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Nightingale Social & Cloud mockup


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Nightingale Social & Cloud mockup

  1. 1. Social & Cloud mockups by freaktechnikInspired by ilikenwf and Instantbird.
  2. 2. cloud music socialservices networks scrobble / download/ like / friends activity upload music stream comment
  3. 3. Synchronization settings• Choose for each service – Download – Upload – Stream → Download OR Stream
  4. 4. → requires auto tagging for matching!file://C:/Users/User/Music/Portal 2/Spaaaaace.mp3 - Portal 2 ┺ Songs to TestBy_alspotify:local:Aperture+Science+Psychoacoustics+Laboratory:Portal+2%3a+Songs+to+Test+By:Spaaaaace:45
  5. 5. Nightingale was unable to find a song matching «get ready» in your library. Maybe you wantto stream it:Get ready to take of 2:00 some artist awesome spotify houseGet set, and be ready 1:56 artist 2 awesome spotify popready to get it 3:24 artist 3 awesome spotify rocklorem ipsum 1:03 intirprääät free google music folk
  6. 6. Somehow conflicts with podcasts Inbox for Soundcloud, Spotify, Face book Wall posts etc.this reads «social» Inbox Musicstream Music stream of friends: scrobblings from facebook &, likes from fb, & spotify obsolete for me,but why else would you scrobble?
  7. 7. Musicstream• Post type filter• Merge contacts – example: your friend has and facebook. He scrobbels to both. It would be annoying if you would get every song twice.
  8. 8. ACCOUNTS
  9. 9. API for AddOns• Everything mentioned before can be implemented as AddOn• Allow AddOns to – Use direct API of the services – streaming – uploading – downloading (→ shops) – liking – scrobbling
  10. 10. Security: Allow access!Add a checkbox to grant access to accounts for theaddon, which requests it. Each account has his owncheckbox.
  11. 11. simple to revoke/allow access «rights» button, to revoke/allow access
  12. 12. Allow developers to add other accounts.KEEP THE PLATTFORM OPEN.
  13. 13. New AddOn type: account• Interface between the Service and Nightingale• Similiar API to the AddOns API, but inversed• Improoves UX: you only need to login once• Could be used for Podcasts / Youtube subscriptions too• Accounts could be from shops, music streaming services or social networks
  14. 14. Overview: AddOn A Service Account Nightingale AddOn AddOn B