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1204 b covert proposal


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Proposed improvements to Covert Park at Mount Bonnell in Austin Texas

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1204 b covert proposal

  1. 1. Founded in 1802, West Point is the nation’s oldest engineeringschool. The West Point Association of Graduates was founded in1869. West Point Societies exist to further the ideals of the MilitaryAcademy, to perform community outreach, and to assist withAcademy admissions.In 2010, the West Point Society of Central Texas adopted CovertPark at Mount Bonnell and began improvement projects under theAustin Parks and Recreation Department Adopt-A-Park program.There are over 600 West Point graduates in the Austin area. Contacts: Stan Bacon Fred Bothwell WPSCT , Class of 1958 WPSCT, Class of 1962 512-345-5964 512-635-4433 12/3/2011 1
  2. 2. MOUNT BONNELL •“The Best View in Austin” •One of the most popular parks in the city: •775 feet above sea level. COVERT PARK•5.36 acre City park at summit of Mount Bonnell•Donated to Travis County for use as a public park in1938-39 by Covert family of Austin•Deeded in memory of Frank M. Covert, Sr., byClarence Covert and F. M. Covert, Jr•Marker erected in 1938•Deeded to city of Austin in 1972•Adopted by West Point Society of Central Texas in 2010 12/3/2011 2
  3. 3. BACKGROUND 2010-20111. WEST POINT SOCIETY OF CENTRAL TEXAS ADOPTS MOUNT BONNELL IN 2010 (PARD Adopt-A Park Program) Formed Friends of Mt Bonnell Fundraising $3K+ APF Grants $1.5K View Restoration Supervised cleanups Manned Oyster Races Developed proposal to repair and enhance park facilities – kiosk, marker, dais, benches2. JANUARY 2011 WPSCT SUBMITS PARK IMPROVEMENT PROPOSAL FOR PARD REVIEW Remove broken limestone Covert marker Replace with permanent granite replica marker Add benches and paving around marker Project cost: $100,000+, to be paid by donations and in-kind support Covert Family $20K+ Friends of Mount Bonnell $TBD Austin Parks Foundation/Austin City Limits $50K In Kind Support: O’Connell Robertson. KC Construction $40K3. OCTOBER 2011 PARD RESPONDS TO REQUEST FOR REVIEW Proposal requires approval of City Historical Landmark Commission City Historian opposes replacement of marker PARD can not approve without concurrence of Historic Commission 12/3/2011 3
  4. 4. CURRENT SITUATION DECEMBER 20111. NOVEMBER 2011 - WPSCT MEETS WITH PARD STAFF TO DISCUSS PROPOSAL Mt Bonnell is a NATURE PRESERVE Managed jointly by PARD and Balcones Canyonlands Preserve Only current plan for Mt Bonnell/Covert park is conservation of flora & fauna PARD has no long range plan for Mt Bonnell/Covert Park PARD is unlikely to agree to enhancement of facilities No action can be taken until a long range plan is developed No action can be taken unless Historical Commission grants Certificate of Appropriateness, after review by COA Committee2. NOVEMBER 2011 WPSCT REVIEWS PROPOSAL WITH COA COMMITTEE COA FINDINGS: Improvement of the park is inconsistent with the way the park appeared in 1938 Removal, restoration, and display of original marker off site is inappropriate Replacement of original marker with permanent granite marker is inappropriate Adding amenities around marker is inappropriate The original marker should be repaired and remain on site3. NOVEMBER 2011 WPSCT DISCOVERS POSSIBLE CONFLICT OF INTEREST COA Committee is chaired by Laurie Limbacher, owner of an architecture firm The Historical Commission is also chaired by Ms. Limbacher LIMBACHER & GODFREYdoes historic restoration, preservation, and planning for the city The WPSCT proposal was developed by O’Connell Robertson, Architectural, Engineering and Design firm, winners of the Texas State 9/11 Monument competition. 12/3/2011 4
  5. 5. ISSUES1. HISTORICAL: MOUNT BONNELL - A RECREATIONAL PARK FOR NEARLY 150 YEARS According to Libby Custer’s biography, Mt Bonnell was used for hiking, riding, picnicking, social gatherings and band concerts as early as 1865 Today, Austinites still enjoy Covert Park/Mt Bonnell as a site for diverse activities: physical fitness training aerobic exercise portrait photography fashion shoots wedding ceremonies engagement photos picnics romantic rendezvous urban adventure racing sunset wine tastings sightseeing entertaining visitors2. MOUNT BONNELL HAS BEEN A NUTURE PRESERVE FOR LESS THAN 20 YEARS The BCP and PARD are concerned with the preservation of the flora and fauna on Mt Bonnell The Covert family gave the park to the people of Travis County for their enjoyment The bracted twistflower is now reproducing abundantly in other locations 12/3/2011 5
