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Aster Sm English

  1. 1. General Presentation Know our company!
  2. 2. IntroductionAster Sports Management is: A company specialized in the sport industry.We possess: A professional staff with formation and experience in these areas, which, along with the continuous search of the excellence, constitutes our main strength.We have: The experience and the knowledge to develop the strategies adapted to the requirement of the project, applying the new tendencies of market and designing innovating and customized solutions.In we obtain practical and efficient results.General Presentation Aster Sport Management 2
  3. 3. ServicesWe specialized in the following areas: Representation of professional athletes. Management, calculation & collection of economic rights, such as training compensation or solidarity mechanism, in favor of the training clubs. Marketing, sport sponsorship and development of athletes & team’s brand.Our services are directed to: Companies, organizations and individuals in the sport sector and/or companies that without belonging directly to the sport industry, can use it to approach their clients.General Presentation Aster Sport Management 3
  4. 4. Athletes’ RepresentationIn the area of the professional athletes’ representation we are incharge of:1. Integral planning of the athlete’s career  Search of the best options to develop a successful sports career.  Planning of the career after the retirement.2. National and international contract negotiation.  Sport contract negotiation.  Negotiation of the image rights with the clubs.  Formation of companies for the management of image rights.3. Management of the communicational area (media, social networks, press conferences) and the athlete’s image.General Presentation Aster Sport Management FFF 4
  5. 5. Training Compensation andSolidarity MechanismIn the area of management, calculation & collection of economicrights, we are in charge of:1. Following and data recollection of the soccer players who played for the training teams during the ages that generate economic rights.2. Negotiation with foreign teams for the collection of the economic rights.3. Legal advice before the sports justice’s agencies such FIFA’s DRC & PSC and Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), to assure the payment the rights, in case that the new team refuses to fulfill their duties.General Presentation Aster Sport Management FFF 5
  6. 6. Marketing, Sponsorship &BrandingIn the area of Marketing, Sponsorship & Branding we specialize in:1. Design of complete Marketing Plans for sports institutions and athletes: It includes:  Market research and benchmarking.  SWOT and Porters Generic Competitive Strategies analysis.  Design and carry out of the branding and commercial strategy.  Media plan design.General Presentation Aster Sport Management 6
  7. 7. Marketing, Sponsorship &Branding2. Design of complete Sponsorship Plans for sports institutions and athletes: It includes:  Development of new commercial spaces.  Design of customized sponsorship plans.  Sponsors selection according to the sponsorship plan.  Development of commercial alliances.General Presentation Aster Sport Management 7
  8. 8. Marketing, Sponsorship &Branding3. Development of sports institutions and athletes branding. An adequate management of the brand’s image is fundamental for the development of its commercial potential. To this end at Aster we can help you to:  Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and create plans for its development.  Design a brand’s image according to the objectives of the institution or the athlete.  Commercial exploitation of the brand’s image by means of licenses, concessions, etc.  Negotiation of contracts for brand use in advertising campaigns, events, etc.General Presentation Aster Sport Management 8
  9. 9. Contact us Freddy Ferreiroa Director Football player’s agent by RFEF # 923 Cell: +58 412 5905496 E-mail: astersm@hotmail.comGeneral Presentation Aster Sport Management FFF 9