My Web Performance Dirty Secrets


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My Web Performance Dirty Secrets
Fred wants to come clean and reveal to all his web performance dirty secrets – it's too much burden to bear. He's been guilty of some malpractices in the past and so are a lot of people in the industry! Time to take a stand and reveal it all. Do you want to know why popular websites are struggling when comes the holiday season? Why black magic is so popular in some web performance team? Why your brand new and shiny F5 load balancer can be sometime a real waste of money? Or why third-party can really spoil the … party? Best of all, you will learn that there is something call 'The Cloud' that is about to become your best buddy and will prevent you from keeping … dirty secrets.

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My Web Performance Dirty Secrets

  1. 1. MyWeb Performance Dirty Secrets Fred Beringer – SOASTA November 2011 – Velocity Europe Birds of a Feather
  2. 2. Fred §  Java and smartcard @ Sun Microsystems (Nice )§  eCommerce platform, DB2 Replication, BI @ IBM (San Jose,CA )§  Software Testing director @ Experian (Monte Carlo )§  Growing the hottest software testing startup @ SOASTA (Nice )
  4. 4. Loan origination Traffic explosionCollection system •  Third-party •  Web Application & ServicesCredit scoring •  Multiple data sources •  Insane amount of data
  5. 5. What is required today to test effectively performance of web applications?
  6. 6. SCALE
  7. 7. Real time analysis of performance data
  8. 8. SPEED
  10. 10. Ready for some pain?
  11. 11. I lied …
  12. 12. They are strugglingLeading French eCommerce Hot product. Scarcity. Very low price = recipe for #fail •  DNS Servers down 10 minutes before and 20 minutes after 7am. •  Firewall down. •  Varnishes down. •  Ad Server on it knee slowing down the whole site. Peak: 39k/sec – 800k hits/secs1000 happy customers. 99 000 angry ones.
  13. 13. 2006
  15. 15. What’s the big deal?
  16. 16. #1Affordable platform for infinite load
  17. 17. #3Global and realistic traffic
  18. 18. #4Find the $%&# needle!
  19. 19. In your code
  20. 20. In your infrastructure
  21. 21. Outside your firewall
  22. 22. Objective: Add 1 million users to the live traffic to stress thenew video features.•  800 Amazon EC2 large instances used to generate load (3200 cloud computing cores) – Spawned in 30 minutes!•  Real Scenario: Searching/watching/rating music videos, adding videos to favorites, and viewing artist’s channel pages, etc.•  Transfer rate of 16 gigabits per second•  6 terabytes of data transferred per hour•  Over 77k hits per second, not including live traffic
  23. 23. Results: Understood the changes to be made to support the extra traffic.•  Worked with Akamai to scale some of their local data centers and optimized the distribution of assets.•  Made on-the-fly change to their infrastructure to fit the extra traffic.
  24. 24. WT%$? Fortune 50 Advanced TechnologyJava (Struts), Oracle, Global & Distributed Data Centers Objective: 172k Concurrent Users TROUBLES
  25. 25. 2 weeks laterAWESOME!
  26. 26. RECAP You have NO IDEA how the whole application’s ecosystem will behave under load
  27. 27. RECAP You have a cheap way today to test at expected AND unexpected volume
  28. 28. RECAP There are NO REASONS today not to run performance and load tests continuously during development and on production
  29. 29. ü  Used everyday by our performance CloudTest Lite engineers (and developers!)ü  HTML5, AJAX, REST, SOAP, FLEX, FLASH, etc. ü  Web and Mobile onlyü  Jenkins integration Download it FREE today!
  30. 30. MyWeb Performance Dirty Secrets
  31. 31. Billions possible points of failure #2 Cloud Testing Helps you solveThe new testing challenge