  7. 7. The Bracted twistflower **** **** ENDANGERED? From 42 seeds to 72,251…IN A BEE CAVE BATHROOM! November 29, 2011 7 12/3/2011
  8. 8. CITY OF AUSTIN CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS DISCUSSIONName of historic property: Covert Park at Mount BonnellAddress of historic property: 3800 Mount Bonnell Road; Austin, TXBrief description of proposed work: 0. Remove, restore and display 1938 marker in City Museum (PARD) 1. Install Replica of 1938 marker on site 2. Install new landscaping and amenities around markerAPPLICANT: West Point Society of Central Texas, representing Covert Family of Austin,Austin Parks Foundation (ACL Grant Committee), and Friends of Mount BonnellOWNER: City of AustinARCHITECT : O’Connell Robertson, AustinCONTRACTOR: KC Construction, Georgetown 12/3/2011 8
  9. 9. 12/3/2011 9
  10. 10. In 1865-66 the crest of Mount Bonnell was a site for recreational socialgatherings , picnics, and concerts~70 years later, 1936-38 the Covert family gave the site to the people for use as apublic park. A limestone marker was installed to commemorate the gift ~70 years later, the limestone marker has disintegrated and the park hasbecome a “nature preserve,” no longer planned for use as a recreational site “In our daily rides we found the country about Austin delightful…Indeed, there was one high hill, called Mount Brunnel, where we had picnics and enjoyed the fine view, far and near, taking one of the bands of the regular regiments from the North that joined us soon after our arrival…The band played the “Anvil Chorus,” and the sound descended through the valley grandly. The river, filled with sand-bars and ugly on close examination, looked like a silver ribbon. At that height, the ripened cotton, at certain seasons of the year, looked like fields of foam. The thermometer was over eighty before we left the lowlands; but at the altitude to which we climbed the air was cool.” Elizabeth B. Custer, Tenting on the Plains (1887) 12/3/2011 10
  11. 11. WEST POINT SOCIETY OF CENTRAL TEXAS “ADOPTED” COVERT PARK IN 2010 MOUNT BONNELL/COVERT PARK PROJECTS 2010-2011•PARD Adopt-a-Park Agreement signed.•Supported Austin Oyster Urban Adventure Race.•Service Austin Days Fall Clean-up, 33 volunteers and 2 firefighters.•Used $1500 APF grant to restore views with PARD and community support•Raised funds for base of new kiosk in Covert Park•My Parks Day, APF, 23 volunteers.•Clean Sweep, KAB, 31 volunteers.•Supported Austin Oyster Urban Adventure Race.•Received KAB grant of $850 to apply to Kiosk Base payment.•Planned Clean-up w/Central Texas Mountaineers.•Service Austin Days Fall Clean-up.MOUNT BONNELL WEB SITE MAINTAINED BY WEST POINT SOCIETY 12/3/2011 11
  12. 12. PRELIMINARY CONCEPTUAL MEETING OBJECTIVESREVIEW current proposal of the Friends of Mount Bonnell and the West Point Society of CentralTexas for $100,000+ gift to the city of Austin in support of restoration and improvement of CovertPark at Mount Bonnell.DISCUSS How WPSCT can improve likelihood of being awarded Certificates of Appropriatenessfor proposed Covert Park projects: •Installation of replica Covert Marker, funded by Covert family •Landscaping and other amenities THE PROPOSED GIFT: $116,630 ($73,370 cash plus $43,260 in-kind support)The West Point Society, in cooperation with the Covert family, APF, the Austin City Limits MusicFestival, O’Connell Robertson of Austin, KC Construction of Georgetown, and other Friends ofMount Bonnell, proposes to give to the citizens of Austin gifts with a value in excess of $100,000,comprised as follows: •~$20,000 donated by the Covert Family plus additional funding from Friends of Mount Bonnell and the West Point Society of Central Texas •$44,000+ in professional services and labor donated by O’Connell Robinson, KC Construction, and others •$50,000 in matching funds granted by Austin City Limits and the Austin Parks Foundation •Other in-kind support provided by PARD 12/3/2011 12
