The value of search in eParticipation


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Delivered at the Technologies for Participation event in November 2009

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  • Britain is digital Broadband accounted for 95.1 per cent of all internet connections at the end of December 2008 – UK Office of National Statistics 25% using mobile to access internet regularly Internet accounts for 23.5% of all advertising money spent in the UK (Internet Advertising Bureau and PwC, Sep 2009) 2.7x US Ecommerce spend per head English is spoken by 0.9bn people worldwide, second only to Mandarin 1.2bn Online and offline should no longer be viewed separately as 2 worlds 30% of leisure time is now spent online People watch TV with their laptops on It’s not just information that people are consuming online, they are communicating (email, chat, webchat), finding entertainment (music – Spotify, video – YouTube), connecting and sharing with communities (social networks), publishing etc. Reflecting this, online ad spend has also risen to 23% of overall media spend
  • So what role does search play? Search is a gateway to content Hitwise shows us that 43% of traffic to government sites come via search engines At Google, we want users to move off our search pages as quickly as possible. We users to find the most relevant destination quickly and get there. This is why 95% of internet page views take place outside of search
  • Nielsen-Netview, 2009 37% on search engines (Google, Bing, etc) 34% on portals (Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc) 11% on vertical search engines or industry specific site s 18% from social networks (4%), blogs(5%) and wikipedia (9%)
  • Putting search in context You need good, engaging content Be found
  • Web is 46x less expensive than a face-to-face interaction 24x less expensive than a transaction carried out via a call centre
  • The cost saving between Phone and Online is £3.83 Let’s assume a target acquisition cost of £3.00 to continue making cost savings If 1 in 5 visitors actually performs one of these actions, you can afford to invest up to £0.60 per user who clicks through to your site i.e. £0.60 CPC
  • The value of search in eParticipation

    1. 1. Jono Layton Account Strategist for Public Sector, Google UK 11 th November 2009 The Value of Search in e-Participation
    2. 2. Over 25% use mobile for internet Over 70% of people online Over 30% leisure time online Over 95% broadband connections 2.7x US ecommerce spend per person Over 23% ad spend online Britain is digital
    3. 3. Search is the gateway to content discovery 43% of traffic to government sites comes from search engines 80% of searches are informational 20% are transactional 81% of internet users enter sites via a search engine. 95% of pageviews occur outside of search Source: Forrester Research Inc., “UK Internet User Monitor” ; PSCIS 2008
    4. 4. Over 4 billion search page views in the UK Source: su start up start business business opportunity starting a business business ideas start a business starting up entrepreneur business business grants business plans Recycling Recycling centre Waste recycling Waste disposal Recycling bin Recycling bins Recycle logo Recycling council Phone recycling Plastic recycling Child benefit Child benefits Child benefit rates Child benefit claim Child tax benefit Child benefit agency Claim child benefit Benefits for child Child benefit claim form Business start-up Recycling 1,702,200 561,000 Child benefit 356,700 Source: Nielsen-Netview, May 2009 for Google UK; Est. keyword volumes: Google AdWords Keyword tool for listed keywords and their variations only., October 2009 Parking charges Parking fines Parking fine Parking penalty Pay parking ticket Pay parking fine Parking fines uk Pay parking tickets Parking penalties Paying parking fines Smoking ban Smoking ban uk Ban on smoking Public smoking ban Smoking regulations Smoking public ban Smoking in public places Against smoking ban Cigarette vending machines Parking fines Smoking ban 77,230 107,600
    5. 5. Search: Be found Organic Search Results Paid Search Results
    6. 6. 71% of search activity start on portals, 18% from social media
    7. 7. Where does search fit in? SYNDICATION SEARCH SITE (NB: not necessarily just your website. A content hub can be hosted anywhere e.g. YouTube) Create content 1 ‘ PULL’ consumers to your content 2 ‘ PUSH’ content to your consumers 3
    8. 8. How do we measure the value of search in e-Participation?
    9. 9. Focus on the users
    10. 10. Enabling users to interact in various ways
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Search drives down costs of interaction Source: North West E Government Group“Validated Service Delivery Costs Project” 2006, ; Source: North West E Government Group“Validated Service Delivery Costs Project” Face-to-Face £7.81 Phone £4.00 Web £0.17
    13. 13. Attributing a value and cost to participation X,000,000 SEARCH QUERIES X,000 CLICKS X00 SITE VISIT X VIDEOS WATCHED X TOOLS USED X WEB FORM SUBMITTED X PAGES VISITED X INFO DOWNLOADED TARGET ACQUISITION COST £3.00 If 1 in 5 visitors performs an action CPC: £0.60 COST SAVING £0.83 compared to Phone
    14. 14. In summary <ul><li>Value of Opportunity </li></ul><ul><li>Be found when users search for you </li></ul><ul><li>Deliver your message when users express an interest </li></ul><ul><li>Value of Interaction </li></ul><ul><li>The value of search is in the value of the action </li></ul><ul><li>Search marketing is an operational cost saving </li></ul>