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Frce research report on karo kari issue in sindh


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Frce research report on karo kari issue in sindh

  1. 1. FRCE Research Report on KARO KARI Issue in SindhFoundation of Research & Community EmpowermentWebsite (under construction at present)Email: foundationrce@gmail.comFacebook:
  2. 2. Contents 1. Introduction 2. What is Karo Kari 3. History of Karo Kari 4. Causes of Karo Kari 5. FRCE Observation 6. Reference
  3. 3. IntroductionBrief Introduction of Karo Kari in PakistanViolence against women is not confined to our country alone but its prevalence is evident acrossthe world. Violence against women is a phenomenon that takes several identifiable forms andcuts across national, ethnic and social backgrounds. In Pakistan certain social precedents, callthem customs or traditions justify acts of torture, violence and murder infused with a sense ofrighteous pride. The worst of such customs is that of so-called ‘honour’ killings. In Baluchistan,the act of ‘honour’ killings is termed siyahkari, karo kari in Sindh, in NWFP tor tora, and kalakali in the Punjab. In all four provinces of our country there are areas where this custom persistsin its worst forms even today. On the accusation of illicit relations, women and men aremurdered, although women form the majority of victims. The primary reaction to these acts issilence. Majority of the population consider such actions justifiable.FRCE wants to shed some more light on what this issue Karo Kari and its history and how manywomen were killed and reported in the newspapers on the name of Karo KariWhat is Karo KariKari is a type of premeditated honor killing, which originated in rural and tribal areas of Sindh,Pakistan. The homicidal acts are primarily committed against women who are thought to havebrought dishonor to their family by engaging in illicit pre-marital or extra-marital relations. Inorder to restore this honor, a male family member must kill the female in question.History of Karo Kari.Karo-kari has basically been a custom practiced by certain tribes. Historically, the practice hadbeen alien to the liberal society of Sindh, which came face to face with it in the 13th centurywhen a magnanimous wave of certain tribes migrants crossed into Sindh after Mongols invadedtheir land. But this custom was very sporadic and confined only to some of those tribes settled inSindh.MethodologySecondary data was reviewed which was taken from a different Sindhi newspapers from January2012 to November 2012
  4. 4. FindingsCauses of Karo KariThe reports and karo kari trends revealed that usual causes for killing women were: husband’sdislike for his wife, desire for second marriage, to extract money, to get a new woman in penaltyfrom the rival tribe and to disgrace a rival. The exact number of karo-kari cases in the countryhas remained unascertainable since the killings are often hushed up.FRCE ObservationLocal and national media have reported 215 cases of Karo Kari from 1st Jan 2012 to 20th Nov2012.After analyzing data FRCE research team has come at conclusion that that more than 80per cent of karo-kari killings took place only in northern Ares of Sindh and the most importantfindings in this research study was that almost 85 per cent of the cases of karo-kari werecommitted in the tribal origin people of the northern Sindh.References (1st Jan 2012 to 20th Nov 2012) Newspaper Email address Dwan Daily times Jang Umat NEWS dailyeonline Hilal-e-Pakistan Ibrat
  5. 5. Kawish linkPakistan NewsDaily Awami Jaiza