  13. 13. THE PROPOSED PROJECTPART ONE – COVERT MARKER: $28,000 plus in-kind support•Removal of the existing 1938 marker to a site where it can be restored, protected from theelements, and preserved indefinitely (at PARD expense)•Erection of a granite replica of the original 1938 marker, donated by the Covert family,commemorating and rededicating the previous Covert family gift of the park and the 1938marker.PART TWO - DAIS: $38,700 plus in kind support:•Landscaping and additional amenities around the marker, final design in cooperation withPARD.•APF has informally announced the award of an ACL grant in the amount of $32,745 for the solepurpose of implementing PART TWO of the plan, pending resolution of the marker status. 12/3/2011 13
  14. 14. COVERT PARK MARKER CONDITION:1938-2011 Marker is no longer vertical 1938 2010 Marker is disintegrating 2008 12/3/2011 2010 14
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  18. 18. FACTS: •The public, as reflected in the views of the neighborhood associations, the Friends of Mount Bonnell, and the grant committees of the Austin Parks Foundation and Austin City Limits support the WPSCT proposal. •The original 1938 limestone marker commemorating the Covert family gift of the park to Travis County has deteriorated, a possible matter of “Demolition by Neglect” Ch 25-11-211(6) •It is in the interest of history that the original marker be restored, preserved, and protected from future damage. •The Covert family has agreed to fund the installation of a durable replica of the original Covert marker so that the original may be restored, preserved and protected from future damage. Installation of a replica would allow the original marker to be removed, repaired, restored, and displayed in a suitable, protected environment in a city museum or public building, as in the case of many other historic artifacts: the Rosetta Stone, The Stone of Scone, the Elgin Marbles, etc. 12/3/2011 18
  19. 19. Over 70 years ago, the Covert family of Austin, then owners ofthe tract of land on which Mount Bonnell stands, gave thesummit of the mountain to the people of Travis County for useby residents and visitors. Known as Covert Park at MountBonnell, the site was dedicated in memory of the family patriarch,Frank M. Covert, Senior. Carrington-Covert House (1857)Now in their sixth generation in Central Texas, theCovert family continues in their civic-mindedtradition, playing an important role in support for local charitableorganizations and the restoration of the pre-Civil WarCarrington/Covert House in Austin, now headquarters for theTexas Historical Commission. Restored by Covert family, now occupied By Texas Historical CommissionThe Covert family would like to see the 1938 marker protected from furtherdeterioration, to be replaced on site with a more durable granite replica ofthe original marker, funded by the Coverts. 12/3/2011 19
  20. 20. Objects with historic significance may be placed in protective enclosures…. PLYMOUTH ROCK (1620) MASSACHUSETTS, USA SUENO’S STONE (800-900 AD) FORRES, SCOTLAND Suenos Stone stands about 21 feet high. It is the largest surviving Pictish stone of its type in Scotland. In the early 1990s the stone was encased in armored glass to prevent erosion. 12/3/2011 20
  21. 21. ....or displayed in museums THE ROSETTA STONE (196 B.C) British Museum, UK STELE OF NARAM-SIN (2450 B.C.) Mesopotamia On display in The Louvre, Paris ELGIN MARBLES 5TH CENTURY B.C. Removed from Parthenon 1801-1812. Put on display in the British Museum, planned for return to Acropolis Museum in Athens 12/3/2011 21
  22. 22. The original historic artifact may be placed in a protected location….THE STONE OF SCONE (1249 A.D.?)Original Stone in Westminster Abby REPLICA STONE OF SCONE at original site at Moot Hill, Scotland REPLICA ROSETTA STONE at original site at Rosetta (el-Rashid) Egypt ….AND A REPLICA INSTALLED AT THE ORIGINAL SITE 12/3/2011 22
  23. 23. CONSIDERATIONS: •If allowed, Covert family gift can set an example to encourage other sources of private funding for city improvement projects, e.g., Waller Creek development. •If disallowed, it may prevent any proposed enhancements, due to APF/ACL matching grant requirements. •If installed in an unprotected outdoor location, can future deterioration of the 1938 marker be prevented? For how long? 12/3/2011 23
