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Tiens Calcium & Health


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Tiens Calcium & Health

  1. 1. TIENS CALCIUM Series courtesy to Ms Liu Xiaoxia
  2. 2. Calcium is the Source of Life Calcium is an essential element for body.Calcium takes only1.5-2%of body weight. The body is unable to synthesize Calcium itself, it can only get through absorption externally! Therefore the body needs calcium for the whole life. Calcium is important for life from before cradle up to grave! No calcium ,no life! RDA of calcium is 800 mg/day in order to meet the basic needs of the body. For some people ,the daily need is 2000mg/day.
  3. 3. Calcium in the body 99%in the bones 1%in the blood •Important for cell movement, polarization,•To form the body structure excretion ,metabolism, etc•Support the body • calcium is the activation agent for•Protect organs enzymes in the body•Calcium bank in the body • adjust nerve system •Balance blood PB •Important in blood cruor •Control inflammation ,edemas
  4. 4. parathyroid . . . . bone Blood vessel 。 。 。 osteoclasts 。。。。 。。 。。 。 。。 homeostasis 99% 骨骼牙齿bone calcitonin Blood Cell 。。 。。 Beginning from 20 years old ,people start to lose 1% calcium yearlydication of Calcium Lose
  5. 5. Calcium deficiency causes 109 related diseases
  6. 6. Age Group &Calcium Deficiency Symptoms mg ,平均量, Children : Infants: Putty leg, cramp, Night terror,night tiredness, fret, lack cry,irratable, pegieon chest, concentration, partial pressure alopecia,cephalus eclipse, anorexia quadratus ,X leg,O ,decayed tooth, easy to leg,rickets,bone catch cold, hypogenesis hypersusceptibile
  7. 7. mg ,平均量, 青少年 : 腿软、抽筋、疲 Pregnant woman Youngster: 倦乏力、烦躁、精 力不集中、偏食、 Leg convulsion ,weak Frequent tiredness, 厌食、蛀牙、易感 with back& pain in leg, fatigue, cramp, weak 冒、易过敏等。 joint pain, edema, high pain in back, easy to BP during pregnancycatch cold, be sensitive
  8. 8. mg ,平均量,Middle &old age: constipation, drowsiness, indifference, Week with back ,pain in arteriosclerosis,leg,convulsion in leg, joint coronary heart pain, osteoporosis, disease, poor sex hyperosteogeny, osteomalacia ,fracture, performance, diabetics, stone high BP, cancer, senile dementia,etc
  9. 9. Why Man Look Smaller When Getting old? Man is Losing Calcium with Age
  10. 10. Normal bone Osteoporosis Change of Bone Structure
  11. 11. Bone Density,Height&AgeBone Density male Female age
  12. 12. Current Calcium Intake ,平均量, mg Mg,average Group Daily need Daily intake Daily deficiency Infant 400 200 200 资 children 800 400 400 料 国 来 营 youngster 1000 500 500 养源 协 会: adults 600~800 500 100~300 中 Old people 1200 450 750
  13. 13. Why Need Calcium Supplement? Balance calcium, supply enough Prevent calcium to baby ostoprosisi, hyperplasia 1200 1100 produce Balance 800 sclerotin to 700 calcium,keep bone 600 make bone perfect,prevent the best, so calcium losing as to support 老年 人 body growth
  14. 14. Take Calcium, no time to delay
  15. 15. Get the Best @TIENS Calcium? 安全 HACCP certified Best-selling 天然 有效 Natural worldwide for &organic over 10 yrs
  16. 16. Features of TIENS Calcium: High Calcium Content : 4000mg/100g High absorption rate: 95% Ca : p = 2 : 1 PH value =7,no catalyze, no side effect Calcium Series, good taste, multi-flavor Multifunction nourishment, good for life &health (Vitamins,phosphor,Fe,Se,Me,etc minerals &trace elements,18 amino acids and other nutrition) Patent product
  17. 17. PH value Human body TIENS Calcium detergent Calcium in market
  18. 18. 7 yrs old. Taken in 1997 in Harbin!Before use 3 months after using TIENS Calcium
  19. 19. TIENS BabyBefore using TIENS calcium 2 months after TIENS Calcium
  20. 20. TIENS Quality Calcium Series TIENS Calcium TIENS Calcium Nutritional Calcium Nutritional Calcium Children Calcium Children Calcium Calcium Milk powder Calcium Milk powder Calcium Tablets Calcium Tablets Calcium for Diabetic Calcium for Diabetic Calcium+ Lecithin Calcium+ Lecithin
  21. 21. TINES High Calcium I •Calcium Content: 4000mg/100g •Features: Amino acid Chelated calcium, bioactive high calcium content; Ca:P RATIO= 2:1,high Calcium rate =95%; Natural multifunctional nutrition; Rich in Vd •Good for: middle &old people ,children at growing stage, women in pregnancy and breast feeding; weakness • Usage &dosage: mix in 60-70C°warm water,1-2 sachets daily
  22. 22. TINES Calcium for Diabetic (Cal II)•Calcium content : 3600mg/100g•Feature: Amino acid chelated calcium;high bioactive; Ca:P RATIO 2:1,highCalcium rate =95%;No sugar; Low fat;Low calorie•Good for: formatted for diabetics ,andthose with high sugar•Usage& dosage: mix in 60-70C°warmwater,1-2 sachets daily
  23. 23. TINES Calcium for Children•Calcium content: 3600mg/100g•Features : Amino acid chelatedcalcium; high bioactive; Ca:P RATIO2:1,high Calcium rate =95%;Contentingredient good for brain development;Good for children growth•Good for : children•Usage &dosage: mix in 60-70C°warmwater,1-2 sachets daily
  24. 24. TIENS Calcium+ Lecithin •Features: lecithin content ≥35%, ethylamine sulfonic acid =1.8-2.2%;effectively improve brain cell activity ,and increase memory •Good for :student ,and people in stress •Usage&dosage: Mix in lukewarm water, 3 time daily ,1 sachets per day; or 3 tablets daily in case of capsules
  25. 25. TIENS Calcium Tablets •Features : Amino acid chelated calcium; high bioactive; Ca:P RATIO 2:1,high Calcium rate =95%;Multifavor in peach, sweet melon, coco ;Easy to carry for traveling •Good for :people with calcium deficiency •Usage &dosage: 3-5 tablets for adult daily;2-3 tablets for children daily
  26. 26. TIENS MILK POWDER•Calcium content : 3600mg/100g•Features: Amino acid chelated calcium; high bioactive; Ca:PRATIO 2:1,high Calcium rate =95%;Rich in ethylamine sulfonicacid, protein, vitamins and trace elements. No sugar ,low fat,low calorie ;no preservatives ;Good for growth of children,improve health ,and increase immunity•Good for :infant, children, pregnant woman,and those who are weak•Usage &dosage: mix in 60-70C water
  27. 27. Awards◆Recommended by National Calcium Metabolism Semina◆Human Health Award by 2nd National Calcium MetabolismSeminar◆21 Century Excellent Calcium by III National CalciumMetabolism Seminar
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