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Task 8 target audience magazines


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Task 8 target audience magazines

  1. 1. Task 1 Magazine conventionsTask 2 Print cost gridTask 3 Magazine pricesTask 4 Magazine genresTask 5 Magazine collageTask 6 Magazine stormTask 7 Article ideasTask 8 Target Audience Magazines
  2. 2. Task 8: Target Audience What is the target audience for your magazine? Have you created a target audience portfolio?
  3. 3. • Vortex Creative are looking for their Next Young apprentice • They are looking for someone with creative skills • Knows their target audience • Can sell their magazines • Excellent organisation skills
  4. 4. Target Audience - DistinctionAge range I can tell that 24-35 Year Olds would buy this magazine because there is a picture of a women on the front cover around that age.Gender I cane tell this magazine will attract females as there is a woman on the front cover. There are many stories on the front cover about style, fashion, dieting and make up which is what females stereotypically are interested in.Nationality I can tell that the consumer lives in UK, USA or India as the(where are language is in English.they live)Race (their I can see the magazine is for Asian women as the mastheadheritage) is called ‘Asiana’ and the woman in the front cover is Asian.Interests The article on the magazine are about; style, fashion, hair, make-up, marriage, dieting, celebrity interviews, children, men, career and money, these would be the interests of the reader.Job/Student The person who would buy this magazine, will most likely be a working women in a high paid job. This is because the magazine is expensive at, £4.50. Also there is a article about career and babies. There are also pound signs £££s which shows that the reader earns and cares about money.
  5. 5. Target AudienceAge range I think this age range is for 13-18 because people younger might not no who beyonce isGender I think that this magazine would be for a girl because all of the things are gossip and girlyNationality I think that this magazine is for English(where are and American peoplethey live) because the people in it are from America and EnglandRace (their The magazine is for a black or white womanheritage) because the person on the front is mixed racedInterests Her interests are in
  6. 6. Target AudienceAge range The Age range is between 13-30 would buy this magazine because they are young and would know taylor lautnerGender This is for mainly females because there is a man on the front and they think he is good looking.Nationality They live in the UK and the USA because the(where are writing is in Englishthey live)Race (their It would attracted English and Americanheritage) people.Interests They are in film and on the television
  7. 7. Target AudienceAge range 7-11Gender Male and femaleNationality They live in England or America because the(where are writing in English.they live)Race (their It would attracted English or Americanheritage) people.Interests There interests are in football because its all about football people will also buy this because therie Henry plays for arsenal again.Job/Student His job is a footballer and young people that are interested in football
  8. 8. Target AudienceAge range 40-70 for this magazine because there is a quiet an old person on the front of the coverGender Male and female because a male or female can do gardeningNationality It is England and America because the(where are language is in Englishthey live)Race (their It would attract English and American peopleheritage) because the writing is in english and people would understand it also it is sold in englandInterests There interests are in gardening because that is what they do as a job
  9. 9. Target AudienceAge range This is for 13-30 year oldsGender MaleNationality They live in England, America and Australia(where are because it says Australiathey live) at the frontRace (their It would be for English American and Australianheritage) people.Interests In making them selves look goodJob/Student A model
  10. 10. Target AudienceAge range 20-40Gender Male and female India becauseNationality bollywood is in(where are indiathey live)Race (their Indianheritage)Interests Faison and styleJob/Student Model -
  11. 11. Target AudienceAge range 7+Gender Male and femaleNationality American or English(where are Because Americanthey live) people make the gamesRace (their American andheritage) EnglandInterests Making gamesJob/Student Making new games
  12. 12. Target AudienceAge range TeenageGender maleNationality America because(where are the band comethey live) from americaRace (their English or Americanheritage)Interests Rock bandsJob/Student student
  13. 13. Target AudienceAge range 30-80Gender Men and womenNationality E3ngland because it(where are is in Englishthey live)Race (their White and blackheritage) EnglishInterests Making someones homeJob/Student DIY
  14. 14. Target AudienceAge range 4-8Gender femaleNationality English and(where are americanthey live)Race (their English andheritage) american because the lady on the front is americanInterests Her interests will be in fasion because it is like a fation magazineJob/Student Her job is model.
  15. 15. Group Awards 1 2 3 4 5 6