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1. CV Freddy Eersta Putra_QAQC Engineer & Inspector_20160909


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1. CV Freddy Eersta Putra_QAQC Engineer & Inspector_20160909

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE F R ED D Y EER S TA PUTR A :, : +6281355992386, : freddy.eersta.putra 1 of 5 Sept 09th, 2016 PERSONAL DATA CurrentAddress : RusunJAMSOSTEKKabil,BlokTB06 – 2.11 Jl.Hang Kesturi,Kabil,Nongsa,KotaBatam, KepulauanRiau PermanentAddress : Dupak6 No.19A, East Java, Surabaya– Indonesia60171 Date of Birth : 06-April-1979 Status : Married Nationality : Indonesian Religion : Islam Passport| Exp.Date : A6454607 | 19-September-2018 Int’l DriverLicense|Exp.: 0050817 | 18-September-2018 OBJECTIVE To build and improve quality managementsystem& process,therefore Project will achieved better in quality, lowest in costs, fastest in delivery, and safest in safety. And could be as a reference to the next project continuous improvement and as part of tools to control and measure the needs of the company and deliver a customer satisfaction. ACHIEVEMENT  As Site Management Representative (SMR) and QAQC Coordinator,Project team received an award of the Outstanding Performance Project based on Company (HQ) Assessment August 2008, during Nickel Mining Plant Project (Vale Indonesia)  Do an analysis/assessment and continuously improvement in decreasing Construction, Quality and Safety Risk during periodically operation in Nickel Mining Plant shutdown project with result:  Project achieved ahead on construction schedule, Company increase 7.27% from total revenue.  Enhance Quality Awareness by consistently conduct Quality Surveillance, Assessment, and Training internallyandto all sub-contractorsto achieve Company& ProjectKeyPerformance Index(KPI) with result:  Welding Rejection Rate below 5%, minimize quantity of NCR and Audit finding less than 5 findings per project.  Reduce time elapse of Inspection & reporting by give plan, guidance/tuition and do supervisionin all QualityActivities(Field/Shopinspection,WPS/PQRpreparation,WQT,etc.) SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCES Total of 14 yearsof professionaltechnical experience inQAQCDepartmentasaQA/QCInspector,QA/QC EngineerandQA/QCProjectCoordinator&Site ManagementRepresentative (SMR),asfollowingbelow:  5 years’of experience inOil &Gas and Petrochemical Project  6 years’of experience inMining(Nickel) Project  1 yearof experience inPowerPlantProject  1 yearof experience inPipeManufacturer  1 yearof experience inFabricationof RailwayIndustries EDUCATION Bachelor Degree of Industrial Engineering, GPA 2.98 of 4.00, 1998 - 2003 Surabaya Institute of Development Technology (Institut Teknologi Pembangunan Surabaya (ITPS))
  2. 2. CURRICULUM VITAE F R ED D Y EER S TA PUTR A :, : +6281355992386, : freddy.eersta.putra 2 of 5 Sept 09th, 2016 CERTIFICATION & QUALIFICATION  ISO9001 QMS Lead AuditorIRCA byLloydRegister, certificate no.14/2602  CSWIP3.1 – WeldingInspectorLevel 2byThe WeldingInstitute,UK,certificateno.52554/2  ASNTNDT MT, PT, RI Level 2by ASNTLevel 3 (Priyanto,AgusID#82084), certificate no.AY836  Welding Inspector by Surabaya Shipbuilding StatePolytechnic of ITS, Nr. 16/N.13.2/WI-XVI-2006  Mechanical (Diploma-1) byIndustrialTechnical Schoolof ExpertandVocational,Surabaya AREA OF EXPERTISE Audit, Training, Inspection, Welding, NDT, PWHT, General Inspection (Civil, Structural, Piping, Mechanical,E&I,Painting),ProjectSpecification,QA/QCPlan,Procedures, ITPs, Reporting, QA/QC Final Documentation, International Code & Standard (ISO, ASME, API, AWS, SSPC, BS-EN) Language: Bahasa Indonesia, English, Malay Computer literate: MS Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Visio), Auto Cad PROFFESIONAL EXPERIENCE 1. Position : PipingInspector Company : BureauVeritas - on behalf of YAMGAZ Project : YAMAL LNG Project - Fabrication LNGModule (012, 022, 003 & 004) at PT SMOE Yard, Batam, Indonesia Owner : YAMAL Rusia Period : 25 July2016 ~ 30 Sept2016 JobDescription Control,monitorsubcontractorQualityon pipingfabrication &erection andconductInspectionactivities as below: a. Visual Inspection of Piping Welding. b. Witness Line Check. c. Witness Pressure Test. d. Review Piping Test Package Document. e. P&ID Conformity Check and organize Piping Punchlist activity. 2. Position : QA Engineer Company : RekayasaIndustri (REKIND) MalaysiaSdnBhd. Project : Petrochemical - SABAHAmmonia&Urea(SAMUR) Project – Sabah,Malaysia Value : US$ 1.5 Billion Owner : PETRONASChemicalsFertiliserSabahSdnBhd Period : 01 October2013 ~ 15 June 2016 JobDescription a. Control, monitor and conduct periodically Quality Management System (QMS) Audit to all SUBCONTRACTOR. b. Controlling and monitor achieving of Project’s QualityPerformance based on Keys Performance Index (KPI). c. Control and monitor Non-conformance Report (NCR) d. Review SUBCONTRACTOR’s Procedures, ITPs, and Quality System Documentation. e. Control, monitor and review system of Documentation, Inspection Report, ITP Closeout and Handover System. f. Prepare QA/QCProcedure,QA/QCWeekly-Monthly Report, arrange QA/QCMeetingand attend in Internal & External Management Meeting. g. Conduct internal QA/QC Training to Engineers and Supervisors.
  3. 3. CURRICULUM VITAE F R ED D Y EER S TA PUTR A :, : +6281355992386, : freddy.eersta.putra 3 of 5 Sept 09th, 2016 3. Position : QA/QC Engineer(Assignedas Lead QA/QC Piping& WeldingInspector) Company : PT. TRIPATRA – SAMSUNG CONSORTIUM Project : Oil and Gas – EPC1 Banyu UripProjects – Bojonegoro,Indonesia Value : US$ 746, 3 Million Owner : PERTAMINA – EXXON Mobil CepuLimited(MCL) Period : July2012 ~ September2013 JobDescription a. Communicate &coordinate intensivelywithClientsin regards to project Quality requirements. b. Review Project applicable document, like as; PQP, ITP, WPS/PQR, Welder Qualification, Client Specification, Procedures, Drawings, etc. c. VerifySubcontractorsQA/QCDocumentation(PQP,ITP&Procedures,IMTE,Mill Certificates,etc.) and preparation for Go or No Go Fabrication & Installation Check List. d. Record and monitor Subcontractors Welding Rejection Rates to be below Company Key Performance Index (KPI). e. Prepare and conduct internal QA/QC and Welding Awareness Training. f. Prepare QA/QC Procedure, QA/QC Weekly-Monthly Report, arrange QA/QC Meeting with Subcontractors, and attend in Owner QA/QC Meeting. g. Conduct Initial, Periodic Assessment and Surveillance of Subcontractors Welding Activities. h. Review and witness all Subcontractors running pWPS/PQR & WQT. i. Monitor and verify application of approved WPS (with special materials; Incoloy 825, Duplex/ Super Duplex Stainless Steel Welding) 4. Position : QA/QC Project Coordinator and Site Mgmt. Representative/SMR Company : PT. TRUBA JAYA ENGINEERING(formerlyPT.TRUBA JURONGENGINEERING) Project : Nickel Mining–Furnace #2 & Kiln#3 RebuildProject - SouthSulawesi,Indonesia Value : US$ 159.025 Million Owner : PT. VALEIndonesia(formerlyPT.InternationalNickel Indonesia - INCO) Main Con : BECA,NewZealand Period : October2011 ~ July2012 JobDescription a. Communicate &coordinate intensivelywithClientsinregardstoprojectQualityrequirements and theirdeploymenttoprojectteamsincludingvendors. b. ReviewClientTechnical Specifications&Requirements,VendorManuals,Drawings, Procedures/WorkInstructions,andStandards/Codesetc.whichare usedatthe Project. c. Generate andDevelopthe ProjectQualityPlan(include Inspection&TestingPlan),Quality Procedures/WorkInstructionsbasedonClientTechnical Specifications,Drawings,Vendor Manuals,and Standards/Codesetc.tofulfill the project’srequirement. d. Control,superviseandarrange all InspectionandTestingactivitiesandtheirstatusbasedon ClientTechnical Specifications,VendorManuals,ProjectQualityPlan,Procedures/Work Instructionsetc. e. Ensure that QualityInspectionandTestingReports&otherQualityReportare on time available, properlyfiledanddocumented. f. Control & maintainthe Measuring& TestingEquipment’scondition,calibrationstatus&validity, and recommendationforrecalibration. g. Select,monitorandthe vendor’sQualityperformanceevaluationof NDE,WeldingElectrode, ArgonGas, PWHT. h. As NonConformityReport(NCR),Corrective&Preventive ActionRequest(CPAR) Coordinator has to control the statusof NCR/CPARandto analyze inorderto eliminate the rootcause of problemfromNCR/CPAR. i. Accommodate,generate &developthe competencyof QA/QCPersonnel atthe projectthrough continuoustrainingandperformance evaluation. j. Manage the sub-ordinate (QA/QCpersonnel) insolidteamto getoptimal resulttofulfillthe TJE and Clientrequirement.
  4. 4. CURRICULUM VITAE F R ED D Y EER S TA PUTR A :, : +6281355992386, : freddy.eersta.putra 4 of 5 Sept 09th, 2016 k. Prepare andsendthe QA/QCMonthlyReportto QA/QCManager at HeadOffice. l. Coordinate &provide advice the Site Manageror Projectteamtosolve the problemand developthe solidteamatthe project. 5. Position : QA/QC Engineer(QA/QC Project Coordinator and Site Mgmt. Representative/SMR) Company : PT. TRUBA JAYA ENGINEERING(formerlyPT.TRUBA JURONGENGINEERING) Project : Nickel Mining–ConstructionsandMaintenancesProject - SouthSulawesi,Indonesia Value : Overthan 70 ConstructionsandMaintenancesProject(Shutdown,Expansion,etc.) Owner : PT. VALEIndonesia(formerlyPT.InternationalNickel Indonesia - INCO) Period : December2007 ~ September2011 JobDescription a. Coordinate All QA/QCworkforAll ProjectatPT. Vale IndonesiaProjects. b. Responsible forthe implementationandmonitoringof ISO9001:2000, OHSAS8001:1999,SMK3, ISO14001:2004 andCompanyQualityManagementSystem(QMS) inthe PT.Vale Indonesia Projects. c. ConductInternal ManagementSystem&QA/QCAudit/Assessment.Prepareandconduct internal QualityTraining.Prepare,review &verifyforprojectapplicable document,suchas; PQP,ITP,WPS/PQR,WelderQualification,clientspecification,procedures,drawings,etc. (include prepare Measurement&TestingEquipment,QCInsp.Tools). d. Monitoringandrecord resultof NDT to maintainwelderperformance &toreduce the Rejection Rate. e. Monitoringandmaintainprogressioncompletenessof all QCInspectiondocumentsuchas: Material Inspection,DailyWeldingRecord,FieldWeldingDataSheet,Pneumatic/Hydrostatic TestReport,Mechanical EquipmentInspection(Alignment,Vibration,Mechanical RunningTest), SurveyInspection(Verticality,Elevation,Dimensional,Grouting), Civil WorkInspection (Excavation&Backfilling,FDT,Slumptest,Pre-concreteinspection,Compressive Test)& PaintingInspection(Surface preparation,Humiditycheck,WFT,DFT),Electrical &Instrument Work (Earthing& GroundingTest,Megger& Continuity Test,FactoryAcceptance Test(FAT), SoloRun Test, RT/UT/MPI and PT Report,QC Dep.MonthlyReport,QA/QCHandover Documents,etc. f. Lead as Contractor’sRepresentativeforPunchlist&CommissioningTeam. 6. Position : Multi-disciplineQCInspector(Civil-Structure,Piping,Mechanical,Painting& Insulation) Company : PT. TRUBA JAYA ENGINEERING(formerlyPT.TRUBA JURONGENGINEERING) Project : Nickel Mining–Furnace #1, 2 & 4 Off-GasCleaningProject - SouthSulawesi,Indonesia Value : US$ 60 Million Owner : PT. International NickelIndonesia(INCO) Period : July2006 ~ November2007 JobDescription a. Responsible forthe Total Control andOperationof the QA/QCSectionwithgoodunderstanding aboutthe Code & Standardsand Clientspecificationsasrequiredinthe project. b. Conductany QC inspectionandreportingactivitiessuchas:Material Inspection,Welding Inspection(Before,During&AfterWelding),MechanicalEquipment(Alignment,Vibration, Mechanical RunningTest) Inspection,SurveyInspection(Verticality,Elevation,Dimensional, Grouting),Concrete Inspection(Slumptest,Pre-concreteinspection,CompressiveTest) & PaintingInspection(Surface preparation,Humiditycheck,WFT,DFT). c. Prepare Piping&Mechanical TestPackage,Line CheckInspection,PunchList&Commissioning. d. Prepare andmonitorWeldingRejectionRate,QCDep.MonthlyReport,QA/QCHandover Documents,etc.
  5. 5. CURRICULUM VITAE F R ED D Y EER S TA PUTR A :, : +6281355992386, : freddy.eersta.putra 5 of 5 Sept 09th, 2016 7. Position : Welding& PipingInspector Company : PT. TRUBA JURONG ENGINEERING Project : PowerPlant– CilegonCombinedCycle PowerPlant740MW Project – Banten,Indonesia Value : US$ 340 Million Owner : PT. PerusahaanListrikNegara(PLN) Main Con : Mitsubishi HeavyIndustriesLtd. Period : July2005 ~ April 2006 JobDescription a. QC Inspectorof Welding - PipingWorksandTestPackage. b. PreparingQCinspectionandreportingforPipingTestPackage suchas:DailyWeldingRecord, FieldWeldingDataSheet,Pneumatic/HydrostaticTestReport,RT/PTand PWHT Report,QC Dep.MonthlyReport,andHandoverDocuments. 8. Position : QC Inspector Company : PT. STEEL PIPE INDUSTRY OF INDONESIA Surabaya,Indonesia PipingManufacture (Ornamentpipe/StainlessSteel,CarbonSteel,≤4” dia) Period : 2003 ~ 2004 JobDescription a. Final InspectionandLoadingInspection. b. Control the qualityof pipe atthe final processbefore loadanddelivertothe purchaser. 9. Position : Fitterand ProductionOperator Company : PT. (Persero) INDUSTRIKERETA API(INKA) - Madiun,EastJava,Indonesia RailwayIndustry(Fabricationand Assembly) Period : 1997 ~ 1998 JobDescription a. Cutting,FitUp and WeldingworkwithSMAW,GMAW, OAWautomaticscuttingmachine for fabricationprocessof Locomotive &Compartmentmaking. REFERENCE 1. Yudha Krisnanto (ProjectQC Coordinator at PT. Rekayasa Industri) Project QC Coordinator at PT. Rekayasa Industri :|:+628129381029 2. Suryono B Samdul (Ownerat PETRONAS Project) QA/QC EngineerPETRONAS :|:+60122840161 3. Tarun Kumar Sharma (Lead of Consortiumat PetronasProject) Project QA/QC Manager – Mitsubishi HeavyIndustriesLtd. :||:+60109588613 4. Devarajan M P Ramasamy (YAMGAZAssistantYard Quality Manager) Train 1 PAU 012,022,003,004 Module Fabrication,YAMAL LNG Project- SMOE Yard :|:+60173371024 (My) / +6282170321341 (Ina) All above of the curriculumvitae recordisreal as per myeducationsandexperiences. Faithfully yours, FreddyEersta Putra