Kids soccer classes


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Soccer is a simple game that kids of any age and either gender can play. Physical stature is unimportant, making the game suitable for children of all shapes and sizes.

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Kids soccer classes

  1. 1. Kids Soccer Classes
  2. 2. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world partially due to the fast-paced excitement it generates on the field. Soccer is not only an enjoyable sport to participate in and watch but it also offers valuable benefits to the athlete. Soccer is a simple game that kids of any age and either gender can play. Physical stature is unimportant, making the game suitable for children of all shapes and sizes. Soccer players benefit physically and mentally and learn the value of teamwork and family support in the process.
  3. 3. Children who participate in sports from a young age reap the benefits of fitness abilities and social skills, which are usually carried and applied throughout their life. Kids soccer training should be considered by all parents trying to keep their children on a healthy track while giving them the ability to learn valuable life lessons about teamwork, selfconfidence, and communication. Parents looking to give their children a higher sense of fitness ability and social skills should sign them up for youth soccer.
  4. 4. Health benefits Soccer can be a great workout and lots of fun. The health benefits include:  Increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health  Lowers body fat and improves muscle tone  Builds strength, flexibility and endurance  Increases muscle and bone strength  Improved health due to shifts between walking, running and sprinting.
  5. 5. Other benefits There are many other benefits from playing a team sport like soccer. For example it:  Is generally a non-contact sport & Teaches coordination  Promotes teamwork and sharing  Helps to increase skills in concentration, persistence and self-discipline  Is a great way to meet people and exercise with friends  Can provide an opportunity to increase your confidence and self-esteem, and help to reduce anxiety  Is an international sport.
  6. 6. Soccer Time Kids Soccer Time Kids is an Australian owned and developed organisation who believe strongly in the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, ensuring our classes provide our children with a sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming. We use experienced coaches to deliver a professionally developed, age-appropriate curriculum that hones fundamental soccer skills through fun and engaging activities, rather than competition.
  7. 7. Our programs are designed for preschoolers and have an emphasis on educational development through soccer specific activities. Classes are determined by age so maximum skill development can take place. Our highly skilled and experienced team will coach activities involving co-ordination, balancing and movement where colours, shapes and numeracy are also incorporated further developing their learning experience. Our programs will ultimately develop your child`s gross motor skills, create social relationships and promote cognitive development.
  8. 8. Address: Soccer Education Australia Pty Ltd PO Box 8140 Croydon 3136 Melbourne, Victoria Australia Phone: 1300 4 76223 Email: Website: