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BAO Accoupunture Treasure

  1. 1. TIENSACCUPUNTURE TREASURE (XUEBAO) Courtesy to Ms Liu Xiaoxia
  2. 2. What is Jingluo ? Jingluo ,is the Channel through which the blood and Qin flows in the body.It’s like the orbit of the star. Therefore problems with the organ system in the body can be treated through stimulating the meridian or points in the skin.
  3. 3. What is Jingluo?Jingluo is general term for all the channels and meridians inthe body.Jing means channel or route from up to down ,in andout ,throughout the body. Luo mean network .Jingluo is inbetween organs and skins ,to link blood &qi, yin &yang ,forcommunication of the 5 Zang organs,and 6Fu organs,4 limbs,over 100 bones,9 holes,skin,muscles &hair
  4. 4. For exampleWhy people beat their chest while stamping foot hard on floor when sorrow?Beat chest :the is a meridian in the chest called Shanzhong. When people are sorrow,all the Qi flow &gather in Shanzhong point. Beating this point release the Qi! It is an instinct for people to do so in order to protect the body.Foot Stamp: People also stamp foot on floor when sorrow! That’s because there is a Yongquan Point in the sole .Stamping foot open the Yongquan point so as to release more Qi or energy from kidney.The new Qi will wash away the depression.
  5. 5. What is Jingluo?Huangdi Neijing----the 1st TCM book:Jingluo determines life or death! Jingluodeal with all diseases ,making the bodyweak or strong.
  6. 6. TIENS Xuebao-Xuebao is a portable &small hi tech acupuncturedevice.It’s a combination of needle therapy, magnetictherapy and electric pulse!Xuebao helps to reduceBP,diminish inflammation,kill pain, open channels,promote micro circulation.Xuebao result is quick and easy to use, with no sideeffect
  7. 7. Awards for TIENS Xuebao1996,Gold Medal in Beijing Int’l New Invention Exhibition1997, Gold Medal in 1st Int’l New Invention &Hi tech ExhibitionMagic needle!
  8. 8. Features• Need no puncture into skin,no worry about infection• Easy to use• durable
  9. 9. 8 Functions:• Quickly improve micro circulation• Diminish inflammation, &kill pains• Help to Calm• Detoxify• Open channels• Balance BP• Skin scraping• beautification
  10. 10. Primary Usage
  11. 11. 6 FORMULAS TOUSE : • • • • • • 胸 酸 面 头 腰 肚 项 肋 痛 口 寻 背 腹 列 内 取 合 委 三 缺 关 阿 谷 中 里 谋 是 收 求 留
  12. 12. 6 FORMULAS TRANSLATION:1. Get SanLi Point for pains in stomach &belly2. Get Wei Zhong Point for pains in waist &back3. Get Lie Que Point for pains in head &neck4. Get He Gu Point for pains in face &month5. Get A Shi for any pains in the body! A shi is the right pain point6. Get Nei Guan Point for pains in chest and ribs /sides
  13. 13. 6 JOINT POINTS TO APPLY AT• SANLI • HEGU [sænli:] [h Əgu]• WEIZHONG • ASHI [weizhong] [ãsi]• LIEQUE • NEIGUAN [lieque] [neiguan]
  14. 14. 1. SANLI • LOCATION : SANLI SANLI is on the exterior of the legs,3 inches below the knee caps. Same with both legs
  15. 15. How to find San Li? • Place palm on top of kneecap,bend fingers.With middle finger in the middle &on the bone,.The point where you ring finger touches vertically is Sanli. SANLI
  16. 16. GET SAN LI Point FOR PAINS IN ABODOMIN &BELLY• such as pains or swell in stomach ,poor appetite, constipation, diarrhea;weak with limbs ;• pain in liver, spleen ,kidney ,gall bladder,intestines, womb ,ovary ,urinary bladder, prostate ,vagina• Bronchitis ,inflammation with kidney ,urinary bladder ,anemia,
