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Technology enabled mobiilty


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Prepared in 2015 for LCC

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Technology enabled mobiilty

  1. 1. Fraser Henderson Stuart McFarlane Technology enabled mobility
  2. 2. Where do you go, What do you take? Where do you take it? …What do you wear?
  3. 3. Why now? Because now you can with reliable technologies! Employees with more than 26 weeks service are now able to submit one flexible working request per year Necessity (competitive advantage, economic drivers) Public WiFi
  4. 4. •Average British worker £160 per month on commute •Workplace flexibility good for businesses •Better work life balance •Cheaper (less office space needed) •People are more productive •24/7 contact with customers if needed •Resilience •No more multiple devices!
  5. 5. Downsides
  6. 6. •Connectivity & licensing •Health and safety •Always ‘on call’ •Privacy •Personal safety •Never eyeball? •Visibility for career progression?
  7. 7. Examples
  8. 8. The Technology
  9. 9. •Telephony e.g. d-voice-services/ •BYOD software & MDM (e.g. •Portable Devices •Presence •Instant Messaging (e.g. IM) •Batteries and power sources •Teleconferencing (e.g. GoToMeeting) •Mobile payments
  11. 11. Barriers to change
  12. 12. •Up-front investment cost •Integration problems / legacy •Culture change •Security concerns •Need to update IT infrastructure •Scalability •Resistance
  13. 13. The future
  14. 14. •The office is the coffee shop •No more paper/forms
  15. 15. •Immersive environments / digital whiteboards •Where are my employees and what are they up-to?
  16. 16. No more IT department and IT infrastructure
  17. 17. Hi/Low Game
  18. 18. Healthcare 100,000 Americans who claimed to work from home in 2010 Sales 849.000 Management 1,450,000 Computer engineer 432,000 Construction 197,000 +126% in last 10 years +72% in last 10 years +82% in last 10 years
  19. 19. Fraser Henderson Stuart McFarlane Technology enabled mobility