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Hs newsletter #5 8 2014 (1)


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August 2014 Newsletter describing recent activity of Jim Lux in support of recognition of WWII experience of B-24 Hot Stuff and crew, first to complete 25 missions in 8th Air Force, months ahead of Memphis Belle. Crashed in Iceland during return trip to US with AF LTG Andrews on board.

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Hs newsletter #5 8 2014 (1)

  1. 1. HOT STUFF/GEN. ANDREWS Newsletter #05 August 2014 JIM’S CORNER July was quite a month. Nancy and I spent most of it traveling and visiting relatives and friends from Colorado to California. I gave presentations to the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona and the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center in Balboa Park in San Diego, California. Unfortunately, we had to cut our va- cation short because of the death of a dear friend Col. Virgal E. “Sandy” Sansing (USAF retired). He was a wonderful man, a great American and a true American hero. Sandy flew over 400 combat missions in World War II and Viet Nam. I had the honor of traveling with him to France several times and met several members of the French Re- sistance who helped him hide from the Germans and with whom he helped harass the Germans after D Day. On one of those trips Sandy received the French Legion of Honor. I will miss him. Jim Comments on the newsletter may be sent to: Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona Presentations to the Pima Air & Space Museum on July 11 & 12 Jim made a presentation to James Stemm, Curator of Collections at the Pima Air & Space Museum on Friday, July 11th, in an effort to convince him to consider a display featuring the story of the B-24 Hot Stuff and Lt. Gen. Andrews in the museum. Unfortunately, not unlike many other museums he has either contacted or visited there appeared to be little or no interest in having parts of any airplane displayed no matter how historic it might be. Jim was invited by Pima Curator of Education Mina Stafford to speak to museum visitors on Saturday. Car- oline and Susan Rondeau, daughters of Hot Stuff engineer Grant Rondeau and members of their family attend- ed the presentation. They brought along photos and documents their dad had accumulated for display. The presentation was well received. Jim Lux speaking to visitors at the Pima Air & Space Museum Visitors listening to Jim’s presenta- tion at the Pima Air & Space Museum Caroline Rondeau and her hus- band Manny holding a piece of Hot Stuff wreckage The Rondeau family took Jim and Nancy out to dinner at a great Mexican restaurant in downtown Tucson after which they presented Jim with a sizable donation toward the Hot Stuff/Gen. Andrews me- morial monument.
  2. 2. The Veterans Museum and Memorial Center in Balboa Park has pieces of Hot Stuff Wreckage on display On Monday, July 14th, Jim had a meeting with Will Hays, Chairman of the Veterans Museum and Me- morial Park. Mr. Hays met with Jim even though the museum was closed on Monday. Jim gave him a presen- tation on the story of Hot Stuff and Lt. Gen. Andrew and showed him the video Triumph and Tragedy. Mr. Hays was most receptive and accepted pieces of Hot Stuff wreck- age for display in the B-24 Liberator room in the museum. The museum is located in a beau- tifully-restored chapel. Mr. Hays was most gracious and gave Jim and Nancy a private tour of the muse- um. Several of the photographs of B-24s on display Jim recognized as bombers in the 93rd Bombardment Group including Tiggie Ann and Joisey Bounce. The large bronze B-24 Liberator lo- cated on a pedestal in front of the museum honors those who flew and The Veterans Museum and Memorial Center in Balboa Park in San Diego, California maintained them and the more than 45,000 men and women who built them at the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation plant in San Diego. There are also four bronze plaques with the names of the Bombard- ment Groups that were assigned B-24s in World War II. The 93rd Bombardment Group As- sociation made a significant contri- bution toward the construction of the bronze B-24. Jim received an email two days later from Mr. Hays informing him that the Hot Stuff wreckage was already on display and was able to confirm that Hot Stuff was built in San Di- ego. Will Hays and Jim Lux Jim presented a copy of Ted’s Trav- elling Circus to Mr. Hays on behalf of Scott Stewart, son of author and 93rd Bomb Group, historian and Aide to Group Commander Ted Timberlake. If you are ever in San Diego be sure to visit the museum. Rosecrans National Cemetery on Point Loma in San Diego, CA Visit to George Eisel’s grave site George Eisel, the tail gunner and only survivor of the crash of Hot Stuff is buried in Rosecrans Nation- al Cemetery on Point Loma in San Diego. George was also a survivor of a B-24 that was shot down over Tu- nisia, North Africa. He passed away
