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Zinc Plus

  1. 1. ZINC PLUS Courtesy to Ms Liu Yuxia
  2. 2. About Zinc Zinc is a trace element necessary for human body, for each and every organ. Zinc is the gear in life for conveying substances and metabolism. Zinc is also necessary for produce of enzyme which is an important composition of DNA,RNA. Zinc is the highest contained trace element in brain meninges. Zinc protects the system and increase the enzyme activity in meninges.
  3. 3. Zinc and Body Take part in Synthesizing of over 300enzymes Affect on taste& appetite Accelerate cell division and growth, improve hair &skin Good for eyes &eyesightPromote complete body Geargrowth&development ,especiallyfor children in life Prevent senile dementia Improve healing of body wounds Improve infertility
  4. 4. Reasons for Zinc Deficiency 1.Insufficient absorption: lack breast-feeding, or low contain of oxalic acid, fiber ,etc in the food therefore reduce absorption of zinc 2.Demand increasing: as body grows,more demand of zinc 3.Problem in zinc absorption: disease with alimentary canal affect the body to absorb and use zinc
  5. 5. High Zinc Deficiency Trace element Test of 45000 Children found that Zinc content in the body of over 30000 children is deficient
  6. 6. Harm of Zinc Deficiency: • Slow with growth &development ;dwarf • Scarce yellow hair ,hair losing ,baldness • Bluntness in taste,food-choosing ,anorexia, eat strange objects • senile dementia • Poor eyesight ,nyctalopia • Slow development with sex organ • Acne ,mouth ulcer, slow healing with cuts or wounds
  7. 7. Zinc RDA 25 20 15 Zinc intake 10 5 0 infant child adult pregnant breast-feeding woman woman
  8. 8. TIENS Zinc Plus Body can’t synthesize Zinc! It can only be absorbed externally : Zinc Plus the best
  9. 9. Composition of Zinc Plus Lactic acid Zinc Egg Protein Glucose High absorption rate, Sugar does not have not be affected by Promote Zinc the gene which disturb phytate and phytic absorption; increase the Zinc absorption. acid.Known as the best nutriment Glucose promote the Zinc available zinc absorption
  10. 10. 与同类产品相比的优势 Other Brands Lactic acid through bio- Traditional method engineering technology Over use may cause calcium,iron deficiency. Quality product with Disturb the metabolism of stability &high absorption iron,cupruim ion, inrate.No side-effect for long addition to irritation to use stomach ,and cause nausea,vomit,constipation.
  11. 11. Features of TINES Zinc Plus • Natural ,organic • High absorption ,with no irritation to stomach and intestines • No synthesized flavor ,color,and preservatives • High quality from hi-tech
  12. 12. Functions: Important to To maintain Boost bone maintain normal Improve eyesight development metabolism appetite &healthy skin ,good for child growth Promote body Promote brain Maintain improve &tissue growth development,incr normal infertility ease IQ immunity
  13. 13. Good for those : Children in growth stage ,choosy with food Pregnant&breast feeding woman,aged people Weak in health,low immunity ,easy to get ill People with Hi BP, or after illness People in fasting,diet or fitness; vegetarian People with Malnutrition,& stomach problem
  14. 14. Dosage &Usage: Take in lukewarm water See usage in Packing
  15. 15. Food Rich in Zinc: Muscle Meat ,liver Egg,fish,blood Oyster contains maximum Zinc,1000g/kg Seeds and nuts like sesame,pine seeds,etc
  16. 16. Zinc-Important for Life
  17. 17. thanks www.tiens.com