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Fred Bovy Resume

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Fred bovyresume@2

  1. 1. Frédéric BovyVilla les 2 Sœurs. 21, Avenue Thiers 06600 Antibes, FranceTél : +33614461069 E : Web : http://www.fredbovy.comSkills20+ years experience with CISCO, TCP/IP- 15 years CCIE #3013 (it was only R&S in 1997! And recertified every 2 years since this date)- 18 years CCSI #33517 since 1994 (it was #95003)15 years experience in IPv6- IPv6 Forum Gold Certified Engineer- IPv6 Forum Certified Gold Trainer- 7 years Cisco IOS IPv6 Software Engineer (CISCO NSSTG Group)- Hurricane Electric IPv6 Guru12+ years experience in MPLSI joined CISCO in 1999 and my mentor was Jim Guichard.Other Networking Skills: QoS, Security. The SIP School Voice and Video over IP Certified.Languages and Systems: Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, Solaris. Basic, C Language, Macro-Assembly,TCL/Tk , PHP, MySQL, CLEARCASE, CVS, Emacs, Microsoft OFFICE. Web Site developmentExperience.2012- Fred Bovy EIRL. IPv6 For Life! http://www.ipv6forlife.comIPv6 Consulting and TrainingManager, Consultant and Trainer. I am providing IPv6 and Open Software Training and Consulting.My focus is to find solutions using Open Software Products where we can often find the best and FREE products.I am also certified to provide IPv6 Forum Test to certify IPv6 Forum Gold and SIlver Engineer.Since August 2011 I am the IPv6 Course Subject Matter Expert for Fast Lane Worldwide. I am responsiblefor the IPv6 Training Curriculum for Fast lane Worldwide. My role consists of developing and deliveringIPv6 Training, presentations and Webinars, writing blogs and White Papers. I developed IPv6 Training forthe SP derived from IP6FD and delivered many sessions for CISCO with Excellent feedback.
  2. 2. In 2010 I delivered many IPv6 Training, both CISCO IP6FD and self developed training.2010 November- 2011 March. For ALTRAN Consulting for Monaco Telecom.Monaco Telecom just was deploying an Alcactel-Lucent MPLS Backbone for a first projet called AfricaNext. The purpose of this project was to provide Data, Voice and Internet Access to companies in Africawith Headquarters in Europe or Americas. I helped them to perform some testing to validate theseservices.2010 Mai-June CISCO Network Consulting for EDF.I helped EDF to develop a CISCO Support Center in Nantes. The goal of this center was to validateCISCO Architectures and to provide support to the EDF Technician. I trained their engineers to theCISCO Troubleshooting.2002-2009 Cisco Systems IncSoftware Engineer. Dev-test IPv6.I was writing the Test Plan and the scripts in TCL. We were using CFLOW to measure the coverage of ourtests with a goal of 80% minimum. I have been in charge of dev-testing IPv6 over MPLS (6PE, 6VPE),Netflow for IPv6, SEcure Neighbor Discovery (SEND).1999-2002 Cisco Systems Inc.NSA Network Consulting EngineerI was responsible of two major customers: VIVENDI and EQUANT.I was providing them with recommendation for any change or improvement they wanted in theirnetwork. For EQUANT I was also on call for any outstanding issues that the CISCO TAC could not resolve.I supported EQUANT and VIVENDI while they were launching a brand new MPLS-VPN Backbone.I supported EQUANT to launch a differentiated service using QoS over the MPLSL-VPN as they were aCISCO Beta customer for QoS. I finally supported EQUANT to launch a service using MPLS-TE Fast Rerouteto provide resiliency in less than 50ms in the backbone.1997-1999 Institut ERIS (Global Knowledge France)I was the CISCO Training manager and trainer myself. In 1997 I became CCIE #3013 and I was providinga CCIE Bootcamp training of 2 weeks. I was certified to teach almost all the Cisco Training.: ICRC,ACRC, IMCR, CIT, CID, MCRI, MCSI, CLSC, CATM, MCNS. I was also providing other training like a TCP/IPtraining I had developped.1994-1997 ITS – Groupe SITA (Now Orange FT)I was a Cisco Certified System Instructor (CCSI #95003). I was providing CISCO Training around theworld in Paris, New York and Singapore Equant Offices. But I was not only a Cisco Trainer I was alsogiving some other Training like UNIX or TCP/IP and some LAN products.1989-1994 ITS – SITA Group (Now Orange FT)Pre Sales Technical Support, Project Manager.I was helping our Salesman to answer the customers request. Then I was also acting as a projectmanager. I was also supporting our customers. The products I was supporting were the EXPRESSPRODUCTS from System Strategies (Nynex company). This was a range of products running on UNIXplatforms to connect TCP/IP world to SNA and X.25 using the EMULEX Adapter,I was also supporting EICON products for the same need on MS-DOS LAN. I was also supporting X.25switches and PAD from OST and TELEMATICS and Routers from CISCO and Proteon.1988 La Règle A CalculPre Sales Technical Support.1987 EXTENT IA (Synchronix)Analyst Programmer in C Language and 80286 Macro-Assembly.I was in charge of writing communication protocol to interconnect heterogeneous system fromPROLOG OS to MS-DOS. I wrote a terminal emulator and a file transfer application.1986 RANDOM OPSI was doing PCs and NOVELL Netware Local Area Networks Installation and Maintenance.
