipate the consequences of actions - Cooperate: coordinating activities by applying a "win-win" approach, satisfying others and nurturing a sense of purpose - Innovate: improve things, make a difference and change just what needs to be changed at the right time 26
  27. 27. THANKYOU FORYOUR INTEREST • Frederic Moreau, PÖL Digital Montréal, QC, Canada Cell. +1 514 503-3357 - • Stay up-to-date with PÖL Twitter : @frederic_moreau Facebook : Slide share : 27