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  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Frederic BOVY Frederic BOVY PERSONAL INFORMATION Villa les 2 Soeurs, 21 Avenue Thiers 06600 Antibes +33972409194 +33614461069 Skype FredericBovy1 Nationality French A job to help customer providing technical solutions to Networking problem, from physical to application layers. I love also programming in the solution solving process. Or fix bugs. PREFERRED JOB WORK EXPERIENCE From 2009 to 2012 Self employed Consultant. IPv6 For Life I was keeping the focus on IPv6 and designed and delivered many training to customers. The best experience I had were a training in Miami for CISCO and CISCO partner of South Americas. It was a great week with 22 people in the classroom from very different jobs but everybody was very happy of the training. ▪ During this period I have been the IPv6 FAST LANE IPv6 Course Matter Expert and I was developing all their IPV6 Training. ▪ I have been a consultant for MONACO Telecom who was launching a new MPLS-VPN backbone with ALCATEL-LUCENT Products. ▪ I have been a Consultant for EDF in Nantes to help the starting of a CISCO centre of expertise. From 2002 to 2009 IPv6 Software Engineer for CISCO I was designing the test plan for any new IPv6 feature and then I was writing the scripts to automate the testing. I was also helping the teams, which were running my script when they were finding an issue, and more troubleshooting was needed to raise a bug. I was also measuring the coverage to get at least 80% of code coverage by my tests using CFLOW. I did the dev-test for 6PE, 6VPE, SeND and Netflow for IPv6. This represents about 15 scripts. . From 1999 to 2002 IPv6 Network Consulting Engineer for CISCO I was supporting two customers who were paying for this extra service for CISCO to provide proactive advice to the customer to keep a scalable network. I was also the first concerned when the customer hit a big problem. I supported EQUANT and VIVENDI when they were launching their brand new MPLS-VPN network. For EQUANT I could also be called when a EQUANT customer had a problem and EQUANT was not able to find the solution. I posted a long story on my Web blog about supporting EQUANT. . From 1997 to 1999 CISCO Training Manager at Institut Eris (now it is Global Knowledge) © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 1 / 3
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae Replace with First name(s) Surname(s) I was managing a small team of 5 people. Most of them were colleagues who followed me from ITS as I had pretty cool conditions. I refused to make a training factory so my trainers never had 2 weeks in a Row of training. Always one week to read, test and make the next training better. I was certified on most CISCO : ICRC, ACRC, IMCR, CIT, CID, MCRI, MCSI, CLSC, CATM, MCNS. I passed the CCIE and designed a 2 weeks bootcamp to train CCIS for the Exam. From 1994 to 1997 Trainer at ITS (SITA Group) I was training airlines solutions to replace terminal clusters to LAN. Many started with very cheap NetBIOS Solutions and migrated to Novell when the network was growing or TCP/IP. In 94 I was sent 2 weeks to San Jose for a TTT. The Cisco Trainer training was inkling a test everyday someone had to present a subject from the day and was evaluated. At the ned there was a final test. And then we were monitored and if the rating was not good enough the CCSI was no more valid. I train SITA Engineers to make CCIEs in Paris, New-York and Singapore for about 2 years it was my program. From 1989 to 1994 Pre Sales Technical Support, Project manager ITS (SITA Group) I was the only technical resource who knows about LAN and PCs. ITS had a very strong airline culture with Terminal Clusters, modems but network started to get in with X.25 networks. We were distributing the EMULEX Card as SITA was developing all their applications on it. So we distributed a very interesting software suite of program, the SYSTEM STRATEGIES to interface IBM SNA with TCP/IP and Unix world. This was the time of downsizing were mini and micro computers were replacing Mainframes and TCP/IP was also chosen because it was peer-to-peer. IBM tried APPN to make a peer to peer on SNA but it did not work as TCP/IP won the battle. This was before NAT kill the peer to peer and TCP/IP key driver was that he was peer-to-peer…. © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 2 / 3
  3. 3. Curriculum Vitae Frederic BOVY EDUCATION AND TRAINING 1985 Micro-Computer maintenance school for 9 months. Learning to fix a micro-conputer down to the component layer using oscilloscope, Logical State Analyzer, Micro-processor emulator. Write a program in assembly to test logical states components. Understand Assembly drivers fro floppy disk or serial interface. Replace with EQF (or other) level if relevant I did many training, difficult to enumerate but at least a dozen since I started to work in 1985. PERSONAL SKILLS Mother tongue(s) Other language(s) FRENCH UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production English Good Very Good Good Very Good Very Good Italian Good Good poor Very poor poor Communication skills Organisational / managerial skills Job-related skills ▪ I got excellent communication skills that I have learned from multiple Training and a very high number of Training in English. ▪ I use all the tools to manage my time using tablet and smartphone. ▪ I love looking for a problem to fix and struggling to find a solution to make a customer happy. ▪ I have a big lab at home to test and repro many situations Computer skills ▪ I am a computer fanatic since the age of 12 when I started to program TI-57 Calculator and then micro computers with 4 Ko of RAM or my uncle TRS-80 or my sister’s Apple II. Other skills ▪ I used to be very attracted by extreme sports like snow board, skydiving or scuba diving but now computing and Networking is my only hobby and what I love the most after my son. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Publications Presentations Projects Conferences Seminars Honours and awards Memberships I made a lot of presentations as Flash modules that I publish on LinkedIN and twitter memberships, These presentations can be also found on slideshare. I have written a book about IPv6 as a project. It has already been reviewed by an American Editor and I have distributed a preview for free on the net on LinkedIN and Twitter, ▪ I have replaced at the last moment a CISCO colleague to present an OSPF Troubleshooting session in front of 300 persons, I had very good notes and was very happy as I had only 1,5 day to prepare a very high skilled presentation. This was for the CISCO Networkers in Copenhagen. I am a member of the G6 Association for IPv6 promotion. © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 3 / 3