  3. 3. in 1964 in Los Angeles, California. Jim and Nancy visited George’s grave site and found that his grave- stone was missing. A piece of painted plywood was in its place along with a temporary marker. The marker appeared to have been there for a considerable amount of time. Temporary marker on George Eisel’s grave site It was Sunday and the cemetery offices were closed but there were forms available for identifying prob- lems or to make inquiries. Jim filled one out and received a phone call a week later from a cemetery staff member who said that a new grave- stone was damaged when it arrived at the cemetery and another one was on order. Jim was assured it would be in place in August or September. Lt. Gen. Dirk Jameson (USAF retired) visits Hot Stuff/Lt. Gen. Andrews memorial plaque in Iceland Icelander Oli Marteinsson met Lt. Gen. Dirk Jameson (USAF retired) and his wife at Keflavik Internation- al Airport where they had a four hour layover on their return trip to the United States from Europe. Oli and his brother Doddi are friends of Jim who helped him re- cover pieces of Hot Stuff wreckage and worked with the U.S. Embassy and the mayor and town council of the town of Grindavik to secure the land where the Hot Stuff/Lt. Gen. Andrews memorial monument will be located. Oli Marteinsson (left) and Gen. Jameson by the memorial plaque in Grindavik, Iceland Oli took Dirk and his wife Betty to see the plaque at the future memori- al monument site. Dirk said reading the plaque and seeing the mountain where the crash took place in the background made quite an impres- sion on him. They also visited the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s number one tourist attrac- tion ( It’s located about two miles from the monument site. Family members of Lt. Col. Fred Chapman located Cecil Johnson the second cousin of U.S. Army Lt. Col. Fred Chap- man and Malinda Hayes his niece were located with the help of Paul Schumann and Diane Brooker whose husband is a relative of Hot Stuff tail gunner, George Eisel. Chapman was one of Lt. Gen. An- drews’ aides and was killed in the crash of Hot Stuff. The search continues for relatives of the rest of Hot Stuff’s crew and those on-board when it crashed including: Capt. James Gott - navigator Sgt. Joseph Craighead - gunner Sgt. George Farley - gunner Sgt. Paul McQueen - gunner Sgt. Lloyd Weir - crew chief Brig. Gen. Charles Barth - Andrews Chief of Staff Col. Morrow Krum - member of Andrews staff Maj. Theodore Totman - Andrews Secretary Capt. Joseph Johnson - Andrews Aide Col. Frank Miller - Army Chief of Chaplains Maj. Robert Humphery - U.S. Army Chaplain Adna Leonard - Chairman of Corps of Chaplains Great News! The Memorial Monument Fund now Exceeds $24,000! In July the Memorial Monument Fund achieved as significant mile- stone reaching more than a third of the $70,000 goal. MONUMENT FUND DONORS Johannes Allert MN Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts MA Susan Andrews TN Lillian Ayars TX Bank of America (Matching Grant) CA Brig. Gen. Richard Baughn TX Laurence & Verna Belair NH Lawrence Berman MA Raymond & Michelle Bonilla TX Scott Branson TX Mike & Conni Brennan TX
  4. 4. *Harrell & Jackie Broome MS Aaron Buckholtz TX *Peggy Carmen MS Clairmont Retirement Community TX *Jan & Robert Clark CO Lt. Gen. Charles Cleveland AL Shannon & Gay Cox TX Jimmie & Jennifer Craig TX Col. David & Nelda Cravey TX *Dayton Foundation OH Mark Davis TX John & Suzanne Donatucci TX Eric & Domi Ducreau FRANCE Joe & Phyllis Duran CA Blaine & Robin Duxbury IN Dr.Robert & Barbara Emerson TX Ray & Alison Ender TX R.F. Ferguson TX Judy & Albert Figoski TX Patrick Finnegan TX Les Frazier TX Robert & Joan Gallup TX Carol Gerard WI Richard Golombeck TX Dorris E. Green TX William Gros PA David Guerra TX Helen Gutfreund AZ Thomas & Julia Harris TX Max Hill TX Wilbur Hopson TX Ronald & Charlotte Iberg TX Skot Ingram TX Thomas & Margaret Jacobs TX *Kevin Jacobson TX *Ronald Jacobson MS Lt Gen. Dirk & Betty Jameson TX Ray Janes TX Robert Jones TX James Koch TX L7 Computer Parts TX Kermit & Nancy Larson TX James LaRue TX Dr. BA & MW Levy TX Harry Loftis TX Jim & Nancy Lux TX Robert Marquette TX Robert Marquette TX Scott Merchen TX Leonard Miller CA Col. Cassius & Betty Mullen TX Albert Mundo MA John & Rayann Marx PA Bill & Linda McCarley TX Lost Creek CC Members TX Scott Merchen TX Andrew & Marge Meyer TX Leonard Miller CA George Morrison Sr. MA Albert Mundo MA Ralph & Phyllis Mundy TX Michael Oliver TX Thomas Owens TX Robert Peckham TX Carl Pollock TX Robert & Wanda Reetz TX Dr. William Robertson TX *Rondeau Family AZ Patrick & Yvonne Ryan TX Peter & Colleen Sanderson CO Bill & Joanne Sargent CO Robert Spurck, Jr. TX Scott Stewart NE Fraye Stokes TX Paul Stroich, Jr. AZ Vernon Swaim WA Mats Tedeneryd SWEDEN Leon & Joan Thomas TX George Taylor TX Kenneth Taplin CA Robert Tresch TX Terrance & Sylvia Turner CA Heath Twitchell RI Charles Thompson TX Brig. Gen. Regis Urshler NE Kristine & Dwitt Vanwisse TX Maj. Russell Vanderlugt NY James & Vickki Warren TX Robert Weeks TX Joe & Beth Woods TX DF & LA Wiesner TX Charles & Josephine Wiegand TX * Family of Hot Stuff Crew &/or passengers Thank you for your Donation! You Can Help Raise Funds For The Hot Stuff Gen. Andrews Memorial Monument 1. Send this newsletter to everyone on your email list and ask for their help. 2. Every donation of $250 or more will receive a copy of “Ted’s Travelling Circus,” a comprehensive history of the 93rd Bomb Group. 3. Donations are tax deductible. 4. Send donations to: Attn: Nancy Stranger 93rd Bombardment Group Assoc. 995 Cottonwood Lane Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601 5. Refer everyone to the Hot Stuff web site at: 6. Brochures, and a PowerPoint pre- sentation are available for making pre- sentations. 7. Jim Lux is available for Hot Stuff/ Gen. Andrews fund raiser presenta- tions in the Central Texas area. 8. Contact Information: Jim Lux H: 512-327-1750 C: 512-731-8024
  5. 5. Don’t forget! On your next trip to Europe, your first stop should be beautiful Iceland. Stopover at no additional airfare. Stay up to seven days. Visit and enjoy the world famous Blue Lagoon. A land of pure water, clean air & unparalleled beauty. Icelandair is a supporter of the future Hot Stuff/Gen. Andrews Memorial Monument. For information and reservations: