Acne facts and fiction


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It has some amazing facts about acne, home remedies for acne and just how to get rid of your acne. Learn more about acne at

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Acne facts and fiction

  1. 1. Acne Facts and fiction Acne home remedies
  2. 2. • Myth 1: If you have acne, it means you have poor hygiene• Myth 2: When you eat certain “bad foods” it will lead to acne• Myth 3: Stress will make sure you get acne• Myth 4: The acne we have is only cosmetic• Myth 5: There is no cure for acne and all who have it are hopeless
  3. 3. • Usually the things people say about acne that are not true take a while to go away.
  4. 4. • Even with modern medicine and technology, people continue to believe lies about what causes acne and all the home remedies for acne. In this article we’ll look into the various things said about acne, what causes acne and what remedies are available for acne. Here we’ll try to separate real facts from fiction and myths.