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Frce research report on violence against women


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Frce research report on violence against women

  1. 1. FRCE research report on Violence against Women Circulated cum published by FRCE on 25th Nov 12 International Day for the Elimination of Violence against WomenIntroductionMedia reported cases of violence against women from 1st Jan 2012 to 23nd Nov 2012 in Pakistanhave increased by 7 per cent as compared to the year January to December 2011. The monitoredstories clearly revealed that younger and married women were more often a target of violenceagainst women in Sindh and Sindh was marked for second highest number of reported VAWcases. Around 1913 cases of VAW occurred with married women, 1,615 occurred to womenwho were unmarried, 38 victims were divorced and 71 were reported widows. FRCE genderexperts identifies below 18 years of age as most susceptible to violence. Around 59 per cent ofthe victims were below 18 years of age, 31 per cent were 19-36 years old and 9 per cent wereover 36 years of age. The FIR has been registered for nearly 65 per cent of the reported cases ofviolence against women. Despite extensive efforts to control honor killing incidents, 536 suchcases were reported in past ten months. The most reported crimes against women (24 per cent)were kidnapping and abduction. Among total, 17 per cent reported cases were of murder.MethodologySecondary data reviewed in this study which was taken from Sindhi newspapers from January2012 to November 2012FindingsForms of violence found in SindhThe most common form of violence against women was found to be murder, with 153 killingsreported in the media. It was followed by abduction/ kidnapping (146), domestic violence (140),honor killings (131), custodial violence (194), vani (102), suicide (59), rape/ gang rape (54),
  2. 2. attempt to commit suicide (36), threat to violence (35), sexual assault (33), attempted murder(30), and burning (four).ConclusionFRCE point of viewDuring collecting data through electronic media, was observed by gender specialists of FRCEthat gender discrimination is not a Pakistan-specific issue, as gender issues are prevalent acrossthe world. However, in a country such as Pakistan that faces infrastructural problems and lacksan effective justice system, the gender issues take a much more violent shape. Observed thatwomen suffer by an unfair division of power and resources. Be it education, health, access tojustice system, or economic empowerment, women face a discriminatory attitude and haveconstantly been undermined, and observed that these factors, along with cultural practices lead tofrequent cases of violence against women.References (1st Jan 2012 to 23nd Nov 2012) Newspaper Email address Dwan Daily times Jang Umat NEWS dailyeonline (Sindhi: ‫)عوامي آواز‬ Hilal-e-Pakistan (Sindhi: ‫هالل‬ ‫)پاڪستان‬ Ibrat (Sindhi: ‫)عبرت‬ Kawish (Sindhi: ‫)ڪاوش‬
  3. 3. Koshish (Sindhi: ‫)ڪوشش‬ Mehran (Sindhi: ‫)مهراڻ‬ Sach (Sindhi: ‫)سچ‬ Safeer (Sindhi: ‫)سفیر‬ Shaam (Sindhi: ‫)شام‬ Sindh (Sindhi: ‫)سنڌ‬ Sindhu (Sindhi: ‫)سنڌو‬ Sobh (Sindhi: ‫)سوڀ‬ Aaino (Sindhi: ‫)آئینو‬ Takmel-e-pakistan (Sindhi: ‫تعمیر‬[dead link]Pakistan ‫)سنڌ‬ News Daily Awami JaizaEmail: foundationrce@gmail.comFacebook: