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SolarTradex is a One Stop Market Place where
SolarTradex acts as intermediaries in the sale
and purchase of solar photovoltaic panels and
associated products.

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SolarTradex Presentation

  1. 1. > The Renewable Energy Market
  2. 2. SolarTradex is a One Stop Market Place where SolarTradex acts as intermediaries in the sale and purchase of solar photovoltaic panels and associated products. SolarTradex provides the following four key services:> Online Trading Platform> Showroom> Resources and information> Consulting services> Our partners Clamar Europe Solar Energy
  3. 3. > Online Trading Platform SolarTradex is proud to make available to the Euro- auction has started the potential buyers indicate the pean Market the first online trading tool where maximum price they are prepared to pay for the supply and demand for solar photovoltaic panels can panels offered by each supplier. Each supplier can be met using the reverse auction system. Users offer for auction up to three panel models. At the interested in purchasing photovoltaic panels can same time participating suppliers will indicate the participate in the regularly held online auctions by prices they are prepared to sell the panels for based registering their power requirements and destination on the possible power ranges. During the auction countries for the panels. The sum of all the individual process the buyers and sellers can modify their offer buyer power requirements equates to the total power prices until such a time the conditions for supply and the suppliers will base their offers on. Once the demand are met. Client benefits: > There is no cost to the client to use the trading platform. > Possibility to benefit from obtaining better prices through larger power volumes compared to what could be achieved for your individual project. > World class suppliers and panel models. > Allow competition between the same panel types from different suppliers (including the same panel makes). > All sales are direct between the supplier and the customer. The supplier will invoice and arrange delivery directly to the customers > Warranties provided directly from the suppliers and manufacturers. > Extensive range of suppliers and products offered. > Fast sales process to meet the needs of the solar industry. In the SolarTradex auctions, the buyers never pay more than the maximum price they are prepared to pay for each product offered. In the majority of cases the closing price would be lower than the maximum price indicated by the buyer.
  4. 4. > Auction Process 15 days 1. The buyers register in the auction by providing their power requirements. Total Power = ∑ Buyer Power 1 2. The seller registration period: · Up to 3 products per supplier. · Sales price according to defined power bands. < Buyer Registration < · Provide extra delivery costs depending on country destination. 2 days · Specific payment and delivery conditions. 3. The buyers indicate their maximum purchase prices for each product offered. During the auction process: 2 < < · The buyers are allowed to increase their maximum purchase price for each product offered. Seller Registration · The sellers are allowed to reduce their product offer prices. · If the BUYER Price ≥ SELLER Price then the offer matches. 24 hours · During the matching process, the buyers and sellers are able to see if they have a matching offer. If not they will be invited to increase/decrease their < < prices accordingly until a match can be made. 3 4. When the offer period has finished SolarTradex will Bidding proceed to assign the winning bidders. Process · The criteria for awarding the winning bidders is based on: I. Maximum power volume for matching bids. II. The greatest saving with respect to the price 30 minutes offered by the customer. · The matching price is equal to the price offered by the supplier whose product has been matched. 4 < Winners Assigned <
  5. 5. > Auction Manager Auction Summary: Auction status, dates, time remaining before auction closes, auction total power. Analysis: This section shows dynamically whether the buyer is currently a winning bidder and that one of the buyer offer prices has been assigned. In the case that there is no price match, the buyer will be invited to modify the offer prices to try and secure the power required. Buyer Requirements: Products auctioned and purchase prices: Power requested by the buyer, delivery This section displays all the products offered for auction by the suppliers country, requested delivery periods, with quick links to the supplier and product information pages. In the boxes type of panels, other buyer comments, provided the buyers must indicate the maximum purchase prices for each etc… product offered by the suppliers. Additional product information is shown including payment conditions, comments, delivery periods and extra delivery costs for each product depending on the destination country. The final offer price including any extra costs is also shown.> Auction Close After the auction has closed, SolarTradex will send out The supplier is required to maintain the final closing an email to suppliers and winning buyers containing price while the total cancelled sales equate to less than information about the auction result including, power 30% of the total supplier assigned power. ordered, closing price, payment conditions, delivery In the event that the cancelled sales make up for more periods and contact details. than 30% of the assigned power, SolarTradex and the The winning supplier is required to make contact within supplier reserve the right to cancel the auction results. a maximum period or 3 hours after the auction has If the results are cancelled, the suppliers are required closed via email with a formal offer to the buyers to return any initial payments already paid to the remai- according to the auction conditions. ning winning buyers. The buyers have a maximum period of 24 hours from Once the supplier has received 100% of the amount when the auction has closed to make a down payment payable for each buyer sale, SolarTradex will invoice transfer to the supplier corresponding to 1% of the the supplier for the commission due for acting as the individual total buyer purchase. The buyers should intermediary on the sales. inform SolarTradex when this payment has been made. In the event that this initial payment transfer is not made, the sale will be cancelled.
  6. 6. > Showroom The Showroom displays all the products available from With a single click, the content of the cart is processed our registered suppliers. Clients can request formal and an email is sent to the suppliers requesting a proposals for products selected. formal proposal. The suppliers are required to reply within a maximum period of 48 hours with online The system is designed to enable fast browsing of proposals for the material requested. products with easy access to technical data and product images. Clients can use the online order manager to manage their proposals and orders. Clients that access SolarTradex and have a registered online account, can select products from one or more The payment and delivery conditions are confirmed by of the suppliers in the Showroom and add them to the the suppliers for each proposal issued. shopping basket tool.
  7. 7. > Resources and Information Available to all users to a new analysis tool to assist in the evaluation of In the resources section of the SolarTradex web site, photovoltaic projects under different financial scena- users can find links to key web sites covering the rios (standard finance, leasing or renting). photovoltaic sector including national associations, For our partners other resources, official bodies and government sites, SolarTradex partners can publish news and informa- tools and other software applications of interest. tion about their company such as recent announce- Available to registered users ments, projects, photos, news articles, etc… COMING SOON: Registered users will soon have access> Consulting services SolarTradex provides consulting services specializing in solar photovoltaic energy projects: · Preparation of technical documents · Analysis of photovoltaic production · Feasibility and economic viability · Management of administration requirements · Supplier selection and bid management · Engineering management · Assistance in the search for finance and project insurance requirements (damages and production)
  8. 8. +34 656 602 765