  3. 3. 1986 EurotronMaintenance on Apple and IBM PCs Micro computers, 3COM Local Area Networks and Electronicmeasurement devices (Multimeters, Data Acquisition system)Studies1985 AFPA Niveau IV (BTS) AMMSI. Micro-System Maintenance Technician.Duration 9 months. I have learned the maintenance of a micro-computer down to the componentlevel using oscilloscope, logical state analyser, microprocessor emulator, device driver in assemblydevelopment, etc...Bac C.ReferencesMichel Laudet (Senior Architect. FT ORANGE) in 2011Qualités principales : Très efficace, Expert, Créativité“Fred, Thank you for these 2 days training really excellent. This advanced course fit exactely the Serviceprovider current and future needs. I think the title " transitioning safely to IPV6 " is a good title since itcontains as you know the 2 essentials components which are the coexistence V4/ V6 with tunneling andtranlation mechanisms and the security. All the other aspects of service providers needs are present inthis course : inter domain, multicast, COS, VPN, mobility, tunneling, translation , CSC, 6PE, 6VPE ...with allthe techniques past, present and future that we need to know and understand. I liked the drawing thatyou put and the IETF reference that you always made with the mention of the RFC. It was worthattending, and I think you can replay it both for entreprise and Service provider customers. As you know,demand is growing and expertise like yours is unique and it was difficult for me to find a course which fitmy needs as good as this one. I know that you will continue to develop this course with passion andenrich it with your experience. Fred, it was a pleasure to meet you and see you again during these twodays. Its always a pleasure. I think you are among on the top people working with IP V6 today and yourskill and experience is very much appreciated. I am sure we will continue to discuss open points thatybtbvrtt44ou raised today in the future.” 10 novembre 2011Nicole Wajer-de Bruijn (CISCO SE )2011Qualités principales : Très efficace, Expert, Haute valeur ajoutée“Fred was the trainer for the IPv6SPSE training. It was a great pleasure having this course from him. Couldnot wished a better trainer. He great indepth knowledge on ipv6 made it a pleasure listening to him. Healso was challanged with some labs problems but he always found the solution and able to explainwhat went wrong. He is a great assest.” 18 décembre 2011Homero Ribeiro (CISCO SE) IPv6 Training 2011Qualités principales : Très efficace, Expert, Haute valeur ajoutée“Ive attended an IPv6 Foundation, Design and Implementation training by Fred Bovy last week andstrongly recommended him not only as an instructor but also as a consultant. He demonstrated a hugeknowledge on IPv6 and other related subjects thats under discussions on Service Providers,Corporations and other types of organizations. Besides, Fred is a very nice person really prone to helpand make all effort to achieve his objectives.” 3 août 2011Manuel Serrano IPv6 Training Instructor en 2011Qualités principales : Très efficace, Expert, Intégrité
  4. 4. “A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend an IPv6 training called IPv6 Fundamentals,Design and Deployment. Our instructor, Fred Bovy, was instrumental in the successful development ofthis course. Fred has extensive experience and broad understanding about this and other subjects; hecomplemented the course material with detailed explanations and shared with us some of hisexperience as a consultant for various projects for Service Providers and Enterprise customers. I highlyrecommend his work. Manuel Serrano CCIE Service Provider # 28574” 9 août 2011Stephane Labetoulle, Network engineer, Cisco Systems (collègue)a travaillé directement avec vousétait employé par une autre entreprise quand il a travaillé avec vous“Few weeks ago I had a 5-days IPv6 training with Fred Bovy as Instructor. I recommend him as an IPv6Specialist with in-depth design and implementation knowledge at this matter.” 10 août 2011Frederic Farcy , President, TNTMAX, LLC“Frederic Bovy worked with our company TNTMAX while he was a software engineer at Cisco andprovided us with very professional support. His expertise in the Cisco product line and operating systemis excellent; we highly recommend him to anyone in need of great Cisco software engineer.” 20 juin2009Steve Glaus Software Engineer, Cisco (collègue)“Freds a diligent and hard working engineer who can always be relied upon to give 100% until the jobsdone.” 17 juin 2008Greg Boland Software Engineer, Cisco Systems“Had the pleasure of working with Fred in many projects whilst at Cisco. He was very knowledgeable inhis field and a talented and friendly individual and would love to have the chance to work with himagain in the future.” 