  24. 24. DISCUSSIONHow can WPSCT improve likelihood of being awardedCertificates of Appropriateness for proposed Covert Park projects? •PARD removal and restoration of original Covert Marker, to be displayed in City Museum •Installation of replica Covert Marker •Landscaping and other amenities 12/3/2011 24
  25. 25. BACKUP CHARTS 12/3/2011 25
  26. 26. MUSEO NACIONAL DE ANTROPOLOGIA, Mexico City MEXICA EXHIBIT ROOMReproduction of the Tikal Stela (250 – 650 A.D.) 12/3/2011 26
  27. 27. ARCHITECTURAL PLANS AND PROJECT SUPPORT: O’CONNELL ROBERTSON: •Established in 1950: Award-winning Austin-based, architectural/engineering/interior design firm •. Specializes in education, healthcare, and sports facility design •Known for developing innovative design solutions •Won statewide competition for design of Texas 9/11 Memorial Covert Park Planning Support 2010-2011 •Estimated value of pro bono support to date: ~$10,000 •OCR design staff site visits to Mount Bonnell •Joint design conferences and site study •Preliminary design concept and presentations •Plan reviews with Covert family, PARD, WPSCT, FOMB •Plan amendments and cost estimates, bids, renderings, continuing, ongoing support 12/3/2011 27
  28. 28. ARCHITECTURAL PLANS AND PROJECT SUPPORT: O’CONNELL ROBERTSON:REPRESENTATIVE PROJECTS•The Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, North End Zone Expansion•Texas State University Baseball/Softball Complex Enhancements•New University of Texas Softball Training Facility•New Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Residence Hall•New Texas A&M University McFerrin Indoor Athletic Center A/E 12/3/2011 28
  29. 29. ARCHITECTURAL PLANS AND PROJECT SUPPORT: O’CONNELL ROBERTSON: TEXAS STATE CEMETERY 9/11 MEMORIAL, AUSTIN •The Texas State Cemetery 9/11 monument is dedicated to all Texans who died during the September 11 terrorist attacks •Commissioned in 2002, numerous designs were submitted from artists, architects and private citizens from around the state. •The final design by O’Connell, Robertson and Associates of Austin was chosen by the Governor’s Office and the Texas State Cemetery Committee. 12/3/2011 29
  30. 30. GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT KC CONSTRUCTION COMPANY OF GEORGETOWN Eric Klingemann, West Point ’95, PresidentPAST PROJECTS RECENT CUSTOMERS(New Construction/Site Remediation) Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)Williamson County Parks Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD)UT Wetlands Education Center and Park City of AustinMarine Science Institute, Port Aransas Austin EnergyTravis County East Metro Park Travis CountyCommunication Tower Sites Williamson CountyWater Treatment Plant Physical Security City of GeorgetownImprovements City of Cedar ParkParking Lot Improvements City of Taylor, TXWater Treatment Plant Construction City of Rogers, TX Housing AuthorityDrainage Channel Construction Williamson County MUD #10Detention Pond Construction Newland Communities of Texas (TeraVista)Drainage Culvert Construction Woodlawn Condominiums Home OwnersWater Meter Vault Association KB-CK Limited Partnership Oak Bluff Estates, Round Rock, TX Forest Creek, Round Rock, TX 30 12/3/2011
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  37. 37. From the Handbook of Texas Online:George Armstrong Custer, West Point graduate,Civil War general and western Indian fighter, wondistinction in the Civil War as a cavalry officer.From 1865 to 1866 he was assigned to duty in Austinwhere, as commander of US troops, he strictlyenforced regulations prohibiting foraging,lawlessness, and destruction of private property. Hewon the gratitude of many Texans, who found him agenerous and courtly soldier.Custers wife, Elizabeth travelled with him after thewar. Her Tenting on the Plains (1887) presents acharming picture of their stay in Texas.The Texas Legislature was the only state legislatureto send official condolences to General Custersfamily following his death at the Battle of The LittleBig Horn on June 25, 1876. 12/3/2011 37
  38. 38. The Arno-Novotny House in Austin Texas, formerly the Texas Institute for theBlind, was used by Major General George Armstrong Custer as his headquartersduring the start of Reconstruction in 1865-66. The structure is beautifullypreserved on the University of Texas campus.