  17. 17. 2.WEIZHONG • LOCATION: • behind the knees, right in the middle of the pitch. Open/separate thumb and middle finger, while close the other 3 . • Place the thumb and middle finger along side the back of the knee joint ,the point where the first joint of your index finger point is the WENZHONG WEIZHONG
  18. 18. GET WEIZHONG FOR PAINS IN BACK&WAIST• Back ache ,pain in waist• Enteritis, bellyache, sciatica, falling sickness• Eczema, psoriasis ,measles• Arthritis ,Sunstroke, malaria 1st Generation
  19. 19. 3.LIEQUE LOCATIONLIEQUE On the waist. Place your hand in front of your chest ,at same level with heart, with palm face the chest. close / cross your 2 thumbs. The point where the top of your index fingers fall ,on both hands
  20. 20. GET LIEQUE FOR PAINS IN HEAD & NECK • FUNCTION : pains in head and neck.High/Low BP,sour throat ,hyperthyroidism, neck muscle pain or tense, hemorrhage of the brain,stroke ,brain paralysis,cold, toothache, LIEQUE asthma
  21. 21. 4. HEGU • LOCATION: use middle of any thumb to place on the middle of the line in between thumb and index fingers.close the HEGU thumb top, to find the joint where the thumb tip touches ,on each hand.Or open palm and close thumb,and the mount between thumb&index finger is Hegu
  22. 22. GET HEGU FOR PAINS IN FACE & MOUTH • FUNCTION:HEGU • pains in face and mouth • cold ,cough ,facial paralysis ,toothache, high BP, fever
  23. 23. 5. ASHI• Ashi is NOT a fixed point• Ashi is wherever the center of the pain is• Ashi ,together with any of the 5 relevant points, make joint points to achieve better result• USE ON ANYWHERE THE PAIN IS !
  24. 24. 6.NEIGUAN• LOCATOIN:• use middle and ring NEIGUAN fingers as measurement. Place the 2 fingers horizontally to the wrist joint ,split the 2 veins that stand out right in the middle of the arm ,NEIGUAN is right below
  25. 25. GET NEIGUAN FOR PAINS IN CHEST & RIB/SIDES• PAINS in the chest and sides.• heart throb, low/high BP, breath hard, costalgia,seasick,carsick,airsick,• nausea ,vomit ,feel a pain in the chest….• Falling sickness,hysteria,• insomnia,gastritis,stomach• convulsion,diarrhea
  26. 26. Advance Usage : • press • Massage • pulse
  27. 27. Primary Hypertension • Renying Point:1.5inch left and right to Adam’s apple,where carotid pulse • Quchi Point: close the elbows ,find it at the end of the horizontal line end quchi renying
  28. 28. Hi BP with Headache swirl • Yintang :center in between 2 brows • Fengchi: neck back • Baihui: where ear top meet in center of head Baihui Yintang fengchi
  29. 29. Hi BP with headache• Taiyang: the sunken point 1 inch away from eyebrow end &outer eye corner• Sishencong: 1 inch in front and behind Baihui• Hegu: back of hand in between 1st&2nd splinter bone Sishencong Taiyang Hegu
  30. 30. Hi BP with heart disease • Jingmin: 0.1inch on top of inner eye corner • Zanzhu: inner side of eyebrow Zanzhu Jingming
  31. 31. toothacheHegu: back of hand in between Hegu1st&2nd splinter bone
  32. 32. Flu
  33. 33. Rhintis
  34. 34. Pharyngitis
  35. 35. Car sickness,sea sickness
  36. 36. Pseudonyopia
  37. 37. Constipation
  38. 38. Cough
  39. 39. Menstrual pain
  40. 40. Caution• Keep away from mobile phone,magcard,computer,TV,…• Do not use for pacemaker user• Not for pregnant woman• shockproof, dampproof,tempreature resistant• Do not open