18 juin 2008Jeffrey Cheng Technical Leader, Cisco (collègue)“Fred is a talented engineer. I had been worked with him for about 3 years and had deep impression onthe IPv6 VPN over MPLS project. He nicely made the complicated testing environment into structuredscripts and made the automation possible. Even we were far from each other (US, FR). I can feel hisdedicated on working smart solution.” 30 août 2008Mandy McDiarmi Software Development Manager, Cisco Systems (collègue)“I worked with Fred over a number of years on Netflow IPv6 development. Fred is a conscientuous testengineer with an impressive array of Cisco knowledge which he gained from being a Cisco instructor.Fred is an excellent team player and integrated very well into the team.” 30 juillet 2008Michel Laudet (SITA EQUANT) NetworkArchitect 2002“Jai toujours beaucoup de plaisir a travailler avec Frederic hier et aujourdhui et de beneficier de sonexpertise qui apporte beaucoup en ouvrant de nouveaux horizons techniques et technologiques. Sacollaboration est precieuse et son amitié aussi. Michel” 21 juillet 2011Olivier Tafani Sr Telecommunication Architecte, Equant (relation professionnelle)“Its a real pleasure to work with Fred. I could appreciated his wide technical expertise in several largeinternational projects and his talent to communicate, negotiate and take the lead several times. He hasan extensive knowledge and practice of IP networking , that leads to successfull results.” 8 octobre 2009Denis Churlet Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems (collègue)“Fred and I worked in the same team for some time. Fred always demonstrated strong technical skillsand positive attitude. His advanced networking expertise, his reliability and his dedication to success
  5. 5. made him a very valuable colleague to work with. Fred always liked sharing his kwnoledge andexperience. Highly recommended professional.” 19 octobre 2009Serge Dupouy AS Services Director, Cisco Systems (collègue)“Fred is a very experienced CCIE that have delivered years of consulting in many service providers inthe French Market He is also a certified cisco trainer Last postion was to test complex features in the ios Istrongly recommend Fred as a lead ingeneer or consultant for every organisation that have a Ciscoinfrastructure to optimise and mange” 1 juillet 2009Jean-Louis Suzanne Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco System (collègue)“Frederic is a very talented individual who has demonstrated an impressive level of knowledge innetworking during my interaction with him. His understanding of the technologies and the market inplace are usually shown after many more years - but Frederic has this today, and anybody looking foran extremely talented Engineer should not hesitate one single second. I strongly recommend Frederic.”20 juin 2009Ovilier Corto, Software Engineer, Cisco Systems (collègue)“Fred and me have been working on different teams but on all the occasions that weve been incontact for work Fred has shown good communication skills and having a good understanding of his eStephane Labetoull, Network engineer, Cisco Systems (collègue“Fred has great networking skills. He holds a CCIE for many years but also has worked in the IOSdevelopment team which gives a very detailed view on the implementation, architecture anddeployment of Cisco networking products.” 22 juin 2009Bertrand Gatellier Director Business Development, Equant (collègue)“I have worked closely with Fred for a few years and I can say that he is passionate and dedicated inwhatever he undertakes. I have no reservations in recommending Fred as I know he will always go theextra mile to deliver beyond your expectations.” 10 juillet 2009Philippe Gomez Managing Director for France, Global Knowledge (collègue)“Fred was reporting to me as the Training Manager of Institut ERIS. He is a straight forward person, alwayspushing his team to achieve the goal on which he committed. His technical expertise is a mix of highend theory and practical experience regarding complex problems to solve. He is an easy guy to workwith, very fast to react, which makes him an ideal person on which you can rely for Tech items. I stronglyrecommend Fred as manager of a Tech Team or as an Expert.” 7 juillet 2009Stephane Labetoulle Network engineer, Cisco Systems (collègue) 2008“Fred has great networking skills. He holds a CCIE for many years but also has worked in the IOSdevelopment team which gives a very detailed view on the implementation, architecture anddeployment of Cisco networking products.” 22 juin 2009Laurent Furdelle Global Service Manager, Cisco (collègue)“While working at Cisco, I had a chance to work with Fred on different accounts. Fred is an high endnetwork engineer who is very dedicated to his work and responsibilities.” 17 juin 2008