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CloudTest Lite is the newest member of SOASTA’s growing line of CloudTest editions. It is an enterprise-class offering that enables rapid test creation and real-time resolution for performance testing early and often throughout the development lifecycle. Delivering internal testing behind the firewall on a single server, customers can execute performance tests of up to 100 concurrent virtual users in development, QA, staging or production. With CloudTest Lite, customers can:

- Test Web and mobile applications, including applications using the latest technologies from HTML5 to REST Web services
- Quickly build tests with visual test creation tools
- Integrate application, system, and network monitoring data
- Analyze results in real-time through an interactive, integrated dashboard
- Easily upgrade to a more scalable CloudTest edition to meet expanding testing requirements

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SOASTA CloudTest Lite

  1. 1. LiteWeb & Mobile Performance Testing at Any Stage
  2. 2. SOASTA §  Introduced Cloud Testing (2006)§  One of the largest consumer of cloud resources§  First internal & external Test Platform§  Over 250 customers worldwide§  Award winning & Patented technology §  Wall Street Journal Top 50 hottest companies §  Red Herring Top 100 Global companies §  Gartner Magic Quadrant Visionary Leader §  Multiple technology patents
  3. 3. Web and Mobile Performance Test Platform … a single codeline …
  4. 4. Flexible Options via CloudTest Editions CLOUDTEST CLOUDTEST CLOUDTEST CLOUDTEST CLOUDTEST STANDARD PROFESSIONAL ENTERPRISE MOBILE ON-DEMAND Internal Testing External & Internal Multi-Division Powered by Complete Testing Testing Device Anywhere Service End-To-End Mobile Single Location Single Location Multiple Locations Performance Multiple Testers Multiple Testers Multiple Teams Real Mobile Device Core Testing Core Testing Core Testing Support Turnkey delivery Services Services Services Core Testing Project, Real-time Analytics Real-time Analytics Real-time Analytics Services Annual, Thousands of Unlimited Scale Unlimited Scale Real-time Analytics Unlimited Virtual Users Global Test Cloud Global Test Cloud Unlimited Scale Internal Test Cloud Access Access Access Global Test Cloud Parallel testing Access Multi-tenancy Correlated views of (projects, users, Mobile Performance data) CoE-ready And now …
  5. 5. Introducing CloudTest Lite ü  Enterprise-class capabilities in a FREE CLOUDTEST LITE downloadable edition Continuous Performance Testing ü  Rapid, powerful test creation and real-time resolution FREE Single Location Single Tester ü  Tests modern web and mobile application Core Testing Services technologies Real-Time Analytics 100 Virtual Users ü  Remove barriers to performance testing Beta version through lifecycle available now ü  Identify performance issues early §  Reduces development costs §  Gets apps to market faster §  Eliminates poor customer experience
  6. 6. Performance Testing is like an ELITE SPORT High Costs – Specialized Skills – Exotic Environments Leaves 75% of Web & Mobile apps - UNTESTED
  7. 7. Barriers to Testing to Everyday Scale" Cost of people, tools, hardware Complexity of apps & tools Lack of time to build, run & analyze Poor Analytics diminish testing value
  8. 8. CloudTest Lite Eliminates the Barriers No license cost - freedom to test everyday Easy-to-learn – for developers as well as seasoned testers Fast time-to-test - more tests, more often Rapidly identify issues - in complex environments
  9. 9. Who Is It For?•  Developers of web and mobile apps seeking to add low-scale performance testing to the agile build process to reduce late-stage performance bugs and delivery delays•  New Performance Testers to quickly learn the basics of load and performance testing with a fun, intuitive, professional tool•  Experienced Performance Engineers to rapidly architect and deliver test results with as much depth and complexity as tools requiring advanced scripting or coding and time-consuming performance analysis•  SOASTA Customers to broaden tester capabilities and build tests to run in On-Demand or on-premise CloudTest editions•  SOASTA Partners to train teams, expand skill sets and introduce no- cost options to customers constrained by expensive and restrictive tools
  10. 10. What s Included with CloudTest Lite?1.  Core Testing Services: Single user access to everything needed to build, run, view and discover issues during tests of up to 100 concurrent Virtual Users2.  Real Time Analytics: The latest in-memory analytical processing engine built for instantaneous delivery of aggregated end-to-end performance intelligence during testing •  External performance metrics (e.g. response time, errors, bandwidth utilization) •  Internal performance metrics from servers during test execution (e.g. CPU, memory, JMX & Perfmon metrics)3.  CloudLink Support Community: Online multimedia resource of fully- documented tutorials, training and help moderated by SOASTA Developers and Performance Engineers as well as the global community of CloudTest users
  11. 11. What s beyond CloudTest Lite? 15% Discount on any CloudTest Edition for 1 year Occasional external CloudTest On-Demand performance testsLarger scale internal CloudTest Standardtesting for teamsUnlimited scale external CloudTest Pro(cloud-based) & internaltestsGlobal teams, parallel tests CloudTest Enterprise Single platform – export all test assets between any edition
  12. 12. How Do I Get It? ü  Check your computer (minimum requirements) •  64bit, dual core, 4GB ü Obtain VM Player (free), VMFusion (free trial) or Parallels (free trial) if needed • vmware_player/3_0 • • ü  Download CloudTest Lite VM from ü  Sign in to CloudLink to learn the basics!
  13. 13. LiteWeb & Mobile Performance Testing at Any Stage